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UPDATE (11/20/15) - Featured Arranger: WandringMinstrel

Started by Bespinben, November 20, 2015, 05:50:31 AM

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Surprise surprise! The entire soundtrack of Shin Onigashima now at your fingertips and keyboard, provided to you by the talented WandringMinstrel! Perhaps even YOU might win the NSM lottery next time, who knows?

[NES] Shin Onigashima
"Title BGM"
"First Chapter: At Home"
"First Chapter: Road Through The Mountain"
"Second Chapter: At Home"
"Second Chapter: Story of the Dragon"
"Second Chapter: At Home (Night)"
"Third Chapter: Morning"
"Third Chapter: Oni Fortress"
"Third Chapter: Inside The Fortress"
"Fourth Chapter: Neighboring Village"
"Fourth Chapter: Lake"
"Fourth Chapter: Lord Hinoe"
"Fifth Chapter: Castle Ruins"
"Sixth Chapter: Forest"
"Sixth Chapter: Forest of Opportunity"
"Sixth Chapter: Sparrow's House"
"Seventh Chapter: Shinohara"
"Seventh Chapter: Cave"
"Seventh Chapter: Ohana"
"Eighth Chapter: Giant Dragon"
"Ninth Chaper: Final Scene"
Quote from: Nebbles on July 04, 2015, 12:05:12 PM
Someone beat Bespinben to making PMD music?! GASP!

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Quote from: Dudeman on August 16, 2016, 06:11:42 AM
tfw you get schooled in English grammar by a guy whose first language is not English

10/10 tobbeh


Quote from: Bespinben on November 20, 2015, 05:50:31 AMPerhaps even YOU might win the NSM lottery next time, who knows?
How do you enter??

Good Job, WandringMinstrel!


Quote from: mariolegofan on November 20, 2015, 07:15:20 AMHow do you enter??
Submit sheets, I'd assume. Then again, I'm not the one to ask ;).

Nice work WM!
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Proud to be featured on the site, especially being so new to things around here!
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Nice job WanderingMinstrel! Doing an entire OST is no small feat!


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Props to anyone capable of doing so much without going batshit.
*looks at Bespin's entire output*
Well, I'm just gonna use the door, if you don't mind...
what is shitpost


Gratz on the feature!

and... you know... having the patience to do a whole soundtrack (along with everyone else that has already done so)