Fantastic Ike's Halloween Sheet - Plants vs. Zombies [PC] "Main Menu"

Started by Fantastic Ike, October 03, 2022, 10:51:51 AM

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Fantastic Ike

QuoteMaybe you could edit the font of the decay text to Times New Roman, which is the standard font Finale uses for all technique and expressive text.

Huh...odd. It was Times New Roman the whole time for me, was it not showing up that way for you?

But otherwise I think we're good here.


The font says it's "Times New Roman Italic", which apparently isn't the same thing as Times New Roman but italicized, so my version of Finale probably doesn't have that font. I changed it to an italic Times New Roman, and changed the cautionary naturals on the F's to normal naturals, since that's what they should've been in the first place, but Finale just is weird sometimes lol. I'll accept!

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