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Author Topic: The Offical NSM Skype Room!  (Read 9684 times)


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The Offical NSM Skype Room!
« on: March 07, 2016, 07:14:31 AM »

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, it sure would be great if I could chit-chat with all of these cool people here on NSM, if only there was some sort of chat-room for just this purpose."

Well now there is! "Wow, really?" Yes, really, I just said that. "Can I be in it?" No! Except yes! Entry is simple, just PM one of the Moderators asking for entry and your Skype user name; or you can message one of us via Skype directly. However, there are some rules you'll be expected to follow while there, so study up:

NSM Skype Room Rules:
1) The NSM Skype Room is not an exclusive club, all you need to be able to join is ask one of the Forum Moderators to add you to the room. The Skype Room moderators are MaestroUGC, Dudeman, braixen1264, and Latios212. At no point can members add people without Moderator approval.

2) While spamming is harder to define in a live chat space, the Moderators will consider excessive posting of Images, private conversations, or needless repetition to be spam. Similarly, do not change the Skype Room Image or Skype Room Name.

3) No harassing other members  in the Skype Room. This room is also not an appropriate place to gossip or insult other members of the forum; it is a public space and what you say will be visible by everyone.

4) If you are in the NSM Skype Room you are expected to be active on the Forums. If your forum activity dwindles or ceases the Moderators will remove you from the room. Generally if your posting activity dips below an acceptable amount you may be removed. The same applies to the Skype Room itself.

5) Your NSM Username must either be visible or stated when asked for it by a Moderator. If you refuse to clarify who you are you will be removed.

6) There are a lot of people in the room, so try to avoid having 1-on-1 conversations if there are a lot of people currently talking. If you want to talk to someone just message them directly, nobody wants to talk around you.

7) The Moderators reserve the right to remove any members at any time if they deem their actions to be inflammatory, spam, or otherwise unacceptable.

8) If you are kicked from the Skype Room, complaining about it the Forums is not acceptable. Just wait out your ban and return hopefully the better for it.

9) Do not add people to the room against their will, if they want to be a part of the room all they have to do is ask. Likewise, do not re-add any members that have been banned from the Skype Room; the Moderators will reset their ban time and ban you as well.

10) The minimum ban time from the Skype Room is one week. The Moderators reserve the right to impose increased ban times or even permanent bans from the Skype Room if they deem it necessary. Any punishments rendered here will not carry over to the Forums proper.

11) This is not a mandatory club, and you're still free to chat with other members on your own. This room is just meant to be a safe place for all of us to comingle.

Skype Mods: MaestroUGC, Braixen1264, Dudeman, Latios212
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