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Started by Taser9090, February 14, 2014, 04:43:06 PM

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I've been looking for this lovely certain song for ages, and I learned of a wonderful program called MuseScore (not as friendly as Finale, but it's hella great). Through it, I converted a MIDI file to a full blown sheet.
Of course, it's incredibly glitchy, so only those with good music theory skills can fix it up. I cleaned it up immensely for a piano solo and an optional violin harmony if my sister would like to play, but is still clearly unfinished.

I need help with some nasty messes or any other things that look wrong (I'm still working on rhythm notation). It'll be evident where they are in the sheet. Just any tips to keep the melody intact while actually being physically able to play and clearly read.

Oh, I'm not sure if I'm able to state what the title of the song is, considering that's the reason there's no damn sheet music for it anywhere outside Japan.
The measures in need are:
25, 36-37, 63-72, 89-92

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Can you give me your MuseScore username so that I can see your music and play around with it?