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TWG New Account Rules

Started by Bird, April 25, 2013, 08:06:02 PM

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The following accounts have been created for anonymous games:

1. TWG Mario
2. TWG Luigi
3. TWG Bowser
4. TWG Yoshi
5. TWG Waluigi
6. TWG Link
7. TWG Kirby
8. TWG Pikachu
9. TWG Samus
10. TWG Fox
11. TWG DK
12. TWG Falcon
13. TWG Pit
14. TWG Snake
15. TWG Sonic
16. TWG Master Chief
17. TWG Ness
18. TWG Tingle
19. TWG Haruhi Suzumiya
20. [TBD]

This thread will detail how these accounts will be used as well as what rules are associated with them. These will eventually be added to the rules topic, but I feel an announcement like this is necessary for such a radical change.

Once your game wins, you can put up a sign-up topic. At this point, if you want to utilize the special accounts, send Bird a PM specifying which of the 20 accounts you would like to use. You'll get the passwords to those accounts, and you can distribute those passwords to the players whenever you want (either at the beginning for an anonymous game or in the middle if you just want an anonymous phase). You can give players multiple anonymous accounts as well. After the post-game goes up, the passwords of the accounts will be changed, and the users will be locked out.

1. Under no circumstances is a player or host permitted to modify the email address associated with any of the anonymous accounts. This will result in a permanent ban.
2. The anonymous accounts are not permitted to post in any topic besides the game one for which they were distributed.
3. Hosts will be given the passwords to each anonymous account, but they are not allowed to log into those accounts to gather information.
4. Hosts are allowed to change the avatars and signatures of these accounts prior to the game thread going up. If he or she elects to do so, players are disallowed from modifying the accounts or signatures. It is the host's responsibility to return the accounts to normal.
5. Players may change the avatars of each account as long as the avatar is still clearly representative of the account name. They are not permitted to change the signatures.
6. Hosts may place additional restrictions on each of these accounts regarding changes or posting styles, but it is up to him to enforce these rules.

This topic will be stickied for like a week, then the rules will be incorporated into the rules topic. As always, if you have any questions/comments/complaints/suggestions, here is the place to voice them!
(2:19:33 AM) Tutan: i don't know how to twg anymore
(2:19:46 AM) bird: its easy you just yell at someone til they die


So a permanent ban from TWG, or a permanent ban from using the accounts?


(2:19:33 AM) Tutan: i don't know how to twg anymore
(2:19:46 AM) bird: its easy you just yell at someone til they die