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Author Topic: dajwxp - the ol' electronic music collection.  (Read 581 times)


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dajwxp - the ol' electronic music collection.
« on: June 24, 2016, 03:02:54 PM »

the ol' electronic music collection.

There was a point of time when I thought that Classical music was stupid, electronic music was really cool, and practicing piano was the worst thing ever. So I spent quite a bit of time and energy doing electronic tracks. I messed around for most of 2013, did one digital album release at the end of the year around the time I joined NSM, messed around with it for two more years, releasing two albums in the process, before I decided to focus on school. It was also when I backed off from the electro-music-generating-machine that I realised how awesome arranging was, and how a passion for composition was the reason why I even bothered to venture into electronic music.

Anyway, chances are I won't be doing any new tracks at least until 06/11/17 (I'll be discharged from the military on that golden date, whoopee). Too much commitment is required, and I kinda want to arrange Pokemon tracks more than anything now. But hey, here's what I used to make, and maybe if things work out I'll go make some more stuff ^^

Free downloads by the way!

Simplicity (2013)
8 tracks, ~40 mins playtime

The GarageBand album where all the crazy shite started.
I told myself one day that I'd release an album by the end of the year, without any fancy gear and equipment.
What you see on the album cover is literally the setup I used to arrange and mix everything.
Except, you know, I did it in more comfortable places.

The tracks are mostly chirpy and light-hearted; mostly no textural layers were used, and the sounds are pretty raw.
It's a pretty simple album.

*note: in this album preview i edited the tracks such that they could be played continuously. that involved changing the key and bpm of some of them. just a heads-up.

BANDCAMP LINK (click below):

The Introvert's Universe (2014)
4 tracks + 1 instrumental reduction, ~27 mins playtime

The best evidence anyone has that school drove me crazy for some time.
It's an emo album. It also comes with a 7000-word document of album notes in case you're interested.
Some bits of the concept have left me, but this album's still pretty close to my heart.

All the tracks in this album belong in the ambient genre - they are dark, haunting, and sombre.
Made for quiet listening. Especially the last track.

Oh yes, there's a piano arrangement of the Alone and Unjudged included in the album download.


BANDCAMP LINK (click below):

Stuff You Don't Leave Behind (2015)
9 tracks, ~65 mins playtime

It begins with dubstep cows and ends with a raw piano solo recording. Yep.
After I got better acquainted with the art of electronic music and familiarised with my software, I decided to revamp some of the old tracks I had.
Because they had good, but unrefined ideas.

The Rainy Nights tracks were the biggest labour of love in this album.
In the Simplicity album, it was the track that contained the best ideas I ever had,
so I took apart all the ideas, developed on them individually, and formed three movements with them.
The first one is a downtempo-cinematic track, the second movement is orchestral and similar to the original, and the last is the most aggressive DnB track I've pulled off, ever.

BANDCAMP LINK (click below):


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Re: dajwxp - the ol' electronic music collection.
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2016, 07:57:24 PM »

I thought I was the only one who liked cows a lot XD That one's definitely my favourite :) I look forward to the 2016 edition!
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