TWG CXVII Player Scare-Downs

Started by TheZeldaPianist275, October 07, 2023, 06:29:53 AM

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TWG CXVII: The Lantern Keeper Redux

On a dark and stormy October night, 10 friends found themselves in a small, lantern-lit village. The village was strangely dark; entering it seemed to drown out all the light from the moon, rendering it difficult to see anything clearly. The only things making anything visible at all? Three old, rusty lanterns hanging from poles lining the street.

1. Master Wolf
2. Wolf
3. Wolf

4. Seer
5. Human
6. Human
7. Human
8. Human
9. Human

10. The Strange Man
A man who DOES NOT WANT to be seen. Every night phase he will privately guess the identities of the lanterns holders, and upon correctly guessing their identities, the lanterns are lost to the night, and their holders are killed, along with one normal wolf. He cannot be wolfed; if an attempt to do so is made, the public will not be informed.

3 Lanterns of the Night: at the start of the game, 3 randomly chosen players will become Lantern Holders and receive a Lantern of the Night. Each night, the 3 lanterns holders will privately vote to seer one of the holders. That holder's color is then privately disclosed to the other two holders. A lantern may be passed to another player who does not hold a lantern once per NIGHT PHASE ONLY. The recipient of the lantern will be randomly selected from the pool of those who do not hold lanterns, and he will be informed both that he received a lantern and of the identities of the other holders at the start of the following night phase.

-The Strange Man will never hold a lantern.
-If someone is killed while in possession of a lantern, it will be publicly announced that a lantern has been put out, and the Strange Man will only have to guess the holders of the remaining lanterns. However, if all three lantern holders are killed before the Strange Man guesses their identities, the Strange Man will die as well.
-The Strange Man's lantern guess applies to the players who held lanterns at the start of the night phase, not the players who received the lanterns at the end of it.
-No cardflips, instas are on. Classic rules, natch.

Victory Conditions
Wolves win when their numbers are at parity with humans & The Strange Man combined.
Humans win when the wolves are dead.
The Strange Man wins upon successfully guessing the lantern holders, but the game does not necessarily have to end at that point. Either of the other two teams may win with the Strange Man.


The Players
1. SpecsFlyer17
2. A# Minor
3. davy
4. threalmathguy
5. BlackDragonSlayer
6. XiaoMigros
7. ThatHiddenCharacter
8. Robbie89
9. Oricorio
10. The Musical Poet

Remember...the Strange Man does not want to be seen. Proceed with caution.



If I roll Strange Man, I WILL NOT WANT to be seen.
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A# Minor

this game looks interesting

hey! listen!! ⬆️

haha get drowned

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[davy]'s in a way different time zone so basically he pops in at like 2 AM and posts 500 words and wins the game



If I roll wolf and die via lantern guessing again, I will quit TWG forever probably scream or smth idk
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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TWG CXVII is receiving a pre-launch patch! After conferring with Davy and hearing his thoughts, the following change will be made to the rules: lanterns may be passed along at the end of a night phase as usual, but the specific recipient may not be chosen. Instead, the recipient will be randomly selected from the pool of wolf and human players who do not have a lantern at the end of that night. This means that the Strange Man will never receive a lantern now, and it also means that if you pass a lantern along you could conceivably receive a different lantern immediately after from a different player.

In other news, three slots left. The nature of this game makes it very difficult to run with fewer than 10 people without changing it significantly. If you are in contact with anyone you think would be interested in playing, please reach out to them! Thanks, all.


Just to clarify: The strange man wins by guessing each of the 3 lanterns at some point, no matter whos holding them, right?


Hopefully right thread this time! Sub

The Musical Poet

I don't have much time right now, so I'll pass. but I will try to join the next game
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Quote from: Robbie89 on October 11, 2023, 11:25:14 PMI would like to join as well. In
Nice, glad to see you joined!

For context, Robbie is an irl friend of mine
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow
[davy]'s in a way different time zone so basically he pops in at like 2 AM and posts 500 words and wins the game