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Started by Nintendude73, July 07, 2009, 02:18:06 PM

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We're going to try something a little different for this newest update.  Hugo had a nice idea for streamlining the update process, and I like it, so I'm going to try it (hope he doesn't mind).  The basic idea is, this is the update topic.  You are allowed a single post to submit your song for the week's update.  Actually, you know what?  Go ahead and post 2.  You may post a single post with 2 songs you think are ready for submission.  I will go through this topic over the course of the week and check the submitted songs.  Hopefully around Sunday-ish, I'll have a selection of songs that are ready for upload and I'll update.

I will have to be EXTREMELY PICKY about this, however, because I only have Finale 2008, and if you've made your song with a higher version, I'll have to use Finale Reader.  That means I can't edit anything.  I have to rely on you.  Wrong key signature?  Your problem.  Misspelled title?  Your problem.  Bad note spacing?  Your problem.  Obviously if the song just sucks you're getting rejected anyway.  If you do use 2008 or earlier, I may take pity on you.  But this means that there will be songs that I reject just looking at the header.  So I suggest you make your submissions perfectly formatted according to the guidelines.  I WILL ALSO CHECK FOR COPYRIGHT AND NEW NSM URL SO PLEASE EDIT THIS, TOO, unless you want a quick rejection.  I don't care if the guidelines say it's optional.  I want it.  It looks nicer.

Any extra posts will be deleted.  I will edit your post with rejection reasons, or to tell you it's accepted.  I may accept both or just one or none of your submissions.

So, to sum up, in a lovely step-by-step process:
1.  Perfect up to 2 songs for submission
2.  Make sure they are formatted PERFECTLY
3.  Post links to the submissions here, mus and midi
4.  I don't want extra notes in your post (i.e., "there's something about this part...").  You shouldn't need notes.  The submissions should be flawless (or as flawless as a human can make them).
5.  I will review submissions and either accept or reject, editing your post as necessary
6.  On Sunday (or around then), all of the songs I have accepted will be uploaded and we'll start this circus again.

Got it?  If yes, make your post and submit your songs!  If not, PM me with questions.  Don't muck up my nice thread.

Questions I've Received (or made up):
-Do I need to break up a medley? No, it counts as one submission
-Do I have to include copyright and the site URL?  Yes.  The copyright is just <Publisher> © <Year Published> without the <> obviously.  The URL is http://ninsheetm.us/
-How do I make a MIDI? Open the MUS in Finale, click File>Save As... and choose MIDI from the dropdown list.
-When can we submit? Now!  Just do it.
-How can I respond to your comments in my post? Edit your post or PM me.
-What if I disagree with your rejection comments? Edit your post to appeal.  If it starts getting too long-winded we'll take it to PM.
-Can I still submit after you've swept-through the posts? Yes.  You can submit up until Sunday.

Sir Awesomesauce

"Chozo Artifact Temple" - Metroid Prime [GCN] - Brian Ross   MUS   MIDI
"Zelda's Theme" - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [N64] - Brian Ross   MUS   MIDI   <--To replace the current "Zelda's Lullaby".

From the Desk of Nintendude73:  Both accepted.  Phenomenal work.  Holy crap, the old version of Zelda's Theme was awful.
You should read my post, it's probably above this.



[NES]"A Theme"- Tetris-MaestroUGC                           MUS       MID
[NES]"Overworld"-The Legend of Zelda-MaestroUGC       MUS       MID

From the Desk of Nintendude73: Tetris A Theme rejected, needs even more 8va, some messy sections, really making me question the argument of impossible vs. just very hard... oh, and the URL is wrong and the game title font is too large.  Yes, I'm being picky.

Overworld also rejected.  While I appreciate your take on the song, the idea of the site is to provide sheet music for the actual song, not a flourishy arrangement.  URL was also wrong.

Maestro: Tetris is fixed...to the extent where I don't overcrowd an already busy sheet.

Nintendude73: Tetris is now accepted.  It looks phenomenally better.  Still incredibly difficult, but I don't spot anything physically impossible, so it's accepted.
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Lavender Town - Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow [GB]  -   MUS  ~   MIDI - ORIGINAL
                                                                       MUS  ~   MIDI - HIGH NOTES TAKEN OUT

From the Desk of Nintendude73: Rejected.  Could use an 8va... impossible reaches... places where you could have split the part between the two staffs, but didn't.  Nice formatting, though.

Tangy says: Okay... I tried to solve the problem by only adding the high unreachable notes when you have a free hand so that they're playable. It actually sounds a lot better than I thought it would. And I only have the free version of finale, so I just wrote in the 8vas. It doesn't sound on the playback, but you can listen to the midi or this version without the 8vas.

I also made two other versions of it in an attempt to preserve the high notes, lol. This one has the melody move into the left hand, and that one has the high notes brought down an octave. If you don't like any of them, I'm out of ideas besides completely removing the top part. :P

Ocarina Medley - Super Smash Bros. Brawl [Wii]  -  MUS  ~  MIDI

Nintendude73: I've accepted the first version of Lavender Town you linked to ("this version without the 8vas").  I added 8vas in.

The Ocarina Medley seems very nice.  I'm a little confused as to why it has 8vas and whatnot when you said you didn't have a version of Finale that could do that (I'm assuming you got some help).  Anyway, it's nice.  But there is one section (measures 44-48) where you use the 2nd layer unnecessarily (not a huge deal, but doesn't look very nice), and measures 71-73 include some 2nd layer notes with impossible reaches that really don't contribute that much to the song that you might consider just removing.  Other than that, all I noticed were some formatting issues.  Nice job on this one.  Fix up those spots and it'll be accepted.

Tangy says: Brassman helped out A LOT with this. It's fixed now. ;D Thanks for adding the 8vas in for me!

Nintendude73: Accepted!



[N64] "Bob-Omb Battlefield (revision)" - Super Mario 64 -Palagerini -
        Midi: http://www.mediafire.com/?onyoddzygmz
        Mus: http://www.mediafire.com/?zmkdewmybim

[SNES] "Giygas Battle Theme" - Earthbound (Mother 2) -Palagerini -
        Midi: http://www.mediafire.com/?zzc1vmm3zy0
        Mus: http://www.mediafire.com/?jdkjdqhjm5m

From the Desk of Nintendude73: Both rejected.  Bob-omb Battlefield mostly for formatting reasons, and are you sure there's no possible key signature for that piece?  Giygas Battle Theme is also incorrectly formatted and I noticed some note overlap (for example, measure 10) between the treble and bass clef parts.
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Before you post you might want to make sure you have a couple of these: ..!!??,,,

Feel free to place them wherever.



N64: Banjo Kazooie: King Sandybutts Maze. [Mus] [Midi]

From the Desk of Nintendude73: Your links are messed up...  Hag 1 links to Production Room, and Production Room links to King Sandybutt's Maze.  Production room is rejected for formatting reasons.  Melody is also wrong at measure 37.  The staccatos between measures 12-22 are also unnecessary, as in the original song they are no shorter than the rest of the notes in the quarter note run.  Unfortunately for you I am a huge fan of this game and I have the soundtrack rip. :P

Nintendude73:  Considering the unbelievable complexity of this piece, this is a very good arrangement.  I went ahead and fixed the formatting issues because I love Banjo-Tooie so much and I want this on the site.  I checked it against the original song and it seems very accurate, so it's accepted.

King Sandybutt's Maze isn't formatted properly.  Fix this, and make sure to add a year to the copyright...  Otherwise it seems fine.  I don't care much for the ending, but listening to the original, it does just... end.  Oh well.

I fixed the formatting problems with King sandybutts maze, and fixed some things like the leo at the end. My next arrangement is Witchyworld.


[GB] Link's Awakening - "Richard's Villa" - jake3343
[GB] Link's Awakening - "Fishing Boat" - jake3343

(I use Finale 2009)

From the Desk of Nintendude73: These look fine, the only problem (one that I would fix if I could) is that I'd prefer you use the full game title "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening" instead of just "Link's Awakening."  Fix that and they'll be accepted.  Simple, but nice melodies.  Good job.

Jake3343: K, they're fixed now. :)

Nintendude73: Thanks!  Accepted!



-[PS2] Dark Cloud 2 "Neverending Adventure"

-[PS2] Soulcaliber 3 "Forsaken Sanctuary" Arranged by mantis985

From the Desk of Nintendude73: I am taking pity on you because the only problems with Forsaken Sanctuary were formatting and I could fix them since you use Finale 2008 or earlier (plus I seem to be rejecting way more songs than I'm accepting, and if it's just formatting, I'm willing to fix that...).  You didn't bold the composer line, the "official" title of the game is (apparently) SoulCalibur III, and please (this is REALLY nitpicky) include the http:// before the URL in the future.

Same with Neverending Adventure.  Just some minor things with formatting (you bolded the arranger line, URL thing again) and you misspelled the song's name!  AHH!  What the crap?  Easy fix, so it's accepted, too.



[GCN] Tales of Symphonia ; The End of a Thought - Revision by HungryDragon Replaces 'Kratos Match'
[GCN] Tales of Symphonia ; Far from Our World - HungryDragon

From the Desk of Nintendude73: Both songs are fine, just some minor formatting things that I need you to fix.  Italicize the game title in The End of a Thought and if you wouldn't mind adding an end quote to the end of the song title on the top of each page (looks kinda sloppy as it is).  Far From Our World is also good, just italicize the game title and remove the quotes from it.  Also remove the colon from the composer line and lowercase the B in By.  That should be all.  I'd do it myself if I could.

HungryDragon: Fixed now Although I don't know why End of a Thought didn't have the second quotation mark... I filled it in the wizard :P

Nintendude73:  Both accepted.  You forgot the quotes on the song title on both of them, but I added them in.  (Weird, how did I get Finale 2009?  ::) )
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[GBA] Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Abandoned Ship - GreekGeek
[GCN] Pokémon Colosseum: The Hexagon Bros. - GreekGeek

From the Desk of Nintendude73:  The Hexagon Bros. seems good, but is there any key signature it could benefit from?  Even adding one sharp?  It otherwise looks fine.

Abandoned Ship is accepted as is.  Nice job.  Though I hate double flats, I think they're fine in this situation.

The Hexagon Bros. is written in C major, so let's keep the key signature in C major, please. And it won't help a bit I think. If you disagree, I'll change it for you.

Nintendude73:  Hmm... you seem to be right.  It's just going to have to be full of accidentals.  Very well, accepted.  I fixed a couple of formatting issues as well.



[SNES] - Donkey Kong Country - "Gangplank Galleon" - WiiMan96

[GCN] - Super Mario Sunshine - "F.L.U.D.D.'s User Instructions" - WiiMan96

NOTE 1: These were made with PrintMusic 2009.
NOTE 2: These are direct links. For the midi file, right-click and 'Save Target As' or whatever.

From the Desk of Nintendude73: Great job, both are accepted.  Thank you for formatting correctly, too!


[N64] Paper Mario - "Wish of the Princess" - HugoMeister

[GBC] Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal - "Route 27" - HugoMeister

Our style is sexy, no?

From the Desk of Nintendude73: Both of these are very good, they both just need the song name in quotes and the game name font is too big.  Fix this and they'll be accepted.

And yes, your style is very sexy.  This is making the update process so much easier...

- - -

Fixed. Sorry, habit of mine.

- - -

Nintendude73: Thank you very much!  Accepted.

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[NES]-Metroid-Ending/credits-olimar12345- MUS

From the Desk of Nintendude73: Quotes around the title and some parts of the song could use a G Major key sig.

*FIXED* did wat u said-check it out!

Nintendude73: Seems fine now, so I'm accepting it.  Some of the red notes are pushing it on the reaches, but from what I've read on here, some people can make a little over an octave so I think these should be fine.  It's a very nice arrangement.
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Heres my new arrangement :)


"Showdown town" MUS MIDI

Super Mario Galaxy[/color]
"Purple Comet" MUS MIDI

From the Desk of Nintendude73: WOW!  That's a long song.  I love how many references it has to past Banjo games.  Makes me wish I had a 360 just so I could play this game... but I digress.

Very nice arrangement.  My only critique is that there are some red notes that would make for impossible reaches, but I'm assuming that's why you put them in the 2nd layer.  I suppose I can see why you included them, so I'm going to accept it, since they are implemented so cleanly and in the grand scale of this song, they aren't a huge deal.

Oh, and you posted two links to the MUS, instead of both MUS and MIDI.  Don't worry about it though, I'll make my own MIDI.

Edit by Nintendude73: A couple of things with Purple Comet.  Measures 3 and 4 use both the 1st and 2nd layer when the rhythms are identical and chords would suffice.  Also, listening to the original, the rhythm of the melody sounds off in the run between measures 50-51 in your arrangement.


[NDS] Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - "Testimony" - Chipmunk884 MUS MIDI

[GCN] Animal Crossing - "Totaka's Song" - Chipmunk884 MUS MIDI

Note 1: These were made in Finale 2009

From the Desk of Nintendude73: Umm... Cross Examination Moderate links to a song called Testimony.  That one's accepted anyway, but don't forget that Cross Exam hasn't been submitted yet. :P  Totaka's Song is also accepted, it will replace my K.K. Song arrangement because it sucks.  Both had formatting problems, but I fixed them because I'm nice.

From Chipmunk884:  I guess I forgot to change the name to Testimony in this post... sorry.  Also, what formatting problems were there?  I thought that I followed your guidelines exactly when I reformated the sheets to be submitted.  Thanks for being nice and fixing them, though :)

Nintendude73: The titles were too big/not italicized, and the arrangement line was not italicized.  I also like to have "Composition by" and "Arrangement by" on the by-lines.  Nothing huge.  Just things to keep in mind next time. :)

Chipmunk884:  I just reread the post about how to format your sheets to submit, and I also realized that it wasn't formatted correctly like you mention.  sorry :)  I'll make sure next time I format them correctly