TWG XXXIX: Perfect Apples

Started by FSM-Reapr, September 14, 2012, 12:42:23 AM

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XD Yeah but I didnt literally mean 4 hours


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Oh guys, I'm so sorry. I must have fell asleep. Hope you can forgive me. I will post the thing in a second.

God, I so tried not to fall asleep. :(


Team Skull used noxious gas combo!

Vermilionvermin and Bubbles7689 got wolfed.

Chapter 4: Slack Off

-Okay, back to work! Especially you, Team Poképals... Chatot said with an angry look on his face.
So they went, but not to Apple Woods...
-Whose Footprint? Whose Footprint?

Sentry Duty:
It has been said that this Pokémon came from space, because of it's star-shaped silhouette.

Team Skull (The Wolves):

1. Skuntank - Master Wolf
2. Koffing - Brutal Wolf
3. Zubat - Wolf Painter

Wigglytuff's Guild (The Humans):

4. Guildmaster Wigglytuff - Guardian
5. Chatot - Seer
6. Chimecho - Tribute
7. Sunflora - Human
8. Bidoof - Human
9. Diglett - Human
10. Dugtrio - Human
11. Loudred - Human
12. Croagunk - Miller

1. Kman96
2. spitllama
3. Zunawe
4. vermilionvermin
5. blueflower999
6. the_last_sheikah
7. SocialFox
8. K-NiGhT
9. Bubbles7689
10. Spyro
11. shadowkirby
12. Bespinben

It's now Day 2. Day 2 ends on Friday 21st, at 4 PM EST/ 3 PM CST/ 2 PM MST/ 1 PM PST/ 12 AM AST/ etc.


I don't understand. What happened? who was wolfed, and what happened to the other person?? there were two deaths...?
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Quote from: spitllama on September 18, 2012, 04:50:52 PMThe phase was supposed to end 4 hours ago
I thought it was 3 hours in that time? Could you tell me how have I failed in time zones?

Quote from: Kman96 on September 18, 2012, 08:46:20 PMI don't understand. What happened? who was wolfed, and what happened to the other person?? there were two deaths...?
Notice Koffing's ability.


@ FSM- It was 7 minutes till being 4 hrs late. I rounded.

Well this is great -_- I forgot that there can be two wolfings. Kman did you get any important info from seerings?
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For me, the phases should end exactly on midnight, you posted that 2.50 AM.

If you're watching EST, don't think that means EDT, because it's one hour ahead of EST.


Looking for Sentry Duty Answer.



Kman, what were the seering results if the seer told you so.
And the person who used the Identity orb should claim their seering to the thread as you won't be a target otherwise.


Well, I had the identity orb, and kman told me to use it on verm, and FSM won't send me the seering cause verm was killed.
So yeah.
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Okay, corrected the times(I hope). Are they now correct?