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1. Rock Vigilante
2. Rock Reviver
3. Rock Nullifier

4. Paper Vigilante
5. Paper Reviver
6. Paper Nullifier

7. Scissors Vigilante
8. Scissors Reviver
9. Scissors Nullifier

-Order of operations: Nullify > Revive > Vigi
-For example, the following chain could exist: (paper nullifier) targets (rock nullifier) who targets (paper vigilante) who targets (scissors reviver). In this case, the paper nullifier at the top of the daisy chain would cancel out the rock nullifier, allowing the paper vigilante's kill to go through. The scissors reviver would be dead, but his revive would still go through.
-Example 2: If a nullifier and vigilante target each other, the nullifier wins out.
-Example 3: If a vigilante targets a nullifier who targeted a reviver, the nullifier dies, but because the vigi's kill does not block the power of the person he targeted, the nullify still goes through, and the revive fails. Uh oh!
-Your team wins when your people are the last ones standing.
-Standard stuff regarding game minutia. Someone gets lynched every day phase, phantoms are in play, instas are on, no cardflips.
-You can't vigi someone who was dead at the start of the phase in case they get revived. Likewise, you can't revive someone who was alive at the start of the phase in case they get vigi'd.
-If there's a question about the game, @ me in the thread so I see it quickly.
-Be as clear as possible when using your night actions. Bolded actions and names help.
-Have fun. Looking forward to this--you guys rule!


The Players
1. mastersuperfan
2. BlackDragonSlayer
3. ThatHiddenCharacter
4. SpecsFlyer17
5. davy
6. Oricorio
7. Toby
8. therealmathguy
9. K-NiGhT

Vigi PM
You are the ___ Vigilante. PM me the name of someone you want dead, and if no one nullifies you, they'll be dead at the end of the night.

Reviver PM
You are the ___ Reviver. PM me the name of someone you want back in the game, and if no one nullifies you, they'll be alive at the end of the night.

Nullifier PM
You are the ___ Nullifier. PM me someone's name to stop their night action in its tracks...unless someone nullifies you first. Choose carefully.

Because every player gets a night action, phase updates may be a little late, as I sort through the implications of any last-minute actions on any other actions. Be patient!

It is now Night 1. Night 1 ends in 48 hours, on Tuesday, April 23 at 20:00 Central Daylight Time.


A few reminders as the game gets going:
-There is no editing of posts under any circumstances. Offenders will receive phantoms and a stern talking-to by Nakah.
-Instas can occur. You can vote for yourself. No cardflips.
-Basing reasoning on forum statistics is banned.
-Please include me on all PMs with other players, as it will help tremendously in writing player analysis.
-That said, I expect to get quite a lot of PMs this game, so if you have a question about the game for me, please put "TWG QUESTION" in the subject line so I catch it quickly.

THE GAME IS NOW AFOOT. PMs have been sent. Post at will.


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Well, let's get this party started!

I am the Paper Reviver. Paper vigi and nullifier, please claim to me!
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[davy]'s in a way different time zone so basically he pops in at like 2 AM and posts 500 words and wins the game


Well, I wasn't going to claim, at least not yet, but I guess we're jumping right into things. I'm the Scissors Reviver. I'd appreciate if we got our claims sorted out before the end of the day.

And remember, #scissorsuperiority
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Nice to see everyone again!

davy and BDS, I'm curious on the logic behind claiming a Reviver. If the claims are true, it paints a big target on your backs for Vigis to hit, thus removing your team's Revive capability. Seems like one would want to stay hidden at the start to retain their own team's reviving capability.

This is assuming the claims aren't fake.
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This was briefly addressed in sign-ups, but I completely forgot to add it here: if your action is nullified, you will be privately informed that it was nullified at the end of the night phase.

That is all. Carry on.


Quote from: K-NiGhT on April 11, 2024, 11:54:48 AMwow, 20 years

*crumbles into dust and blows away in the wind*


Hello everyone, glad to be back.

I am also curious as to why we have reviver claims already.


I guess I sorta see it as a way to find your teammates. If my Reviver claimed, I'd want them to know who I was so they could potentially save me.

But idk, this kinda seems like a Vigi trap. Vigi fake claims an opposing team Reviver, the real Reviver counterclaims but gets Vigi'd N1.

Considering that Revivers have no ability N1, I could see this as a way to get them out of the game early.

Just some thoughts, though. I'm 100% open ears to what the claimers have to say.
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Hi all

Not sure why revivers are claiming so I wouldn't trust their claims

Reviver claiming kind of defeats the whole purpose of them wanting to stay alive


I didn't know the game had started. Looks like I made it before phase end, at least. Lemme catch up on the rules real quick.
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Reminder: please copy me on all PMs. If for whatever reason you forget, forward me what you sent so I can piece it together.