Arrangement contests - brainstorming topic

Started by Cobraroll, August 29, 2011, 01:47:56 PM

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Exams are coming! When will you be finished?

Earlier than May 10
7 (36.8%)
May 10 - May 20
3 (15.8%)
May 21 - May 31
4 (21.1%)
June 1 - June 10
2 (10.5%)
After June 10
3 (15.8%)

Total Members Voted: 19


I'm all for another round, but it requires a certain level of caring for things to go round.

Last time, we had 9 sign-ups. Even with the deadline extended to five times what we originally set, we only got in two sheets. When those were sent to the four judgrors, only one of them ever replied.

Are people too busy?
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Yes, I'm still around from time to time. For quicker response, you can reach me by PM, or drop by Smogon to say hi. I go by "Codraroll" there, because of a bet.


I don't think it's so much as that people are busy, but it's just not high on people's priority lists. That said, winter break is upon us, so if we can aim for a contest to a week and end by/around New Year's, I anticipate people will be more inclined to participate.

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