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Author Topic: Fernman's Piano Arrangements  (Read 1427 times)


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Fernman's Piano Arrangements
« on: June 21, 2023, 03:00:38 AM »

Hi All !

I'm Fernman (Pronounced "Fern Man"). I make piano video game music arrangements that are playable for someone who can reach an octave while still being close to the original. What compelled me to start arranging music is I wanted to find approachable music that sounds recognizable and that isn't written so difficult to play. One may not have to play music as written, but if one has to make too many changes to it, one may begin to struggle than actually enjoy playing.
  • I don't aim for precise accuracy in my arrangements, instead I aim for relative accuracy by making the song playable and readable for the average player. So, for example, if a Pokemon song has high speed 16th notes, which may come easy to experts, I will modify it to be a more playable arrangement for a typical player while ensuring it still sounds recognizable.
  • If a song has large intervals I will shorten them while still making it sound part of the song. I can reach an octave so I arrange music to this range when possible.
  • If a song has multiple voices in it, instead of layering them I will have the melody, bass, and accompaniment have their own partnering. This way, when you repeat the song it sounds different each time, and is actually playable and is easier to read than if it were layered
  • In short I try to make music playable and easy to read/play to the extent the song allows it.
  • When applicable I will make a simpler version of the arrangement in addition to the "regular" version.
I am open to any and all constructive feedback to improve my arranging. I want to continue to improve my arranging skills. Although I may not be aiming for precise accuracy, I still want it to be accurate enough and be playable.

I arrange new music periodically.

My Musescore profile will always be most up to date with additions and all songs included within each music set:
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Re: Fernman's Piano Arrangements
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2023, 09:28:51 PM »

All Things Pokemon

Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green

Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal Versions
Complete Set

Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal Version Medley

Opening Movie - Gold & Silver Version
Opening Movie - Crystal Version
Title Screen
Main Menu

Johto Cities and Towns
New Bark Town
Cherrygrove City
Violet / Olivine City
Violet / Olivine City EASY
Azalea Town / Blackthorn City
Goldenrod City
Goldenrod City EASY
Ecruteak / Cianwood City
Ecruteak / Cianwood City EASY

People and Radio Themes
Professor Oak
Lucky Number Show
Professor Oak's Radio Show
Pokemon March
Pokemon Lullaby

Johto Routes and Traveling
Dark Cave / Ice Path
Hurry Along 2
Route 26
Route 29
Route 30
Route 34
Route 38
Route 42 / Lake of Rage
Victory Road
S.S. Aqua

Johto Places and Buildings
Professor Elm's Laboratory
Pokemon Center
Sprout Tower
Pokemon Gym
Ruins of Alph / Union Cave
Game Corner
National Park
Bug Catching Contest
Ecruteak Dance Theatre
Burned Tower
Tin Tower
Team Rocket Hideout
Dragon's Den
Indigo Plateau
Battle Tower (Outside)
Battle Tower (Inside)
Mt. Silver / Pokemon Lighthouse

Johto Wild Pokemon Battle
Kanto Wild Pokemon Battle
Wild Pokemon Defeated
Suicune Battle
Trainer Battle
Trainer Victory
Trainer Victory EASY
Rival Trainer Encounter
Rival Battle
Team Rocket Battle
Team Rocket Battle EASY
Johto Gym Leader Battle
Kanto Gym Leader Battle
Gym Leader Defeated
Champion Battle

Kanto Cities and Towns
Pallet Town
Viridian, Pewter, Saffron City
Vermillion City
Lavender Town
Celadon / Fuchsia City
Celadon / Fuchsia City EASY

Kanto Routes
Route 1
Route 2 / Viridian Forest
Route 3
Route 11
Route 11 EASY
Mt. Moon / Pokemon Cave

Hall of Fame
Credits Theme
Credits Theme EASY
The End

Misc Sound Jingles
Mobile Adapter 1
Mobile Adapter 2

Pokemon Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald Versions

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum Version

Dawn's Theme V1
Dawn's Theme V2
Lucas's Theme V1
Lucas's Theme V2
Looker's Theme

Cities and Towns
Twinleaf Town
Sangdem Town (Day)
Sangdem Town (Night)
Jubilife City
Oreburgh City V1
Oreburgh City V2
Floraroma Town
Eterna City
Hearthome City
Solaceon Town/Pastoria City (Day)
Solaceon Town/Pastoria City (Night)
Veilstone City (Day)
Veilstone City (Night)
Canalave City
Snowpoint City
Sunnyshore City (Day)
Sunnyshore City (Night)

Places and Buildings
Pokemon Center (Day)
Pokemon Center (Night)
Pokemon Gym
TV Station
Oreburgh Gate
Oreburgh Mine
Eterna Forest
Lake Cavern
Valor Lakefront
Amity Square
Spear Pillar
The Underground V1
The Underground V2
Contest Hall
Contest Result Announcement
Pokemon League (Day)
Pokemon League (Night)
Fight Area
Battle Tower
Battle Hall
Battle Castle V1
Battle Castle V2
Battle Castle Ensemble
Battle Castle Flute
Battle Castle Flute Piano V1
Battle Castle Flute Piano V2

Routes and Traveling
The Great Marsh
Route 201 (Day)
Route 201 (Night)
Route 203 (Day) V1
Route 203 (Day) V2
Route 203 (Night) V1
Route 203 (Night) V2
Route 205 V1
Route 205 V2
Route 206
Route 209 (Day)
Route 209 (Night)
Route 210 (Day)
Route 210 (Night)
Route 216 (Day)
Route 216 (Night)
Route 225 (Day)
Route 225 (Night)

Decisive Battle! (Pokemon League)
Wild Pokemon Battle
Trainer Battle V1
Trainer Battle V2
Trainer battle V3
Battle! Rival
Gym Leader Battle V1
Gym Leader Battle V2
Gym Leader Battle V3
Team Galactic Battle V1
Team Galactic Battle V2
Team Galactic Commander Battle
Battle! Dialga and Palkia
Approaching Champion Cynthia V1
Approaching Champion Cynthia V2
Approaching Champion Cynthia V3
Battle! Champion

Entering the Hall of Fame
Entering the Hall of Fame (easier)

Global Trading Station
Global Trading Station (Easier)
Mystery Gift
Wi-Fi Plaza
Wi-Fi Plaza Parade

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of the Sky

Pokemon Medleys
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Re: Fernman's Piano Arrangements
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2023, 09:35:48 PM »

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Luigi's Mansion 1

Mario Tennis 64

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Rayma Origins

Star Fox Assault

The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword
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