[DELETED] [SW] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - "The Past Revealed" by JZ

Started by Zeta, May 15, 2022, 09:46:40 AM

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Submission Information:

Series: Xeno
Game: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Console: Nintendo Switch
Title: The Past Revealed
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arranger: JZ


My comment:
I'm aware that there are multiple ledger lines in the top layer of the LH. Should I move them to the RH (while having the LH play these notes) for readability?


  • Regarding the ledger lines, I think it's fine. You don't really use more than 3-4 here. For ledger lines that go toward the center of the staff (like in m31-38), I try to limit it to 3 usually, and those that go outside (like 47-50), it depends on the context but 5 is a reasonable limit.
    Putting the upper LH notes in the RH in m31-38 would also be ambiguous since you have an 8va in the upper staff; I would just leave things where you have them for now.
  • m4 RH: To help push the crescendo along, consider adding in some of the middle voices here in a lower layer (C#, G#, Bn).
  • m8 RH beat 2: There's an additional E right above the D in this measure, unlike m6.
  • m13-14 LH: Not sure where you're getting the bass voices here from; the original track stays in the upper register here. The lowest voice should be the G# below middle C.
  • m15-22: Might be nice to write in the dynamic swells/fades here
  • m16/18 RH beat 2: I'm not hearing the low B here, it just sounds like E-G#-B.
  • m18-19 RH: Slur is touching the tie below it
  • m21 LH: The piano doesn't play any lower notes here like in m19. It's just the strings, so maybe an accompaniment similar to m17 would work better here.
  • m23-30 RH: All of these 16th notes sound like E to me. If you wanted to leave in the alternating notes, I would suggest flipping them around; the top notes should be E.
  • m23: The p is intersecting the tie in the .musx, but the .pdf looks fine. I guess just make sure you're exporting everything from the same .musx.
  • m27 LH: These are E major chords, G should be G#
  • m31-38 RH: So, in the original track, this is a more subdued section. Doubling the melody in octaves I think throws off this balance. One idea I had would be to not double the melody at all (in the original, I don't think it is doubled in the lower octave, just in unison), and put the piano part in its original octave (mostly). You end up with a simple 2-layer RH part that frees up the LH for some extra string voices in the middle register:
    If you'd rather keep the current LH part, I'd still suggest removing one of the octave doublings in the RH (either low or high would work).
  • m47-50 RH: I'm not hearing the 8th notes at all here, it just sounds like more quarter notes.


Bump for arranger, will you be around to work on this one?


Hi Static! Apologies for the late reply. I'm afraid I won't be able to work on this for quite some time, so I will go ahead and close this topic for a while—I'll revisit this as soon as I can! Thank you for your time and patience.