Need a music layout/edit that your Finale product can't handle? Ask here!

Started by ZeldaFan, June 02, 2008, 02:59:32 PM

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Quote from: Sapphire on November 14, 2021, 03:05:58 PMI arranged a song in MuseScore 3, and exported it as a MusicXML file. But when I opened it in Finale Notepad, all the formatting was gone. How can I get around this?

Hey there welcome!  Did you check out this guide on MuseScore to Finale conversion? Formatting in MuseScore & Exporting to Finale

If you're still having issues though, link your .musicxml file with dropbox or something and I can make the proper conversion


The program worked properly except the link was not added at the bottom and it has the "Pno." on it

sorry for my noobness


All good no worries!

Some bigger to note in addition to the formatting

-I fixed the measure distribution so that it looked a bit more organized
-The standard on NSM is to do 4/4 instead of the Common time abbreviation for time signature
-In addition to that though, this sounds like it is in 6/4, and I have changed it to that as a result.
-For this song, the LH will better written as another treble clef, so that has been changed 

-The LH chords are lacking a bit in detail; I kinda got you started with replacing some of the notes but for the sake of time tonight, I have really only addressed the first two measures of the loop.  If possible, give the next few measures a listen and see if you can start getting some of those pitches.  Essentially, really try to listen to those piano notes playing in the original for the different notes in the chord.  For example, the first chord I hear in the piano part is a C natural on top, with an A natural in the middle, and an F natural on the bottom.  I'd recommend downloading the song and slowing it down in Audacity for better clarity, but if you want to just do that from YouTube that is also fine.

-This is a short loop, and for that reason I don't think it needs to have two separate endings as a means to hit all the parts.  As such, I have removed the two separate endings and put the first four bars, followed by the first three bars and then what was originally the 2nd ending.  The last measure does have a repeat that loops it back to the beginning, which seems to be more accurate to the song then having a fine.  I will eat my shoe others don't agree with this

In the meantime, here is your file with the above changes.  It should be editable in Finale Notepad, which works okay enough with adding notes like I described, but let me know how I can help! 


Thanks a lot for your time (again)!

I had a hard time distinguishing what the LH chords were in the song because they were quiet, and yeah, I'm pretty inexperienced in distinguishing notes from each other, as this was like my second time arranging something from a video game.


Quote from: Kricketune54 on November 14, 2021, 05:14:35 PM-The standard on NSM is to do 4/4 instead of the Common time abbreviation for time signature
I don't think 4/4 is necessarily required, it's just preferred if there happen to be time signature changes so that "C" doesn't look out of place with other "x/4" time signatures. Likewise, using the cut C instead of 2/2 for cut time is also okay.