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Here's 2 sheets I thought would be fitting for the project:

Sheet 1Super Mario Galaxy
The Galaxy Reactor

Considering the game and track name it should be pretty self-explanatory why this would work. The track plays at the height of the game, where Mario journeys to the center of the universe to save people and stuff.
The sheet itself is relatively straightforward, I don't think it will need all too much work.

[close]Sheet 2Kirby and the Forgotten Land
From Those who Departed for Space

While I haven't made it this far in the game yet, I was told it would be fitting, and i mean the title literally has space travel in it.
This sheet isn't perfect yet, I'd probably still be looking for general pointers/tips before tackling the nit-picky things (as there's not really a point to doing that yet).

While I think I'd be able to bring these sheets up to an acceptance level fairly fast, I don't think it's fair yet for me to submit a 3rd one too. But if there is, I can just throw in literally anything from Super Mario Galaxy lol

 Sheet 3 (if time)Super Mario Galaxy 2
The Starship Sails

If there's time I think this sheet is also fitting for the project.
Some things that might need checking over on it:

* Articulation in the LH
* Arranging choices in ms. 22-30
* Stem directions in m39
* Added notes in m8 b4 and m18 b4.5

Sorry I haven't been responding to feedback as fast as usual, finals have been killing me but I should have time tomorrow.

More galaxy sheets? 👀

Two small things

* Measure 26 beat 5, the Cb should be a C natural in those last two chords
* Measure 28 crescendo is going into the barline, that could come back a little.

Not like me to turn down an opportunity like this :P

Your suggestions have been reviewed and made!

From Those who Departed for Space

* m1 RH beat 1: I'm not hearing the G here, I think it may be just an overtone or something.
* m2 LH beat 3.5: Fermata should be flipped up (you only need to flip it down if there's multiple layers). Technically, there should be a fermata in the RH also, but I think in this case it's clearer to keep it as is.
* m5 LH beat 4.5: I'm not hearing the low E here, just the top one in the melody.
* m6 LH beat 2.5: Should be A instead of E (above the staff).
* m7-10: There are several missing harmonies, particularly in the RH part. I'm assuming you omitted them for a lighter texture, but there are a few spots that stood out to me that wouldn't sound too thick/muddy if you added them back in:

* m7 LH beat 2.5: There's a D above the C here.
* m10 RH beat 2.5: There's an E and F# under the A.
* m11 LH beat 1: The G sounds an octave lower to me
* m13-14 LH: If you wanted to, you could change the lower octave doubling in the melody to include some of the harmonic motion there, like this:
m13-14 LH[close]Sounds a bit more full, but if you'd rather leave it that's OK too
* m14-15: Tempo markings usually look better when they're aligned vertically, at least when there's room to. I'd leave m10-11 the same for example.
* m16 LH beats 1-2: Move that slur up a bit so it's not so close to the A.
* Several of your arpeggio markings could be moved closer to the notes (like in m18-19, 23, 50) and other spots where they appear at the start of a bar could probably use some extra space (like m27). You can add additional space before the first beat by right clicking > Edit Measure Attributes > Extra Space at Beginning > set to 0.05-0.07ish
* m26 LH beat 2.5: The lowest voice in this chord is G instead of F.
* m29: I don't think the cross-staff notation is necessary here, since beats 3-4 would likely just be played by the RH anyway. Just use 2 layers in the RH, and put rests in the LH (or change the E on beat 2 to a dotted half). The overlapping stems look a bit weird.
* m35 LH beats 1-2: I'm not hearing those extra notes in the bassoon voice, it just sounds like a C half note to me. I don't really hear 16ths anywhere except for the clarinet melody.
* m38 LH beats 3.5-4: There are some bass notes in the piano that might make a good lead-in to m39.
* m42 RH beats 1-3: I'm hearing something more like this:

* m52 LH: The LH note should also have a fermata over it; I'd recommend writing it as a quarter tied to an 8th, so the fermatas line up. The LH note isn't held over beats 3.5-4 so it works out (the pedal is lifted before the pickup on beat 3.5, not at the end of the measure).
The fermata in the RH also doesn't look aligned correctly, but that's probably just some export issue.Nice job, this is a very tough piece to condense into a solo piano sheet.

The Galaxy Reactor
-In m7 you added a cautionary accidental without brackets, but in m11 you added one with brackets. Choose one, and choose wisely ;)
-I'm not sure if the 8vb is really necessary, at least not throughout the whole sheet. The whole of page 2 and m33-40 at the very least don't need a 8vb at all, and the low notes of all places are easily recognized as octaves below the top note.
-m20: I hear the bass drop to the Bb an octave below here.
-m21-28: I think you can get away with grouping the first six 8ths in these bars in two groups of 3+3, or one group of 6.
-m29-32: You can group the L.H. 8ths here in groups of 6 too
-m31: The second layer note in beat 1 isn't hold-able for longer than a quarter note, it's probably best to move this up a few inversions.
-m33-35: The trumpet plays solo here, so maybe you could leave out the extra harmonies in these 3 bars, so the contrast with m36 is more noticeable.


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