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Author Topic: An-Yun's Arrangements (Last Update: "Course Map Select")  (Read 182 times)


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An-Yun's Arrangements (Last Update: "Course Map Select")
« on: April 22, 2022, 05:08:10 AM »

Hi everyone! An-Yun here!

This is my arrangements page!

I have some more game music arrangements, but I still need to adapt them to the format of this site. I'll be updating here soon.

Looking forward to hear from you people!

Music sheets (2)

Hope you enjoy my arrangements!
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Re: An-Yun's Arrangements (Last Update: "Course Map Select")
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2022, 07:17:03 PM »

Hi there and welcome! Been meaning to leave some comments

General Formatting Notes
- Each piece should have a dynamic marking. I'd check sheets recently added to the site for reference for that and some other things
- On that thread, the starting tempo mark is usually lined up over the time signature rather than the first note.
- When eighth notes fall on the first part of a beat and are followed by an eighth rest, it is preferred at least for piano to instead write that as a quarter note with a staccato accent
- Many VG songs loop endlessly.  NinSheetMusic depicts this through putting repeats/D.S/D.C at the end of songs that loop like this; I'd once again recommend checking other recent sheets for examples
- Measure numbers are used on our sheets; this is something that going between MuseScore and NotePad needs to be fixed on the .musicxml file prior to entering NotePad (after exporting from MuseScore). Here's a really detailed post on how to fully convert from MuesScore to NotePad tho

DK Opening
- Should this be called Title Theme? Only really asking because that's what the video you linked is called
- Big issue with this sheet - I think the first two opening notes (C's) should be a pickup rather than beat 1 of the first measure. With that in mind, the whole rest of the song as written needs to move one beat forward so that reoccurring rhythm lands on beat 4 and not beat 1.   Let me know if you need help doing a pickup measure though because I don't believe you can make one in Finale Notepad! Given this I'm going to be referring to note correction stuff by current measures, not what they would be after fixing the pickup

- This is only on this and not the Star Fox sheet but remember to exclude the "Pno." abbreviation from your second system
- m1 RH beat 4.5 I hear as an E instead of an F
- One question I have of LH in this sheet - was putting the notes at this octave intentional? I hear them an octave higher than as written so was just wondering as point of clarity
- m2's LH rhythm actually should be Bb-D-G-D-G-D-G
- m4 LH should be C-E-G-E-G-E-C-C (last two C's up two octaves from the first note in this line)
- m5 RH the rhythm is a bit different: the C on beat 2 should be held for 2 and a half beats, followed by eighth notes A-Bb-C.

If you wanna submit these sheets and it generally looks like you followed the guidelines with that intention, I'm going to shamelessly plug this video I made on submitting sheets :) hope this helps!

You're off to a good start, just need to review some notes and rhythms. I'd generally give the second part of the song another look for rhythmic accuracy in addition to what I've already called out


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