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Author Topic: TOTAL REFILL - by Eric Fitts  (Read 1140 times)


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TOTAL REFILL - by Eric Fitts
« on: October 27, 2016, 11:45:52 AM »


It was just like every evening for me. I sat at my desk, working on a project. I had just finished eating a ham and cheese sandwich, and was feeling parched, so I grabbed my water bottle to take a swig of that life giving liquid we all depend upon, wahen much to my dismay, I noticed it had run dry! This was an affront to my esophagus I simply could not let stand, so with a simple "brb", I closed the lid of my faithful computing device, took my key in hand, and my bottle in the other, and walked to the door that served as both entrance and exit to my living quarters, when I realized with an object in each of my hands, I could not open the one thing standing between myself and the hallway! With some incredibly quick thinking, I deposited my key into my pocket and turned the knob- the knob to water, and moreso, freedom!



As I stepped foot into the hallway, I realized I had forgotten a cap to cover the opening of my beverage container! With even quicker thinking than I had used to place my key in my pocket, I stopped my door before it closed all the way! I dashed at the speed of a tired college student towards my desk, where I knew the cap lay, and placed it onto the opening of the plastic container. I then returned to the outside of my dormitory room, and began walking past several doors on the way to the water fountain. I was almost there, when one of the doors opened and a mysterious man stepped out into the hallway, but a few feet away from myself!



This man who had appeared was a fellow who was unbeknownst to me, but appeared to be just as exhausted and ready for the sweet embrace of a good night's rest - or death, it really is hard to tell with college students. As we walked by each other, him towards the bathroom door, and I to the fountain, we each uttered a single word to each other - first myself, with "Hey," and then him, replying with the classic "Sup." The exchange was over just as quickly as it had begun, and we each continued towards our expected destinations. A few seconds later, I was finally there - the fountain of water!


I had finally done it - I had reached the destination I had been working towards for an entire minute! I removed the stopper from the top of my mass-produced recyclable canteen, angled it near the spout that I knew would dispense the drink I had been seeking, and pressed the button to let the plumbing do its job and begin the pressurized flow of water. within seconds, my bottle was completely filled, and my task was complete. I fastened the lid on one last time, in order to prevent spilling on my return to my dorm, and walked slowly back to my room. Almost ninety seconds had passed since I stood up from my computer. I wondered- had my friend messaged me back yet? Has my Steam game finished updating? But, these were all secondary to my final obstacle - the door. The same door I had to pass through when I left my room, the same door I had to pass through twice more when I forgot my cap and left again. I placed the bottle under my arm, took the key from my pocket, and unlocked the door. I opened it, and stepped into my room, but before I closed my door, I made sure to turn the key one last time to secure the door. At long last, my journey was complete. I sat down at my desk, uncapped my bottle, and took that large swig that had sent me on this epic quest- but it was not until it was too late, that I had realized half of my supply had been depleted. Regret instantly washed over me. Oh, how simple it would have been to simply drink directly from the fountain while I still had the chance. With a tone of defeat, I spoke two words before returning to my screen: "Oh well."

I like food.

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