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The Tasty Food Topic

Started by SuperFireKirby, September 17, 2011, 08:16:53 AM

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Quote from: WaluigiTime64 on June 12, 2016, 12:11:44 AMI didn't know most of this stuff existed in Australia, and I live there! I need to try this stuff at some point.
Zomato is your best friend!

Its how I found half of the places!


Wow wow wow, so many tantalising dishes! DrP, you've visited NZ? Was there any particular food place you liked the most here? I find it so difficult to find good restaurants in my city, the options to eat out are usually either Asian, Italian or fish & chips, lol.

Mum's birthday will be coming up this Wednesday, she decided to go to an Italian restaurant. I won't say that it's a bad choice, but I was hoping for something more "exotic".  ::) Might post about it here if it'll be worth sharing, though!


^Yeah, I was in Auckland for 4 days!! I think it's NZ's foodie capital, so it was crazy on how good some of the food was!

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DAAAAAANNNNGG!!! Your adventures are making me hungry, and I'm eating breakfast!
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