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BDS's Pokemon Sprite Fusions (Requests when open)

Started by BlackDragonSlayer, October 23, 2012, 02:20:57 PM

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Best Pokemon of Wave 5?



Volcarona and Shadoninja, oh wait that's already done...

Beeheeyem and Togepi. That's epic.


Bulbear! Blueflower999


BTW Metungly was the aswesomest thing I've seen this week so far.


Magnemite+Tympole and Magnezone+Palpitoad as pre-evolution and evolution of tympatron.
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[davy]'s in a way different time zone so basically he pops in at like 2 AM and posts 500 words and wins the game



Quote from: SocialFox on October 29, 2012, 05:14:32 PMYou didn't take the good one of mine.
I'm not skilled at doing human/trainer + Pokemon sprites... Additionally, because of the different anatomies of both of them, I'm not sure how one would go about that...
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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So I wont hijack your topic for your sprites, I made another one for Bidoof :P


If you'll notice, Tyaton has an extra tail; when they evolve, they lose the tail (however, this helps three of them bond together).
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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Quote from: FSM-Reapr on November 04, 2012, 01:50:27 PMI'm kinda disappointed on Togeheyem. :(
I thought there would be much more to work with on Togepi, but there isn't really anything aside from the shell, arms, and legs...
At first, I considered Togepi being the "body," but when I did that, it looked way too cramped.
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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After batch 2 is completed, I'll work on a new project (put the requests on temporarily hold...): trying to create at least 30 NEW Pokemon, with minimum (probably for all except the Tyaton evolution line and the Eeveelutions) usage of already-existing Pokemon pieces.

Takion - Tanksau - Tansuidae - Tank Boar Pokemon
#1: Grass starter.
#2: Grass/Steel starter evo.
#3: Grass/Steel starter evo.
Ability: Overgrow / DW Ability: Shell Armor

Totaa - Gemtoa - Gremilion - Tiki Imp Pokemon
#4: Fire starter.
#5: Fire/Dark starter evo.
#6: Fire/Dark starter evo.
Ability: Blaze / DW Ability: Justified

Bilri - Burrtel - Masfrio - Arctic Wolf Pokemon
#7: Water starter.
#8: Water starter evo.
#9: Water/Ice starter evo.
Ability: Torrent / DW Ability: Ice Body

Birchomp - Corvassine - Carrion Crow Pokemon
#10: Poison/Flying.
#11: Posion/Flying evo.
New Ability: Scavenger; gains 5% of its HP when it faints an enemy / DW Ability: Poison Touch

Barbrab - Tharapick - Spiked Ball Pokemon
#12: Steel
#13: Steel/Ground evo.
New Ability: Shield; has a "shield," half of its HP, that activates at half health. It must be drained before doing any more damage. The shield cannot regenerate during battle, and cannot be Skill Swapped. / DW Ability: Sturdy

Speceon - Draceon - Eeveelutions
#14: Ghost Eeveelution.
#15: Dragon Eeveelution.

Tyaton - Tympatron - Tympantroad - Magnetic Tadpole Pokemon
#16: Water/Electric.
#17: Water/Electric evo.
#18: Water/Electric evo.

Molodint - Triadint - Narwhal Pokemon
#19: Water/Dragon.
#20: Water/Dragon evo.

Nimbomb - Stratobowl - Rambostratus - Storm Cloud Pokemon
#21: Electric.
#22: Electric/Fighting evo.
#23: Electric/Fighting evo.
Ability: Levitate / Second Ability: Lightningrod / DW Ability: Vital Spirit

Spindlewe - Ronjab - Thoxicon - Fighting Millipede Pokemon
#24: Bug
#25: Bug/Fighting evo.
#26: Bug/Fighting evo.
New Ability: Inferno; gains HP when hit by fire-type moves. / New DW Ability: Berserk; when fighting against super-effective types, it gets a stat boost.

Jollos - Bullion - Tykogi - Scholar Trio
#27: Psychic/Grass legendary.
#28: Psychic/Rock legendary.
#29: Psychic/Dragon legendary.
Ability: Pressure

Taloraptor - Frozen Raptor Pokemon
#30: Dark/Ice "Event" Pokemon.
New Ability: Bide Rush; for every opponent it moves after, it's attack is raised one stage. / Signature move: Claw Charge (Dark type-special); if it moves before the opponent, it adds its power to this attack's power.

Zelliontul - Dark Egg Pokemon
#31: Ghost "Event" Pokemon
Ability: Multitype (gives it a second type)
Signature Moves: Feargrip (Ghost-type physical); works like Bind, except with 60 base power and 100% accuracy.
Restrain (Ghost-type status move); lowers the opponent's attack and speed stats by two stages; only works on Dragon-type Pokemon.

Lilblu, Normal-Flying: Baby form of Swablu

Wormbelle, Bug/(Grass, Ground, Steel): Evolution of Wormadam

Almasil, Ghost: Single-staged, Pac-Man-Ghost-esque.

Romawh, Fighting: Single-staged, Maw-esque.

Gilidoyn, Dark: Single-staged, floating-head-esque.

Reincari, Flying: Counterpart to Birchomp.
Piciglori, Grass/Flying: Counterpart to Corvassine; Toucan-esque.

Pincion, Bug/Dark Pokemon
Hexamind, Bug/Dark evolution

Crobuckle, Bug/Rock: evolution of Shuckle.

Betledye, Bug/Dragon
Thoraxun, Bug/Dragon Evo
New Ability: Striker; if this Pokemon's attack hits a Pokemon that just switched in, it does 1.5 times damage.

Backstory for the legendary trio, the "scholar trio": Three ancient scholars learned how to preserve themselves after death in artificial bodies. However, as the years passed in their new bodies, they degraded to unsophisticated semi-Pokemon-like behavior.
In order to capture them, you must go to their respective "tomb" after beating the Elite Four (at which point, you get an orb/tome from the champion), and beat the "phantom" of their human form, which opens the way to their library, where you can catch them.
Jollos was the first to descend into madness, because every plant he planted died shortly after; as a result, he burst a hole in the outer library's roof, turning the area into a maze of hedges (you need Cut and Defog to pass).
Bullion was next: he eventually ran out of books to read, causing him to rip the outer library into a type of twisting cave (you need Strength and Rock Climb).
Tykogi, the leader, was last: without the communication of the other two, he 'lost control', turning the area beneath the library into a vast sink hole, which became flooded (you need Surf and Dive to get through).
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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Quote from: BlackDragonSlayer on October 29, 2012, 12:44:42 PMMagnemite + Tympole = Tyaton (Water/Electric) Requested by davy

Magnezone + Palpitoad = Tympantroad (Water/Electric) Requested by davy

Giratina + Dunsparce = Gitaspar (Ghost/Normal) Requested by Nebbles

Genesect + Crobat = Mechabat (Steel/Flying) Requested by blueflower999

These are super awesome


oh my god I want a Gitaspar they're like little demon ghost snakes gimmie
Quote from: Dudeman on April 13, 2016, 04:54:04 PM
- Nebbles, the beauty with the heart of frozen steel



New Tyaton sprite; over 80% from scratch.

Tharapick; not very close to my original concept, actually! :P

EDIT: The region is called Nornova, and is somewhat northeast of Unova. It's based off the Delmarva Peninsula.

If you pay close attention to the locations, you can easily determine what's what on this non-fancy, unlabeled map.
The area from Draco Cave to the end of route 39 is a mountain; Muerto Path and the area north are valleys with mesas.

Fancy topographical map, done with the almost-exact color scheme of the Hoenn region; this does not accurately represent the climate zones, however.

The evil team is called Saber, both references to the English word "Saber/Sabre" and the Spanish word "Saber." Their leaders are outcast scientists who, like the ancient scholars, seek to live for eternity, conducting their own corrupt form of "science." Their work, although misguided, has also resulted in the creation of Tyaton (which have migrated to several places across Nornova, and become beneficial to the environment, without driving out other Pokemon).

Tentative towns/cities, etc.

Gladiolus Town: starting town
Route 24
Lazuli City:
     Soul Well
     Ghost-type gym, leaders Moriarty & Miller.
Route 25
Waterlily Town:
     Dry Tide Pond
Route 26
Route 27
Fermento City:
     Poison-type gym, leader (name suggestions?)
Route 28
Neverpoint Swamp:
     Still Glade:
          Jollos's tomb
Atlantis City (the city is somewhat based on Baltimore):
     Water-type gym, leader Iz.
Water Route 29

Water Route 30
Rodan Road:
     Starlight City
          Dark-type gym, leader Melody.
               Shadow Shrine (Zelliontul event area)
                    Hall of Evil (event-only area, accessed from Shadow Shrine)
     Route 31
     (name suggestions?) Bridge.
     Muerto Path (branching off of Rodan Road):
          Museum of Science
               Observatory of the Stars
               Genetics Lab
                    Saber Headquarters
          Victory Road (not accessible from Muerto Path):
               Elite Four (not accessible from Muerto Path)
               Longtail Bay (accessible from both Victory Road and Muerto Path)
                    Tykogi's Tomb

Route 32
(name suggestions?) City
     Steel Mill
     Steel-type gym, leader Andrew.
Water Route 33
Dellison Island:
     Dellison Town
          Deep Mines:
               Rock-type gym, leader Robert.
               Cave of Apocalypse (event-only area; you need a key to enter)
                    Core of Ice (Taloraptor Event Area)
Route 34
Draco Cave
Route 35
Ledge Town
     Dragon-type gym, leader (name suggestions?)
Route 36
Route 37
Route 38
     Top-of-the-Mountain City
          Fighting-type gym, leader Siah.
     Hardened Tunnel
          Bullion's Tomb
Route 39
Route 40
     Hermit's Hut
Water Route 41
Route 42 (leads to Victory Road)

Wonder Island
     Mulai Town
          Mulai Circus
               Lionel's Tent
          Old Psychic-type Gym, former leader Barnum (gym is no longer open)
     Battle Frontier
          Battle Tower
          Battle Factory
          Battle Fortress
          Battle Yard
          Battle Yacht
     Offshore Mulai (event-only area for Pulviban)

Areas of Unova
Undella Town
Undella Bay

The Far North
Marcos Town
Mountain Pass of Rock
Mountain Rest Center
Route 43
Water Route 44
Route 45
Muchojo City
     Challenge Arena, "Warrior" ?? (Ice-type)
(proceeding north) Route 46
Devwell Town
Route 47
Mountain Pass of Frost
Route 48
Water Route 40
Seashell Island City
     Challenge Arena, "Warrior" ?? (Water-type)
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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I did them in the classic badge style, because they'd look bad in either the DPPt badge style, or the BW BW2 badges.
The only ones I'll be redoing are the Sail Badge and the Shadow Badge.
The Planet Badge can be used as a magnifying glass, and the Dragonfire badge can be used to melt certain red ice blocks (as seen in the alternate images).

Gyms of Nornova
Lazuli City Gym: Just a simple maze puzzle, similar to the inside of the Soul Well; only one trainer faces you before the leaders.
Team: Sableye, level 10. Ghastly, level 10. Almasil, level 12. Almasil, level 12.
Badge: Twinghost Badge

Fermento City Gym: The inside of the gym emulates a laboratory; you have to move desks to get to the leader.
Team: Birchomp, level 15. Venonat, level 18. Corvassine, level 20 (way underleveled).
Badge: Poisondrop Badge

Atlantis City Gym: Having an almost beach-like feel, the main challenge of the puzzle revolves around a circular area. You have to rotate four rings of sandblocks to get to the next panel, which, upon further adjustment of the rings, allows you to get further, and so on. The area is filled with fog (obscuring trainers), but you can not yet use HM Defog.
Team: Tyaton, level 22. Vaporeon, level 23. Molodint, level 24.
Badge: Sail Badge

Starlight City Gym: Spinning puzzle, almost like the Viridian Gym. However, many of the areas are dark, meaning that you'll have to make a few "educated guesses" as to where to move next.
Team: Gilidoyn, Level 25. Umbreon, level 26. ?? Bug/Dark evo, level 28.
Badge: Shadow Badge

?? City Gym: You have to bring the gym leader down to you (and then walk up a little staircase with trainers on it), by using cranes above to drop empty vats on buttons; if you choose incorrect combinations, you fight trainers.
Team: Barbrab, level 30. Barbrab, level 30. Steelix, level 32. Tharapick, level 34 (underleveled).
Badge: Hammer Badge

Dellison Town Gym: Another maze, involving pushing rocks using HM Strength to block off certain passageways and open up others.
Team: Onix, level 34. Shuckle, level 38. Magcargo, level 38. Crobuckle, level 40.
Badge: Planet Badge

Ledge Town Gym: The gym is a miniature tower, with several layers; the puzzle is merely that you have to defeat a certain number of trainers on each floor, similar to the Opelucid gym, except some have switches under them.
Team: Swablu, level 42. Draceon, level 42. Altaria, level 45. Triadint, level 46.
Badge: Dragonfire Badge

Top-of-the-Mountain City Gym: The platforms you stand on lean to various sides depending on the obstacles on each side (which you have to move around); if you fall off, you can bounce off the trampoline floor and go to another platform (or bounce back to the one you were on, if you did not order the obstacles correctly).
Team: Hitmonchan, level 48. Hitmonlee, level 48. Hitmontop, level 48. Rambostratus, level 50. Thoxicon, level 52.
Badge: Power Badge

Elite Four
Rose (Grass)
Foreign to the Nornova region, she has quickly risen to become one of the Elite Four; although she is the first member, she is in no way inexperienced.
Team: ?? Grass/Flying evo, level 54. Leafeon, level 58. Wormbelle (Grass), level 58. ?? Grass/Flying evo, level 60. Wormbelle (Grass), level 60.

Jacred (Rock)
Former foreman of Deep Mines, ?? was there before a gym was established. Many of his Pokemon are nearly as old as him, helping him in the mines.
Team: Onix, level 58. Tharapick, level 58. Crobuckle, level 60. Crobuckle, level 60. (will fill in when I decide on more rock-types :() level 62.

Cedric (Dragon)
Hoping to one day become champion and defeat Lance, Cedric is patient, but often spiteful. He returns back to his hometown Ledge Town to train once in a while.
Team: Draceon, level 60. Corvassine, level 60. Triadint, level 62. Triadint, level 62. Altaria, level 64.

Barnum (Psychic)
Former circus member and leader of Mulai Gym; when he left, the gym was shut down, and the town sank into obscurity. Almost like an uncle to Lionel.
Team: Almasil, level 62. Kadabra, level 62. Espeon, level 64. Gilidoyn, level 65. Alakazam, level 66.

Champion Lionel
Acrobat and ringleader of Mulai Circus, he was once a wanderer, travelling to Unova and Sinnoh. His Alakazam was a gift from Barnum.
Team: Ambipom, level 64. Mightyena, level 66. Tympantroad, level 66. Romawh, level 68. (super-effective starter- not chosen; unrelated to the story), level 68. Alakazam, level 70.

Barnum: Turned out nearly exactly like how I wanted; the most fun part was totally revamping Chuck's head.

HM 1: Cut (use granted by Poisondrop Badge)
HM 2: Fly (use granted by Dragonfire Badge)
HM 3: Surf (use granted by Sail Badge)
HM 4: Strength (use granted by Hammer Badge)
HM 5: Defog (use granted by Shadow Badge)
HM 6: Dive (use granted by Power Badge)
HM 7: Rend (use granted by Planet Badge; contains the effects of Flash, Whirlpool, and Rock Smash; in-battle has the effect of Tri-Attack, with 50% chance to inflict status)
HM 8: Rock Climb (use granted by Twinghost Badge)
And the moral of the story: Quit while you're a head.

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