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Anyone here who writes poems? Well, I do. Here are some:

Everlasting solitude
The eternal sun is growing, and getting colder,
While I'm cooling down and remain the same size.
Gazing up at the symbol of the neverending life,
Perished as a spark in the infinite blue strife.

Falling leafs are causing shadows on my way,
A path I have walked so many times before.
But even so, I lack the courage to go on,
Not knowing whether I have failed, or you have won.

Despite being alone, something is pushing me down.
Memories attempt to crush my most valuable possession,
Like a blizzard that forces me to obey its dominion,

Whilst thoroughly examining well designed flakes.
The crowing rooster marks again the rising eternity,
And its brightness becomes the final sight for me.

Acid Runner
A journey through the forest of night,
Soaking darkness in a soft labyrinth.
My only desire is a resolving light,
So I can escape this haunted sight.

The present doesn’t want any more of me,
A black pressure shows me the abyss.
The acid is marching through my body,
Spreading hatred, erasing me to be.

Nagel bijten
Do you?

Dried Up Tears
If crying is no option,
And no one’s prepared to help me.
A second question pops up,
Should I stay or should I flee?

Fleeing not knowing where to go,
Is just as pointless as it seems.
Remaining here in loneliness,
Listening to spiritual screams.

Screaming that life’s like a rose,
Charming, with thorns now and then.
But now the rose starts to wither,
This will be the humble end.


Has never been kind to me.
Look, rhyming is lame
But to me it's all the same.
It's the best I can do
Rhyming words like 'do' and 'who.'
And 'moo' and 'poo.'
And 'blue' and 'to.'
It's always bothered me
That 'blue' ends with an E
And 'to' ands with an O
And even so
They both rhyme.
Man, writing this poem was a waste of time.

damn commies.


a short haiku:

I like pie.
Do you want some pie?
Pie is Jesus.

Hippie Poems:

I think...
I think I am...
Therefore I am!
I think...

Of course you are my bright little star,
I've miles
And miles
Of files
Pretty files of your forefather's fruit
and now to suit our
great computer,
You're magnetic ink.

I'm more then that...
I know I am...
At least,
I think I must be.

There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
Face piles
And piles
Of trials
With smiles.
It riles them to believe
that you perceive
the web they weave
And keep on thinking free.


These are 3 poems I've written in 5-10 minutes (each) in a sort of "stream of consciousness" style

Plastic Sheets

Creation leads to destruction
The cycle stretches on and on
Plastic sheets of redemption
Cover your soul and hide your thoughts
A living nightmare of frightful desolation
Plastic sheets of human intervention
Suffocation and death
It shall never cease â€"
No, not ever
Plastic sheets prevail
In a world of forced life
Plastic sheets prevail
Don’t fight it… Don’t struggle
Our skin is wrapped in plastic
We are preserved
Let it die
Let it die.

The Illness

I’ve infected billions
I’ve started wars
I’ve spurred hatred
And crushed them beneath my claws
I’m right
You know I’m right
This illness
Out of human sight
Open your eyes â€"
Be enlightened
Follow through day
Cross the chasm and fly away
Death at my hands
The blood flows far â€"
Ages past and ages lost
Never-ending deception
A life corrupt
Come down to me
Believe â€" Then you will truly see
What lies before us â€"
An illness stuffed with glee.

The Race

Is he mocking me?
That has to be it
I can see it in his eyes
God â€" I hate those eyes
And what’s this?
What are they thinking?
Who do they think they are?
I’ve got to keep up â€" I’ve got to win
But how?
They’re all better than me
No wait…
How can I say such things?
The words of a failure
Am I a failure?
No, Stop! â€" Just stop!
Curse this mind
Can’t I just ignore the world
To be shut away in solitude
I did not bring this upon myself
This wasn’t my will
Why am I here?
They still stare â€" damn them all
What do they know?
How can they judge me so?
Do I even bother?
I don’t want this
To be thrown into the abyss
I’m not ready â€" I’m not ready
Will I ever be ready?
To feel to out of place
In this overrated race.

All three have a deep hidden meaning, some are easier to find than others ;)


Ice litters the glass,
a cold winter night this is,
the mood is dark yet light,
everyone by the fire,
sometimes it comes into your mind,
that something that keeps people apart,
can bring others together.

Please don't judge me. I made it up as I went along. So if its bad I really don't care.

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Don't want to start a new topic so bumping this old one.

Shallow souls have shallow ends;
Shallow minds are empty.
Wandering spirits will wander,
but wandering thoughts will wonder.

Living lies is lying life,
Yet with no persisting thought,
I lose myself in that absence
(but in both truth and in mind.)
It's dangerous to go alone, take me with you! [JUB has joined the party.]