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TWG XXXIX: Host Sign Ups

Started by Mashi, September 10, 2012, 06:43:15 PM

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so my maths hw was like 'graph e^x+e^-x=3' and i was like 'wth how do i graph a one variable equation on a two variable graph and i cant even solve it omg im so dumb' the end

spitllama's TWG XXXIX: Uprising Madness
5 (25%)
Mashi's TWG XXXIX: omg how do i make a function for josephus' problem
2 (10%)
Bird's TWG XXXIX: I Spy
0 (0%)
FSM-Reapr's TWG XXXIX: Perfect Apples
13 (65%)

Total Members Voted: 20


I think that you should keep trying, it looks like a cool game. Pokemon is just a lot more popular than Kid Icarus.
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Don't worry spit, your game is awesome. I wanna play it. :)


Personally I don't play games for the themes, but rather the actual quality of the game. If the theme is something I enjoy, well then that's a plus.
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Or thw other personcoming in second can remove his vote.


Quote from: spitllama on September 11, 2012, 09:56:35 PMI am questioning whether or not I should keep posting Uprising Madness, or just make a new one. I really like it but it always seems to be 2nd best in terms of popularity.
I really want to play it!


Omg this is a close one guys! :O


Bulbear! Blueflower999


I'll vote for FSM's if he makes a few balancing changes to the game.  I suggested a few earlier.  As it stands, I think the humans will win that game nine times out of ten.


I think I might play this game. Voted for spit's because I find the mechanics more interesting, but I'll be fine with either.

btw, I figured out your math homework, Mashi. You have to put the banana on the toast.

(I'm a nerd and actually solved for x, and you get 0 = ln3. . . fail)
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Okay Vem, I made the wolves ├╝ber. Now I think the game is balanced enough.



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So I am allowed now to open a Sign-Up thread?! Yayayayayayayayayaaaaaay!!!!

Don't worry Spit, I'm sure you will host your game next! :D