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607's Performances using Sheet Music from ninsheetmusic

Started by 607, August 18, 2016, 02:19:22 AM

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Hi, it's me again!

I don't think I ever shared my performances at this forum before, and I just refound this section. Playing sheet music from this site and actually having them featured somewhere? Hm, seems cool. I guess I'll look through my uploads and see which videos were of sheets on this site (lately I've been playing music by ear or transcribing it myself, but there are some earlier recorded ones using sheet music from here)
When I first started recording, for some reason I filmed my entire self and a bit of the room instead of only the piano. Oh well, not too big of a problem, I think, you can still see what I'm playing anyway.
I'm not sure if all of these are usable, but some might be. After all, I never recorded these to be featured anywhere else than my own YouTube channel, but I definitely wouldn't mind them getting used somewhere. This does mean I occasionally made some changes diverting from the sheets, though, but judge for yourself.

K.K. Aria (Aircheck) - Animal Crossing - The Deku Trombonist:
Room Before Boss - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - Olimar12345:
File Select - Super Mario 64 - The Deku Trombonist:*
Map Screen (Daytime) - Wario Land 3 - Cryo:
The Frigid Sea - Wario Land 3 - Cryo:
Bouncy Wario - Wario Land II - Arqivus:
Story Music Box - Super Mario World 2:** Yoshi's Island - Olimar12345:

*This video is quite goofy and probably unusable, but I'd like to share it anyway :P
**The audio for this video seems to get slightly out of sync with the video as it goes on.

As I said, I'm not sure if many if any of these will be usable as I didn't record them with the purpose of being used and such they might be a bit unorthodox, but oh well, else I've just shared them for fun, in a slightly inappropriate section! ;)


Thanks so much for playing my arrangements! That story music box video was godly! Great job!
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