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Very Sad Moments - Pokemon Anime

Started by PhosphatidatePhosphatase, March 22, 2024, 06:34:02 PM

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I hope its okay to post a non-videogame request, there was nothing in the request rules about it and it is Nintendo adjacent. Anyways, I cant find sheets for it anywhere and I don't know where else to ask. I'm struggling to transpose it as I've never transposed by ear before; though if I just had pitches and rhythm I could manage the violin articulations myself.


Your best bet is to slow that video down to 50% or lower, download musescore and select the violin instrument and write in notes as you hear. Don't worry about getting it all right as you go along. start with the first beat of each measure, then fill in the gaps. Play what you have transcribed along side the original to gauge your status.
It's in A minor.
You don't have to worry about harmonies at the start, just pick the highest note and keep moving along.

I'm a novice transcriber as well. Sometimes I use MelodyScanner or Piano2Notes just to give me a ball park transcription of what I'm working with. Simply provide the youtube link and it will give you a rough (not great) transcription.
Don't get hung up on it only giving the first 20 seconds or so. Just download the audio and upload to Youtube sections of the video you need (unlisted (i.e. not public) of course) and re-upload to the websites till you get what you need.
Good Luck!

I'd be interested in seeing your progress so do share!