First music you learned - doesn't has to be VG music.

Started by SephyrothX, June 26, 2012, 08:33:01 PM

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I started my guitar in this masterpiece:

It helped me a lot in the change of chords.

As for keyboard, i started with this one:

Used to play with some friends, but they all got married and things will never be the same, bla bla bla.
How about you?


Pretty sure I first learned some song out of the Alfred books... you know, the songs where you never use more than one finger at a time to play the piece? Good times.
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Not quite sure what the exact piece was. However, I do have fond memories of staying after school in a practice room with some of our sheets. :J
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I'm not entirely sure. Due to the fact I have been singing for far longer than I have been playing piano, I suppose the first song I "learned" on the piano were the melodies of various songs from the "26 Italian Songs and Arias" book, that way I could practice learning the songs at home.
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The first song I started learning in sixth grade orchestra, when I first started playing the violin, was called "Frog in a Tree", so I guess that's the first song I ever learned.  Not counting the scales and small exercises in our books we used in class.


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I never had the patience for learning the easier songs, maybe that's the reason why I always turn frustrated with the piano.


I think the first song I learned to play properly was Dire, Dire Docks from Super Mario 64. I found a tutorial on YouTube, and watched it several times until I could play it okay-ish. Still one of my favourite songs to play.
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The first song I ever learned how to play was Song of Healing,b. From a Youtube video. This was before I started taking lessons, so don't judge.
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I remember getting super annoyed that I couldn't play the "Gym" from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow music on a crappy keyboard we had the summer from 7th grade to 8th grade. "Victory Road" went a lot smoother.
Also printed off "Kraid" from Metroid. I could play the melody, but not the left hand.
School started, I started playing Alto Saxophone, teaching myself scales and flying through the beginner's book.
In the fall of that year, someone gave us a piano.

Thar she goes. Funny, never sat down and thought about it. That was 7 years ago this summer. Good topic.


On piano, I think it was the twilight princess version of Kakariko Village.

Guitar was We're Going To Be Friends by The White Stripes.

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The first thing I learned on piano was probably the Smoke on the Water intro. For VGM on piano, probably Tetris or Super Mario Bros. - Overworld
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I can't really remember what other tunes I played back then, I can't even remember what I learned on guitar

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For the piano, the Turkish March- sort of. During my first lesson my instructor asked me what songs I WANTED to play, and my mom always wanted my brother to be a pianist so he could play that piece. So we worked on it; it took over a year to really get down, and now it is still a challenge for me to get down perfectly- just one of those things... Well, the first piece I've ever gotten down was the most simplified version of 'Do Re Mi' that still included two hands XD
For VGM, Haunted Merry-Go-Round from Super Mario 64.


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