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TWG XXXIX: Perfect Apples

Started by FSM-Reapr, September 14, 2012, 12:42:23 AM

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Party Hard!


Still, why did you vote for me?


Because I didn't know who else to vote for and stuff

And I didn't want to keep my vote on the tribute lest we lose him to a horrific and terribly humiliating lynch. If you come to chat I might take it off. teeheeheehee
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I'm on a school computer and stuff and DAMM THE BERUOCRACY!!!!
If I try to go on the Department won't let me on.


Had a chat party, but forgot to keep the log... :'(
Party Hard!


15:09   *** Foxia joined #TWGNSM
    kill da wofs
    Topic set by bird on Mon Sep 17 10:03:13 UTC+1000 2012
15.10  *** Foxia left TWGNSM
Now take your vote off me spit.


Late again, anyone wanna take bets on how late he'll be today?  My money is on at least 2 hours.
You see, we're entertainers. We must keep people smiling. No matter how grim things get, we must always be optimistic!


Ugh, guess I get  phantom then... I just didn't feel like safety on someone like everyone else.
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Quote from: the_last_sheikah on September 21, 2012, 01:35:57 PMLate again, anyone wanna take bets on how late he'll be today?  My money is on at least 2 hours.
Posting again, but just to correct you. The phase ends when your clock says 5:00 PM. In the spring when we set our clocks an hour forward, that changes the time to EDT. EST is after we change the clocks in the fall, which hasnt happened yet. So actually, it ends in 4 minutes


Lol he's still late.

sorry for inactivity. been busy cuz homecoming week.
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on April 28, 2015, 06:48:06 PM
what are you doing stop making nsm a better place by spreading happiness


I'm still late? Could someone tell me how have I failed?

Le post is up in a second.

EDIT: Could someone help me with the time zones, apparently I suck at them. :(
EDIT2: nvm



A KitB happened! SocialFox=1, shadowkirby=2! saaaaaays... 1!

SocialFox got lynched.

Chapter 5: Apples... Need more... Apples...

-Well did you at least get some NORMAL Apples? Chatot asked.
-Umm, no... The Cleffa that came in to the guild today was advertising his and ol' Torkoal's hot spring. So we kinda... -Team Pok├ępals answered to Chatot.

Team Skull (The Wolves):

1. Skuntank - Master Wolf
2. Koffing - Brutal Wolf
3. Zubat - Wolf Painter

Wigglytuff's Guild (The Humans):

4. Guildmaster Wigglytuff - Guardian
5. Chatot - Seer
6. Chimecho - Tribute
7. Sunflora - Human
8. Bidoof - Human
9. Diglett - Human
10. Dugtrio - Human
11. Loudred - Human
12. Croagunk - Miller

1. Kman96
2. spitllama
3. Zunawe
4. vermilionvermin
5. blueflower999 P
6. the_last_sheikah
7. SocialFox
8. K-NiGhT
9. Bubbles7689
10. Spyro
11. shadowkirby
12. Bespinben P

It's now Night 3. Night 3 ends on Saturday 22nd, at 4 PM EST/ 3 PM CST/ 2 PM MST/ 1 PM PST/ 12 AM AST/ etc.


My eyes hurt from reading that, FSM.  :o
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Oh gawd, I JUST noticed that I slept 3 hours until I woke up. (How did I do that?) Sorry, I was so exhausted because of my exams. But now I'm free to give this all my concentration! :D