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Author Topic: Story 4: Another Regular Day in the World of NSM.  (Read 16653 times)

Concerto No.20 in D minor

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Story 4: Another Regular Day in the World of NSM.
« on: February 28, 2008, 08:13:38 PM »

Another Regular Day in the World of NSM.

     "No, no, NO!  Get away from me!"  I was running, running away from nothing; but I still feared it.  It was a starless night and darkness covered the vast stretch of farmland.  With no idea of where I was or what I was running from, the only logical thing to do was to keep on running. 

     It seemed though as if I was going no where, even though I was heading towards Somewhere.  I knew instinctively where Somewhere was, but in this ocean of wheat, confusion was everywhere to be found.  I had to stop, I could no longer run even though I felt no fatigue, I knew if I were to keep going like this I would get nowhere.  "How long have I been running?" 

     For the first time, I looked at myself.  I was covered in sweat, in fact, I was almost soaked in sweat; and the clouds of dirt that I had stirred up had clung to my body making me extremely filthy.  I sweat, but I did not feel tired.  In fact, I felt well rested. 

     "Bearings, I need to gather my bearings."  But how was I to do that?  The wheat around me was at least 6 feet high, and I could see no source of light to follow.  It was bright though, as bright as full moon lit night; but there was no moon.  "What is this place?" 

     Suddenly my legs locked and I could not move, I couldn't even scream as my body fell face first, into the hard dusty ground.  I couldn't see anything except for the dark blood that was flowing freely from my nose.  I tried to roll over; and with an extreme amount of effort, was able to face up towards the sky once again.  Only I wish I hadn't, because then all sound became muffled and a deep cold set in.  Something was moving around in the wheat, Something was coming towards me.  I had to get away, I had to move NOW.  Once again I tried with all my might to roll over, and after a few seconds I was able to do so, again and again until I wasn't in control of my movement anymore, I was rolling freely through the field relieved that I was away from Something once again. 

     As soon as that relief came, it had vanished.  The field had come to an abrupt halt, and I had been thrown off into a great lake.  With a great splash, I went into the lake, still not able to move I sank slowly down into the depths.  The water was uncomfortably hot, and I felt as though I was being suffocated.  I kept falling deeper into the water unable to hold my breath any longer.  I could still make out the ripples that I had created go around the lake. The weight of the water was crushing my body and I knew this was it.  The blood from my nose was now clouding my vision.  Involuntarily, I took a deep breath; but it wasn't of water, it was from air. 

     I was again in complete darkness, no longer in water, but in some sort of sheet.  I fought my way out of the blanket to find myself on my bedroom floor.  Dawn was breaking and my open window welcomed a cool breeze into my room.  I got up, covered in a cold sweat and trying to stand up straight; I made my way over to my window and closed it shut.  "It was all a dream?" 

     I looked at my bed.  It was more than untidy, some of the white sheets were ripped, and there was blood on the floor.  I walked over towards the blood and was surprised to find that blood still dripped onto the sheets from myself.  I quickly felt my nose and brought back my hand to find it covered in blood.  I ran to the bathroom and put my head over the sink. 

     Blood dripped into the sink, creating patterns and shapes that slowly faded away as they went down the drain.  After I had stopped bleeding, I washed my face and cleaned up the sink.  I still couldn't shake off that feeling of fear.  The dream had been so real.  After truly knowing that I was awake, and this wasn't just another cruel part of a dream, I took a cold shower and got ready for the morning. 

     I made my way downstairs in clean clothing and made myself some toast.  After washing my plate, I went outside to get the newspaper.  I waved at the_grimace who was mowing his lawn and went back inside.  I tossed the newspaper on the table, not even wanting to read it anymore.  "What WAS I running from?"  I had no time to ponder the question however, as suddenly……. 
Concerto No.20 in D minor

...suddenly a vicious white monster came out and ate me and shot itself in the head!...luckily, I was...

(Resident Awesome 4 reference)
Elite Guardian

able to escape out of the secret door in the monster's back. Then

...I decided to jump into the pond, which I soon realized was actually a portal to the Fountain of Dreams! When I emerged, I saw a huge battle consisting of...
Elite Guardian

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby, and Kirby, but then the battle was interrupted

...yet ANOTHER Kirby! Then I looked down at the ground and saw
Elite Guardian

Yoshi! But when I went down to greet was KIRBY in a Yoshi hat! Kirby ate Yoshi! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

But then......

...I saw YET ANOTHER Kirby! The monotony continued to ridiculous proportions until...
Elite Guardian

One GIANT KIRBY ate them all....

All that was left was......

...more than one sentence additions!  The giant Kirby, after eating its full walked off...and fell off the stage.  "Amazing."  I looked around and saw that I was on a floating platform, that seemed to be floating in space.  The floor was like a mirror, its image distorted by a thin layer of flowing water coming from a fountain in the center of the stage.  "Where is this water coming from?"  The water running over my now soaked slippers was slightly cold.  I took my slippers off and slowly made my way over to the fountain.  It was of the most finely crafted marble, the water, almost like liquid silver flowed from its many faucets.  A sudden urge took over me and I cupped my hands and thrust them into the water and brought it back to my lips.  I took a sip and immediately I fell down to the ground coughing.  "W-what is th-this?!"  I slowly got back up while clutching my stomach and examined the liquid inside the basin of the fountain and soon I realized that it was..... (NOT UNICORN BLOOD)
Concerto No.20 in D minor

it was.......corn juice...........but anyway, walking around this floating island seemed boring since it was only a fountain. Going near the edge, I looked down and saw was a..........

GIANT CLOVE OF GARLIC!  I immediately jumped down to it when

I noticed something around it....I looked like a mouth with teeth. Oh no! It's a trap! I had to think fast, so I decided to pull out my _____ to escape........then I landed on a.....
Lildigipoke2 clawshot to escape....then I landed on a bot! "They took my squeezing arm! WHY MY SQUEEZING ARM?!? WHHHYYYYY?"
"Zeta!" I said, surprised, "what are you doing here?"
"Don't look at me, I thought YOU were responsible for that." she replied.
"Well, I wasn't. But I’m escaping right now, so I have to go." I said.
Then, all of a sudden, the giant teeth bit Zeta!1!1!! But since she's immortal she just took 1353 damage from the giant teeth.
I didn't have time to save zeta, but I did have time to attack her with karterfreak (who never talks in the chat room). Unfortunately, she was immune to it. So I...

decided to put karterfreak in the engine of the giant airship I found lying on the ground to power it!  I flew up into the sky with it, when suddenly a giant ________ flew out of nowhere

piece of paper flew out of nowhere! It blocked the ship's view and I had no idea where I was going. *Boom!* The ship crashed but I luckily got out with a _______

The ship crashed but I luckily got out with a wrench, should any demented puppies come near. Suddenly, something from the plane wreckage caught my eye! It was a...
Elite Guardian

lash back.  Zombies-bots were coming at me from every angle.  I had no where to run, no place to hide, I was completely surrounded!  Suddenly I heard the_grimaces war cry!
Concerto No.20 in D minor

Yet to my surprise out ran Zeta!  She smacked me in the head and yelled "NO MORE FLASHBACKS!"
After waking back up from the random flashback of completely random worthlessness I...
Gamer 4250

decided I need to add to the story, so went and bought some donuts. They were very delicious!  As I left the donut store I noticed a gigantic object looming over me!  It...

was Meta Knight's ship with Peach and Zelda driving it! "What are you doing?"

"Oh...we stole it from Meta Knight.  " said Peach.

"I was the distracter if you know what I mean....." said Zelda proudly.

"Ok then....." I said in disgust.

I decided to leave them alone until something pulled me back! It was a.........

Zelda.  She pulled on my collar and lifted me a few inches off the ground.  "Don't look at me that way!"  "L-l-ike what?" I said, exasperated, struggling to get out of her grip.  "Oh, you know!  You thought that I distracted him one way, when all I did was play a game of UNO you pervert!"  Zelda then tossed me off the ship, but luckily I landed on my donuts.  "MY DONUTS!!!"
Concerto No.20 in D minor

Getting off the donuts, I decided to go to the fountain to rinse off the glaze. For some strange reason, I saw ______ in the fountain.....

Thinking that it was strange that I saw nothing in the fountain, I poked around and decided that it'd be best to finish up and go home.  I walked home..soaking wet, but as I opened my door the_grimace flew at me with a knife in his mouth and an insane look in his eye.  *SMACK*  We both hit the ground hard, and to my horror the_grimace raised his knife and stabbed me in the stomach.  "BEEP!" yelled the_grimace.  He raised his knife again and stabbed me again and again.  "BEEP!  *stab* BEEP! *stab* BEEP! *stab* BEEP! *stab* BEEP! *stab* BEEP! *stab* HOW DO YOU *stab* LIKE IT NOW? *stab* I DON'T THINK *stab* YOUR GOING TO BE *stab* LOGGING IN AGAIN! *stab* *stab* *stab* MWAHAHAHAHA!"  He stood up, and looked at the damage.  I was lying there bleeding like, like, like...I had gotten stabbed in the chest 20 times.  "I can't...I can't move my body.  I can't breath!  I..I.I don't want too, no, I can't....I can't loose!" I thought to myself.  the_grimace started to walk away, his giant knife hanging over his shoulder, when suddenly an enormous amount of spirit energy emanated from myself.  "What...what is this reastiu?!"  staggered the_grimace.  I slowly got to my feet and my wounds started to heal as the massive amount of spirit energy enveloped me.  "I'm not yet.  I won't loose to you, so lets finish this fight!" I yelled.  I reached for my sword...but it wasn't in its sheath...and I wasn't even wearing my sheath!  "Uh...hold on a second, ok?"  I ran inside my house, grabbed my Zanpakutō and ran back outside.  "Okay, NOW I'm ready!" (Bleach reference)
Concerto No.20 in D minor

The fight was furious! Like when Luke faced Darth Vader in Star Wars, except much more intense. The_Grimace flew the knife toward me, but I quickly got away. He kept on going....I think I knew what direction this fight was heading.......Since the knife was so heavy, I made my move. My sword stabbed The_Grimace. Bright lights filled the room and suddenly I felt sand and I heard the ocean....."Isn't this the beginning of Kingdom Hearts?" Sora punched me in the face. "Yeah it is, now get out!"
I was knocked out...I was now back in my house. The_Grimace was gone, but I'm sure it wasn't over yet. Nothing happened for the next few hours, so I decided to take a shower and go to sleep. Next morning, I woke up hearing a familiar voice. It was.......

Link! Yelling these weird yells just like always. I walked up to him and said, “Why can't you ever say something normal? Is it that hard for you?" He looked at me strangely, all of the sudden pulling his master sword out of his sheathe, with a bomb in hand, running towards me, still yelling! But as I pulled my sword out...........

Stabbed Link right in the chest! Link fell with a big *thump*! Staring at the dead body, i looked down and said, "he should've said something normal."

I just realized that the bomb was about the explode! I jumped out the window and fell on.....

a stick! But it wasn't just any stick, it was the most ancient stick of all. Then all of the sudden, a giant guardian of the stick came upon me, picked me up, and threw me into his mouth. It was dark in there. Wait, he was about to digest me. Just when all hope was lost...

there was a random door that leads outside the guardian....I opened it and exited the guardian's stomach. "That was too easy..."

Except the guardian stopped me leaving, so he starting chasing me! After a few hours of running away, I decided to get it over with....I took out my sword and stabbed it right through collapsed with a big *BOOM!* I felt the ground shake.....then i randomly found a.....

an arrow. It was one of Link's!! He was shooting at me! Darn, i thought, he must've had a fairy. I ran away, but he kept shooting me until.....

I met the half naked guy in songguy's picture.  "PUT A SHIRT ON!" jeeze.  But just then, the shirtless guy drew out his Zanpakto, and I the same.  "WTH, your no shinigami!"  (only post if you know about bleach)
Concerto No.20 in D minor

However Link wouldn't stop shooting..."I thought I killed him yesterday? Oh well"

I stabbed lildigipoke2 in the heart, because he randomly appeared next to me via portal.  "I TOLD YOU NOT TO REPLY IF YOU DIDN'T DO IT ABOUT BLEACH!!!"  Then I took Links bow and broke it in half over my knee, and he ran off and cried.  "Now then, back to where we were at..." I said to the half naked man in front of me.
Concerto No.20 in D minor

all of the sudden, the half naked man said "why did you kill lildigipoke2? He was just passing by, and you had to stab him. Just pitiful." by then i out of nowhere found myself hanging by my shirt above a portal of some sort. i was being held by the half naked man! "hey, what are you gonna do, drop me?" i asked. "i wasn't going to, but good idea" he said, then, he dropped me into the portal that led to...

lildigipokes refrigerator (deceased).  I toppled out with the mustard and milk and quickly turned back, but the last thing I saw of that man through the rapidly closing portal, was his evil grin.  "I'll kill you one day..." I thought out loud.  I then got up off the condiment covered floor and looked for an exit.  I saw lildigipokes front door and made my way out.  "Whoa, I didn't know that he lived in the western district...." I said with awe.  I looked out before me and saw vast...
Concerto No.20 in D minor

amounts of bacon! I was feeling hungry anyway.....Then Lildigipoke2 came to me out of nowhere and said....this is New Jersey....he slapped me.....then walked away........"Okay then..." I didn't want to kill him again, so I decided to be on my way......I suddenly walked up to a.....

a tree.  Tired I fell to the ground leaning my aching back against the tree trunk.  "I need to find my way home soon, before it gets dark, or else I'm going to have to sleep Bacon Land." I thought to myself, and the thought disgusted me so I got up and walked on.  After a few hours of walking on a straight road that was in between huge fields of bacon, I came to a sign "You are now leaving New Jersey.  If you wish to stay, please do so, JUST DON'T EAT THE BACON."  "Like I'd ever stay OR eat the bacon" I said outloud as I walked past the old sign.  As soon as I did though, everything changed the sky went white and so did the ground.  I was in a completely white room and I was also in a straight jacket.  I screamed out loud but I no one seemed to hear me, then I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed....."Are you sure he's okay?" asked one of the doctors to the guard.  "Him?  He's never okay, but lets just say he's in a good mood today."  "But shouldn't we do someth-"  "Kid, you ain't been here long 'ave you?" the guard asked.  "Concerto has been in that cell for ages, heck I'd reckon it to be 12 years to the day!  He's always screaming like that, sometimes he tells crazy stories in his sleep.  It always gives us guards here a good laugh or two, but don't you be worried about it, you can just go along, I've got it all under control........"  Suddenly I woke up, cold sweat all over my face, I was shaking and the window was open just a bit.  I got out of bed and walked downstairs to make breakfast.  Little did I know that the_grimace was staring at me from my kitchen window, blood all over his face, a knife in his teeth and a look of grim satisfaction.

Concerto No.20 in D minor
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