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How do I deal with a certain virus (trojan) on my computer?

Started by Sir Awesomesauce, December 06, 2009, 03:07:17 PM

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Sir Awesomesauce

In the past, I've used avast! anti-virus. When I saw that a trojan had appeared in my win32 folder, I deleted it. It appeared again after deletion. I deleted it again. I continued this until I decided to restart my computer. The Vista log-in screen loaded normally, but when I logged in, only a black screen appeared. Various pop ups came up regarding errors (Windows Explorer cannot run properly, search for solution?). Eventually, one came up regarding Windows Solutions. I clicked a link in the pop-up which allowed me to access the internet. It was supposed to take me to a page where I could update my OS, but instead the page said "Only viewable in Internet Explorer". There was a link to download Internet Explorer, but it "wasn't compatible with my operating system". I can't get to the start menu or install any anti-virus programs.

I can't see my desktop or run any simple programs. I can't even boot my computer in safe mode for some reason. What should I do?
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Just wondering, your computer has all that, but you were able to make that post?

Sir Awesomesauce

Yeah, it's insane. The only program that would open was mozilla firefox.
You should read my post, it's probably above this.


I recommend taking it to a "computer doctor".

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Here's my advice if you don't want to spend any money dealing with this. Also I can't guarantee it will work but here's my advice.

1) Go into Control Panel.

2) Click on Network Setup Wizard

3) In the wizard, click Next 5 times until you come across a part that will have two options that say something like: "Turn File and Printer Sharing On" and "Turn File And Printer Sharing Off". Make sure you have this feature turned ON. This will allow you to access alot of you files after finishing this process.

4) Go through the rest of the wizard but change nothing else, at the end of it click on the fourth option that begins with something like: Just finish wizard.

5) Next, in Control Panel, click on System. In the window there should be a tab that says System Restore. Click on it.

6) In System Restore, there should be a slider bar. Make sure this is all the way to the right.

7) Click OK and exit Control Panel.

8 ) Next, restart your computer. On the very first screen at the bottom, there should be a line of text that says 'System Recovery F12'(I think its F12 anyway) press F12 and let the system recover itself. Afterwords, you may be missing a few programs and drivers but nothing more than that.

Once again I can't guarantee anything in this method. Have some geeks friends look over it. But from what I know, it SHOULD work. But its free. ;)

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