Lifes Soundtrack (A fun game you wont want to miss)

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Taken off of the Planet Renders forum by Itrenog he started this but I say why not bring it to NSM? so here it is! the rules!

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle/Random
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

*I added this*
Posting Rules:
1. Since this game can have almost endless posibilities <(LOL thats a song of mines that just played just now!) You can post the other outcomes only when 2 different people posted after yours (So theres no back and forth posting from user 1 to user 2 then user 1 and so on and so.)

And we're mature people, don't cheat. It takes away from it being a game.

Opening Credits:

Waking Up:

First Day At School:

Falling In Love:

Breaking Up:


Life's OK:

Getting the Job:

Getting Fired:




Getting Back Together:


Sex Scene:

Birth of a Child:

Final Battle:

Death Scene:

Funeral Song:

Dance Sequence:

End Credits:

So here are my results (Also taken from planetrenders forums but this is my post)

it might make some people lol if they know the songs

Opening Credits: Hill Where the Lord Hides - Chuck Mangione (only like the best flugelest in the world XD)

Waking Up:Theme of Samus Aran ~ Galactic Warrior(Super Metroid) - New Japan Phillharmonic (I think that's who it is who plays that)

First Day At School: The Woogie - Some trombonest -(This song is a song we played in my Jazz band class and it's awesome I got the solo in it XD)

Falling In Love: Event: Finale...Adventure Must Go On - Sonic Heroes Soundtrack (OMG it fits PERFECTLY XD)

Breaking Up: Slither - Velvet Revolver - Contraband (weird but okay)

Prom: I'm Not a Hero - The Dark Knight (lol makes me think that I'll have to leave a date and go beat up bad guys )

Life's OK: Aggressive Expansion - The Dark Knight (meh)

Getting the Job: Bumblebee - Transformers: The Score

Getting Fired: Space Prites - Metroid Prime OST (lol)

Breakdown: Metroid Metal - Intro/Menu Theme to Metroid Prime

Driving: The Transformers Theme - Transformers: The Movie(Old one) (LOL!! So freakin Hillarious)

Flashbacks: Great Bay Shrine - Smashing...LIVE! (Kinda fits)

Getting Back Together: WarioWare, Inc Medley - WarioWare, Inc Mega MicroGame$ - Super Smash Bros. Brawl OST (lol)

Wedding: Mute City - F-Zero - SSBB OST

Sex Scene: Legend of Zelda Main Theme (XD)

Birth of a Child: Star Fox - Theme of Star Fox - Orchestral Game Concert CD - (LOL)

Final Battle: The Covenant. One Final Effort - Halo 3 (OMG IT FITS!!)

Death Scene: Basshunter..(wow that must be one horrible death )

Funeral Song: Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonfoce (that must be one awesome funeral...)

Dance Sequence: Sonic Adventure 2: Live & learn -Sonic Adventure 2

End Credits: Super Mario Theme Song (YES I was so happy when that came up XD)

and trust me you'll lol pretty hard when doing this.


Opening Credits: Beverly Hills =P

Waking Up: Smack That (ROFL!)

First Day At School: Shadow of the Day (somewhat fits =P)

Falling In Love: Legendary Air Ride Machine (ugh... wierd...)

Breaking Up: Mr. Roboto (LOL)

Prom: Halbred Theme (because we all can imagine people dancing to this at a prom =P)

Life's OK: Walk It Out (ROFLMAO!!!)

Getting the Job: Big Girls Don't Cry (LOL more like losing the job)

Getting Fired: Cliff of Dover (ugh... )

Breakdown: Love Stoned (ugh... wierd..)

Driving: I've Seen All Good People (actually somewhat fits)

Flashbacks: Island Delfino Theme (=P. flashbacks of super mario sunshine.. )

Getting Back Together: Whip It (ROFL!!!!!)

Wedding: Big Things Poppin (OMG!!! )

Sex Scene: Super Mario Theme (lol... that's defintly what i'm gonna play when i get in bed XD)

Birth of a Child: Legend of Zelda Overworld (somewhat fits...)

Final Battle: Pokemon Center (Brawl) (ugh...doesn't fit at all...)

Death Scene: White and Nerdy (=P... alot of people wish they would die after hearing this song... )

Funeral Song: Beautiful Girls (ROFL!)

Dance Sequence: Star Wars Gangsta Rap (PIMPROFLMAOLOL!!!!)

End Credits: Sweet Child O'mine (kinda fits)

lol that was pretty cool... kinda wanna do it again =P
Conversation on Shoddy Battle:
<death09>my girlfriend broke up with me and sent me pix of her and her new boyfriend in bed
<death09>yeah. i sent them to her dad

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I added a new rule ;D but I decided I'd go again this time cause that version is from the other forum so Why not try with this forum or whatever here we go ;D

Opening Credits: Vs Emperor Ing 2 - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Lol it fits real good XD)

Waking Up:DEATHBORN - F-Zero GX (XD That's the villians theme but its so dang awesome it fits!)

First Day At School: SR388 Main Theme - Metroid II: Return of Samus (OMG The soundtrack so far is awesome XD)

Falling In Love: Metroid Credits - Metroid (All right but not realy doesn't fit :P )

Breaking Up: Utimate Koopa - Super Mario 64 (It doesn't fit but it kinda does either way it's funny)

Prom: Hyrule Field Main Theme - LoZ:TP (Meh not so much)

Life's OK: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Theme (Again a meh)

Getting the Job: Super Smash Bros Brawl Theme (:\)

Getting Fired: Buoy Base Galaxy (wow now I hit a dead end with this :P)

Breakdown: Jamp in the Line (Shake Shake Senora) - Hary Belafonte (XD This is samba song! XD)

Driving: Kraids theme - Metroid (:\)

Flashbacks: Metroid II Return of Samus Credits (ok theres something that fits a bit)

Getting Back Together: Never Gona Give you Up - Rick Astley or in other words RICK ROLL!! (XDXDXDXDXD!)

Wedding: Princess Leia's Theme - Star Wars: Episode IV (kinda fits)

Sex Scene: Item Acquisition Fanfare - Metroid Prime ...(XD)

Birth of a Child: Simple Map 3 - Star Fox Assault (:P pretty funny if you listen to it lol)

Final Battle: Hunters (Multiplayer theme) - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (YES! That so fits!)

Death Scene: Zero Two - Kirby and the Crystal Shards (kinda fits but would of fit in Final Battle.)

Funeral Song: Brinstar (Super Metroid) - Metroid Metal (man thats some funeral :P)

Dance Sequence: Master Hand Battle - SSBB (:P)

End Credits: Cosmos Illusion - Super Mario Galaxy (:P it's not that a great ending credits)

lol theres my other one. :P


Opening Credits: "Infiltration"- Metal Gear Solid 2

Waking Up: "March of the Witch Hunters" -Wicked (LOL!!!)

First Day At School: "Yell 'Dead Cell'"- Metal Gear Solid 2

Falling In Love: "Tango:Maureen"- Rent (Fitting  ::))

Breaking Up: "Another Day"- Rent  (Still Fitting.......)

Prom: "Kill Me Now!" MGS 2 (ROFL WOW! for Prom!?!)

Life's OK: "Main Theme"-Metal Gear Solid

Getting the Job:"Charater Select"-Jet Force Gemini

Getting Fired:"Escape Through the Woods" Metal Gear Solid 3 (LOL!!!)

Breakdown:"Boss Battle"-Jet Force Gemini

Driving:"Chemical Plant Zone" Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Flashbacks:"Seasons of Love" Rent  (*Sigh*)

Getting Back Together:"Father and Son" MGS 2 (It sorta fits....)

Wedding:"Calling to the Night" MGS:Portable OPs

Sex Scene:"Severnaya Bunker Complex" Goldeneye 64 (ROFL LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Birth of a Child:"What is this Feeling" Wicked (AKA: the loathing song)

Final Battle:Seasons of Love B- Rent  (UGH.......not at all  ::))

Death Scene:"Goodbye Love" Rent (Fitting.....)

Funeral Song:"No One Mourns the Wicked" Wicked (LOL!!! for a funeral!?!)

Dance Sequence:"Countdown to Disaster" MGS2

End Credits: "Mortal Kombat Theme"Mortal Kombat(Isn't that the end credit song for it anyways? oh well.)

Well.....that was interesting...... Almost all of the Rent songs fit perfectly.....Except for the Final Battle.    :D


Opening Credits: "Killer Queen" -Queen

Waking Up: "Hyrule Field" -Twilight Princess

First Day At School: "Menu" -Metroid Prime (they are both beginnings :))

Falling In Love: "Spider Attack" -Rayman 2 (???)

Breaking Up: "Luigi's Mansion" -Luigi's Mansion

Prom: "Ruins" -Super Mario Land (is this how the prom will end?)

Life's OK: "Rawk Fist" -Thousand Foot Krutch

Getting the Job: "Main Theme" -Tetris

Getting Fired: "Delfino Plaza" -Super Mario Sunshine

Breakdown: "Main Theme" -Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Driving: "Luigi Raceway" -Mario Kart 64 (The first one that actually fits).

Flashbacks: "Wish Liszt" -Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Getting Back Together: "Treasure Trove Cove" -Banjo Kazooie

Wedding: "Bob-omb Battlefield" -Super Mario 64 (man I wish more of these were somehow related)

Sex Scene: "I Will Survive" -Gloria Gaynor (lol nevermind)

Birth of a Child: "Athletic Overworld" -Super Mario Land 2

Final Battle: "Underwater" -Super Mario Bros.

Death Scene: "Village of the Blue Maiden" -The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Funeral Song: "Wizards in Winter" -Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Dance Sequence: "Brinstar Remix" -Super Smash Bros. Brawl

End Credits: "Battle for Storm Hill" -Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat


Opening Credits: Ice Mountain - Super Mario Galaxy (...)

Waking Up: In The Mood - Glenn Miller(HAHA, nice, how to start a day!)

First Day At School: War - Jason Hayes, World of Warcraft soundtrack (This is funny, i consider school something like a war)

Falling In Love: City of Lovers - Nicholas Dodd, Casino Royale soundtrack (lol 3 on 4 that actually match)

Breaking Up: Antigone - Loco Locass (What??lol)

Prom: Vs. Ridley - Super Smash Bros Brawl OST (This is getting strange...)

Life's OK: Lava Road - Super Mario Galaxy

Getting the Job: Call Me Irresponsible - Michael Bublé (ahah, this is how to get a job!being irresponsible)

Getting Fired: Nothing Sinister - Nicholas Dodd, Casino Royale soundtrack

Breakdown: Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin (??)

Driving: Bananaphone - Raffi (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA)

Flashbacks: Echoes of the Past - Jason Hayes, World of Warcraft soundtrack (exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Getting Back Together: Aston Montenegro - Nicholas Dodd, Casino Royale soundtrack (...)

Wedding: Everything - Michael Bublé (NICEEE!!! My girlfriend and me absolutely love this song!)

Sex Scene: Beezleboss - Tenacious D (no, just no)

Birth of a Child: Metaknigt's Revenge - Super Smash Bros Brawl (...)

Final Battle: Scorching Battlefield - Pokemon Anime (WTF is this doing on my computer??but it fit perfectly)

Death Scene: C.O.D - AC/DC (lol)

Funeral Song: The Main Theme - Legend of Zelda - Super Smash Bros Brawl (This must be an epic funeral)

Dance Sequence: Home - Michael Bublé (you can dance a nice slow on this)

End Credits: Back in Black - AC/DC (OMG)

Ahah, this was really funny, think i'll do this again. I'm surprised on how many songs fit!


Quote from: FallenPianist on September 08, 2008, 06:37:06 PMOpening Credits: Ice Mountain - Super Mario Galaxy (...)

Waking Up: In The Mood - Glenn Miller(HAHA, nice, how to start a day!)
epic X)

Ahah, this was really funny, think i'll do this again. I'm surprised on how many songs fit!
See? wasn't this a fun game? and you can do it again as long as theres at least 2 people who posted after you.
It's an awesome game Every single time you do it! It's a different out come! lol! Okay I'll do another one XD

Opening Credits: Istandbul (Not Constantinople) - They Might Be Giants (LOL Great Opening credits XD)

Waking Up: No! - They Might Be Giants (LOL!!!XD)

First Day At School: Metroid 2 Title Screen (OC Remix one and it fits if I was back in middle school :P)

Falling In Love: Imperial March Leviathan Mix (I found this one somewhere and it's the opposite of love. :\)

Breaking Up: Star Wolf Theme - Star Fox 64 (I CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT MH26!! :P)

Prom: Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Snowland OC ReMix (Perfect slowdance music :P)

Life's OK: A Dark Knight - The Dark Knight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (OMG lol that's the complete opposite!!)

Getting the Job: Hill Where the Lord Hides - Best of Chuck Mangione (I like this song but doesn't fit well.)

Getting Fired: Gonna Fly Now (Theme from "Rocky") - Maynard Ferguson (XD THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN UP THERE!!! Not a good song to get fired to >__>)

Breakdown: Halloween Theme 2007 version (XD just lol)

Driving: Chozo Ruins [Hall of Elders] - Metroid Prime (Meh not even close :\)

Flashbacks: Gourmet Race - Brawl version (See WTF Chozo ruins should be down here >__> )

Getting Back Together: Metroid 2 Anthem of a Metroid Hunter OC ReMix (X) Perfection just absolute Perfection!!!)

Wedding: WarioWare, Inc - WarioWare, Inc Mega Microgame$ - SSBB (?)

Sex Scene: Samus Vs. Meta Ridley (boy that must be some rough night :P)

Birth of a Child: Training Mode - Star Fox (:P the funny thing is it's so kiddy)

Final Battle: Phazon Mines - Metroid Prime (Dang it I thought I'd get a better one)

Death Scene: Stage 03: Grand Metropolis - Sonic Heroes (Why? wth. XP)

Funeral Song: Metroid Ending (arranged) - Super Metroid: Sound In Action (YES WOOT XD That's what I'm talking about

Dance Sequence: Zelda 3 Jazz of Zelda OC ReMix  (OMG thats a good slow dance lol)

End Credits: Distress Signal - Metroid Prime (This actually fits rather well if it had a more better movement then I wouldn't mind as much lol)

wow that was great XD


Opening Credits: "Like Humans Do" -David Byrne (I have no idea what this is)

Waking Up: "Christmas Concerto" -Trans-Siberian Orchestra

First Day At School: "Treasure Trove Cove" -Banjo Kazooie ( :-\)

Falling In Love: "Blue" -Eiffel 65 (I don't know...this kinda goes with the next one)

Breaking Up: "Hyrule Temple" -Zelda II, Brawl (Darn it! This is one of my favorites, too!)

Prom: "The Fairy Glade" -Rayman 2 (Man this song is 12 minutes of nothing)

Life's OK: "Delfino Plaza" -Super Mario Sunshine, Brawl (Kind of fits because Delfino Plaza is a tropical vacation place)

Getting the Job: "Athletic Overworld" -Super Mario Land 2 (I've got nothing...)

Getting Fired: "Spider Attack" -Rayman 2 (kind of a scary song, so it fits)

Breakdown: "Ruins" -Super Mario Land, Brawl (lol that fits)

Driving: "Main Theme" -Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Flashbacks: "Mexican Radio" -Wall of Voodoo

Getting Back Together: "Candy" -Mandy Moore (okay first of all I don't know why this is on my computer. Second, why couldn't it have just waited two more songs!?)

Wedding: "Dark Woods" -Link to the Past, Brawl (lol)

Sex Scene: "Wizards in Winter" -Trans-Siberian Orchestra (doesn't really fit, but if you just listen to the way the music goes, it's kind of funny)

Birth of a Child: "Symphony #9" -Ludwig van Beethoven

Final Battle: "Livin' La Vida Loca" -Ricky Martin (okay really. come on)

Death Scene: "Bob-omb Battlefield" -Super Mario 64, Brawl (haha this music is so catchy and upbeat that it's funny)

Funeral Song: "Termina Field" -Majora's Mask, Brawl ( :-\)

Dance Sequence: "Tal Tal Heights" -Brawl (This song is a very plausible dance song)

End Credits: "Dragon Roost Island" -Wind Waker, Brawl


Opening Credits: Gatman and Robin (lol)

Waking Up: Love in an Elevator (so poor that i sleep in one lol)

First Day At School: Remember the Name (lol kinda fits somewhat if your gangsta =P)

Falling In Love: Another One Rides the Bus (Rofl!)

Breaking Up: Pride and Joy (lol the complete Opposite)

Prom: Big Things Poppin (i've heard this been played at a dance or something.. or a club =P)

Life's OK: Goldigger (ROFL!)

Getting the Job: Route 209 - Pokemon Pearl (no... just no... )

Getting Fired: Bohemian Rhapsody (What the flip?!)

Breakdown: Palkia and Dialga Battle ( lol breakdown fighting =P)

Driving: Foot Loose (well if your foot loose you probaly crashed lol)

Flashbacks: Mocking Bird (Eminem) ... (wow it actually fits)

Getting Back Together: Hey Mama (rofl.. )

Wedding: Lose Yourself (ugh... no.. well maybe yes... it has potential)

Sex Scene: When I'm Gone (wow.... i thought u did it with 2 people not 1! )

Birth of a Child: Gourmet Race (lol doesn't fit at all..)

Final Battle: Guilty Conscience (OMG what's up with all the Eminem Songs?!)

Death Scene: Animal I Have Become (eh... could work..)

Funeral Song: Elite 4 Building (Brawl) .. (doesn't really fit at all lol)

Dance Sequence: I Like The Way You Move (lol actually fits..)

End Credits: Everybody's Everything (lol could make a really cool ending credit's)

wow i got alot of eminem songs.. Good Rap FTW! and also.. you guys have alot of video games songs on your ipods or mp3's... especially metroidhunter ... (no offense though) =P.
Conversation on Shoddy Battle:
<death09>my girlfriend broke up with me and sent me pix of her and her new boyfriend in bed
<death09>yeah. i sent them to her dad

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Quote from: Palagerini on September 09, 2008, 05:45:50 PMyou guys have alot of video games songs on your ipods or mp3's... especially metroidhunter ... (no offense though) =P.
lol non taken I only like that kind of music and classical and jazz and that's about it :P


ah.. that's cool.. i like all kinds... cept i don't favour metal and country too much... and i have my fair share of video game songs on my mp3 too =P..
Conversation on Shoddy Battle:
<death09>my girlfriend broke up with me and sent me pix of her and her new boyfriend in bed
<death09>yeah. i sent them to her dad

Before you post you might want to make sure you have a couple of these: ..!!??,,,

Feel free to place them wherever.


Opening Credits: Simple and Clean - Kingdom Hearts (Um... Okay. lol.)

Waking Up: The Sun - Maroon 5 (LOL. It's fitting.)

First Day At School: Let it Be - Beatles (Um... It must've been an inspirational day at school. :P)

Falling In Love: Paralyzer - Finger 11 (LOL. I got the hots for a girl. ;])

Breaking Up: Gourmet Race - Super Smash Bros. Brawl (LOL.)

Prom: Our Time Now - Plain White T's (Hell yes.)

Life's OK: Rockstar - Nickelback (This is actually VERY ironic for my situation. :/)

Getting the Job: You and I Both - Jason Mraz (Um... Okay... My boss must be cute or something. :P)

Getting Fired: Angel Island Zone - Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Right...)

Breakdown: Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down (This fits too well.)

Driving: God Blessed the Broken Road - Rascall Flatts (Ummm... Hey it says road! lol.)

Flashbacks: Bob-Omb Battlefield - Super Mario 64 (L.O.L.)

Getting Back Together: It's Not over - Daughtry (Bahaha.)

Wedding: Rosalina's Obervatory - Super Mario Galaxy (Um.... Here comes the bride...)

Sex Scene: Let Me Take You There - Plain White T's (Very romantic. I wanna cry now. :[)

Birth of a Child: Fight for Your Right to Party - The Beastie Boys (My kid is badass. lol.)

Final Battle: Good Egg Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy (Oh wow... this doesn't fit at ALL. LOL.)

Death Scene: When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne (How depressing.)

Funeral Song: Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5 (I'm not breathing at all. lol.)

Dance Sequence: Go K.K. Rider! - Super Smash Bros. Brawl (LAWL. Everybody dance! ;D)

End Credits: Final Bowser Battle - Super Mario 64 (This one needs to switch with Good Egg Galaxy. LOL.)

Wow. My life is pretty messed up. lol.


Opening Credits: Dry Dry Ruins Ver. 2 (Final Lap) - MKW

Waking Up: Bowser's Castle Ver. 3 - MKW

First Day At School: Only A Plank Between One and Perdition - FF8

Falling In Love: Choose a Galaxy - SMG

Breaking Up: N64 Mario Raceway - MKW/MK64

Prom: Mushroom Gorge - MKW

Life's OK: Har e Jag - Caramell

Getting the Job: Slide Show Part 1 - FF8

Getting Fired: N64 Bowser's Castle - MKW/MK64 (lulz)

Breakdown: Sad Story - SMG (OMFG)

Driving: GCN DK Mountian - MKW/MK64

Flashbacks: Cactus Jack - FF8

Getting Back Together: N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (Final Lap)

Wedding: Overdrive - IOSYS (:P)

Sex Scene: Caramell Megamix (Speedy Mix) - Caramell

Birth of a Child: Koopa Cape - MKW

Final Battle: Water Stage - Panel de Pon

Death Scene: SMB Overworld Theme - My arrangment (Wow...)

Funeral Song: Hyne's Castle - FF3

Dance Sequence: Truth - FF8

End Credits: D.J. K.K. - SSBB/AC

Omg these assholes at school are pissing me off and trying to close this window T__________T


Quote from: Dude on September 12, 2008, 11:24:49 AMOmg these assholes at school are pissing me off and trying to close this window T__________T
I feal so sorry for you >__> and I know how it feels


Opening Credits: Fruits Basket - Opening Theme (Japanese) Hmm...interesting.

Waking Up: Tiny Tim - Tiptoe through the Tulips Wow...just wow. <_<

First Day At School: Flight of the Conchords - Alby the Racist Dragon Nobody talks to me

Falling In Love: Sailor Moon - Opening (German) ♪ Sag das Zauberwort und du hast die Macht. Halt den Mondstein fest und spür die Kraft! Du kannst es tun! Oh Sailor Moon! ♫

Breaking Up: Loituma - Ievan Polkka An awkward song for an awkward time....

Prom: Thomas Tallis - If Ye Love Me Kinda fits I guess

Life's OK: Vivaldi - Concerto for 4 Violins and String Orchestra in B minor Happy, sad, emo, and joyful all rolled into one

Getting the Job: Nico Nico - Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga Hell yeah.

Getting Fired: Marisa Stole the Precious Thing No comment

Breakdown: The Lion King - Hakuna Matata That's it, I've snapped.

Driving: Portal - Still Alive (how fitting) Explains it all

Flashbacks: Civilization IV - Baba Yetu Ah....baba yetu, so nice

Getting Back Together: Ralph Vaughan Williams - I'm Seventeen Come Sunday Triumphant and graceful, fits perfectly

Wedding: Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast I swear somebody rigged this

Sex Scene: Tchaikovsky - Russian Sailor's Dance (LOL) I dancing on her, or she on me?

Birth of a Child: The Corpse Bride - Moon Dance Uh huh, baby with a corpse

Final Battle: Weird Al Yankovic - Barney's on Fire Epic.

Death Scene: Weird Al Yankovic - Polkamon The world will be a happy place when I die

Funeral Song: Tchaikovsky - Serenade for Strings My favorite song, at my funeral. *tear*

Dance Sequence: Lucky Star - Theme ......why is it when I die happy things happen?
End Credits: Music for a Found Harmonium The credits to Napoleon Dynamite. GOSH.

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