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Started by ETFROXX, February 06, 2012, 02:46:02 PM

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All I know is don't fall for a girl who hates video games, and video game music, and basically everything you like cus that didn't work out so well for me.
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Well opposites attract...and end up very unhappy with each other.

Always date a person that has similar tastes to you. Or they'll just be a constant source of disappointment. There was a girl I was into in high school, and we got on talking about music and I asked the most important question I know of when seeing if I'm compatible with a girl: "Do you like Modest Mouse?"
"No, their music is really bad."(It was something like this)

And all attraction I had  to her immediately vanished. You don't like Mouse, get out of the house. My ultimate motto in dating.

Quote from: Mashi on March 26, 2013, 05:54:37 PMAfter viewing both FMA:Brotherhood and Naruto Shippuden, it would be frivolous to even consider watching an anime as unbearably mediocre as Melancholy. NARUTOxHINATA 4 LYFE!!!


hahaha ^ is that soo?

Yeah I would go for someone who has very similar interests and has a good personality :P
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on January 15, 2015, 07:20:41 PM
"Sorry to keep you waiting!'
~Pit, Kid Icarus Uprising ♥

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and if you can beat them in Brawl with Pikachu you know your with the wrong girl.
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Pikachu is fawking badass D:<


I know!! I don't get why people don't like pikachu, it's the best pokémon, aint it?


QuoteAfter third session, which was math (and I don't have math with her), I started walking down to the rehearsal room where I have saxophone lesson.

So there we stood. I was just waiting for the fifteen minutes to pass, and she was just there....
Then she asked again: Wether or not I was done 14:45.
And I knew I were; since she had asked earlier..

This time I answered "yes", because I knew she would start investigating if I said I had some more classes or something - BESIDES: She would just camp outside for me anyways.... -.-

Then she said that she wanted me to wait for her until she was done 15:00.
Now, if I were to say "no" I wouldn't really be able to back it up with a reason (other than hating her), so I said fine.

Waiting to go into the room was awful, because I had to stand there with her, and every minute together with her gives me the creeps, and gives her pleasure..

Then some guy from our class walked by, and she started talking a bit to him, because they were apparently supposed to have their piano lesson together.
This was my chance!

I grabbed my sax, and walked behind her towards the room where I was supposed to have my lesson, and knocked on the door (even though I was still two minutes early, and probably pissed of my sax teacher, who were in the middle of lunch..).
As a sort of "notice" that I was going inside, I told Girl X "goodbye", while she was still in conversation with the other guy..

That's when:

She turned away from him, and said: "See you afterwards, right?"

This EXACT SAME THING happened to me yesterday again...
Like the ABSOLUTELY EXACT same thing as the excerpt above!

But this time, I didn't wait for her.
When I was well on my way home (about when I had changed busses), she sent me a text, asking "where are you, did you leave already?" and I replied "oh sorry, I got out a bit early, and so I totally forgot about you, sorry about that"...
And then the unorthodox thing of her not replying occurred, so I figured she got really mad.

Now, today:
She didn't speak to me AT ALL.


After school finished, I decided to hang out there a bit longer, just to avoid bumping into her at the bus stop, or something.
There wouldn't be anything weird about staying behind as a lot of people usually do, because of the school revue, which is being held this week. So I just sat beside one of my classmates while he played some game on the PC, but the whole purpose of doing so kinda failed when:

She also stayed. OBVIOUSLY waiting for me. OBVIOUSLY!!

So I just decided to wait longer, but of course, the people that stayed behind did so because they were gonna get busy, and one after another they left, so when the guy I was sitting with left, I gave up.. I decided to leave too.

And as any sane person would predict, she had been waiting for me to leave, all along..
Even though she hadn't spoken with me, she walked with me towards the bus stop, and on this little walk she started talking to me again and stuff..

One of the things she brought up was how mad she got when I forgot to bus home with her yesterday, and she was acting all pissed.. -.-

I remember writing in the FIRST of these posts that 99% of the time, I have to change bus.
The 1% where I don't need to do so, is in the case where the "33"-bus arrives instead of the normal "31"-bus.
And today, the 33-bus came <-- taking this bus means that SHE is the one that has to get of mid-way to change bus, while I can just sit back and relax, all the way home <-- it's not like it matters to her, like I've said before, she gets of the bus anyways to wait for the next bus with me..

So anyways, today the cool bus arrived.

And there we sat.

Then on the stop before she has to get off, someone came aboard the bus.
This was my uncle!

So I said hi, and then Girl X asked who this person was.
I told her he was my uncle.

And then my uncle asked "Is this your girlfriend?"

And Girl X replied "Yes!" ........

Can you imagine what went through my head at that moment? She's putting me through torture, holy shit....

She did start saying something, but I interupted her and said "what? no, what are you talking about?".
And she started looking at me super-intensely! :O

I turned to my uncle and said "it's not true, she's not my girlfriend!"

She did not head-butt me, but she did start crying.
This happened right about when the bus stopped and the doors opened.
So she got up, still crying, and ran out of the bus, crying.. -.-

This is so ridiculous!
Guys, just what am I gonna do about her?
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Jompa, the more you post and complain about her and shit, the more I know that you two are going to fall madly in love with one another.

There's an entire musical on YouTube by one of my favorite amateur production companies that highlights the idea that your true love is often the person you initially dislike. Trust me, man. Its coming for you. Why else would you be so aware of her absence? Because you think about her ALL THE TIME. Just imagine what will happen to you if she just disappears altogether. Sure, it'd be great! She wouldn't annoy you anymore, no more rumors, etc. But deep down inside you'll be hurting because this girl, who weasled her way into holding such a high importance in your life (positive or negative, it doesn't matter) just disappeared off the face of the earth and she took that part of you with her. If I were to assume correctly, I would think you'd have a hard time trying to find something to fill that now-emptyspot.

Face it, man. She is your density.

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I assure you, you are wrong!
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Denying it is only making it worse, man. ::)
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Holy shit an actual guy who doesn't want a girlfriend. :O



QuoteAnd then my uncle asked "Is this your girlfriend?"

And Girl X replied "Yes!" ........

OMG what a freak, next time you get out of school just run away from her


Good show, good show:

Me and My Dick, by Starkid Productions. It'll teach you some life lessons, kids. Also, you'll never look at your penis the same way ever again. (this is only Act 1, Part 1. you have to watch the whole thing for the full effect.)

EDIT: Ninja'd.
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Quote from: The Boy Who Cried Wolf on March 08, 2013, 09:08:55 AMOMG what a freak, next time you get out of school just run away from her
But she camps outside school for me!!??! D:

@Kman: NOOOO, I hate her!!
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That's getting really creepy.  O_o  Jompa, just be firm.  Headbutt her if you need to.