TwinAdam's Arrangements - Tower of Spirits Staircase (LoZ Spirit Tracks)

Started by TwinAdam, March 16, 2022, 09:00:29 AM

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TwinAdam's Arrangements

Hello, everyone! I'm looking to submit a sheet that I started a few years back but never got around to finishing. I'd appreciate any advice before I submit.

Tower of Spirits Staircase: [MUSX][PDF][MIDI][MUS]

What I need advice on:
  • Clashing right and left hands (m. 17 and 25) - should I add parentheses around the G in the right hand? Or move the left hand down an octave?
  • Crossing hands (m. 24 and 32) where the G in the right hand goes under the left - does that make this annoying to play?
  • Last phrase is unplayable (m. 49-64) - how do I choose which notes to leave out in the left hand? Is there an easier way to notate how the notes seem to "stack"? Should I just have pedal markings and only write notes in the first measure they appear?
  • Anything else you see!

I appreciate the help!


I think since you might've last done sheets on here there's been some changes here and there with the sheet presentation.  There's a newer template file available on the submissions page, but otherwise the URL should be at the bottom.  However, I'd honestly recommend just copying your arrangement and pasting it into this newer template because there's some other formatting margin stuff (ex. a lot of extra space at bottoms of the pages) that's just easier to deal with that way

I think the biggest thing to address (which you allude to) with the arrangement is m53-59 where the accompaniment (LH part) gets a bit spread apart for probably almost all people's hands lol. If those notes are in your view necessary to have, I'd suggest putting those top notes as a second layer in the RH underneath that current part.  Or, if the bottom notes in those measures are less important, perhaps they could go.  Otherwise the notes look good!

Here is that idea for m55-56, for example

In general, 49-64's LH part might benefit from some separate layers between the voices that stay on the same pitches through multiple measures, and those that are ascending or descending.  See this screenshot for reference... some others or yourself might have some better ideas for the spacing but I think this is a start:

Other Formatting Stuff
- Composer credits are pretty high compared to song title
- Move the mp in the pickup measure a little to the left to center under the D notehead
- The sempre cresc. is a touch close to the note above it.  it can go down a bit or if you're trying to keep the alignment with the mp, the system could be widened
- Either move the mf down and to the right a little so it is not super close to the G in the RH, or consider widening the system
- The system that starts with m48 could be widened a bit to give the ff some space (the ff can also move a bit to be centered under the notes, see first screenshot)
- Would putting a D.S. to loop back to the beginning make sense?  I honestly haven't played the game, and am not familiar with the track, but as an alternative to that idea, it sounds like listening to the original that that section from m49-64 continuously loops once that section starts.  So maybe that would be worth including as a performance note

Addressing your other comments

- Parentheses makes sense for m17 and m25
- I don't believe measure 24 is an issue because it doesn't go under.  For measure 32 and perhaps 24, you could move the G to the LH with the notemover tool and get something like this:
That way you're using the LH which isn't doing much there to begin with

Also just as a small aside, a .mus file is required with submissions, so while it's good to have the .musx as a bonus, the .mus is actually more important so all finale software can open the file.  Hope to see this in submissions soon!


Thank you for the feedback. It was very clear and helpful! I've updated the files and added a link to the MUS file as well.

  • For m. 53-59, I separated the layers - if anyone has comments on how I split the layers, I am open to feedback. Because the layers interlace, there's some difficulty in choosing where to place notes
  • In the game, the final section would repeat forever, so I added a "repeat forever" marking over the final bar
  • I changed to the new template, and made the small formatting adjustments

If anyone else has feedback, let me know! (Switching to the new template might have added small formatting errors I didn't catch.) Otherwise, I'll try submitting soon. Thanks!

Edit: I've submitted the sheet. Follow along here!