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Nine Lives' Arrangements

Started by NineLives, March 21, 2018, 05:51:46 PM

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Thought we could use another board theme on the site.

Mario Party 2
"Western Land" | Files


Thought I might do another DuckTales 2 sheet. I believe this piece is my favorite of that particular game. Enjoy!

DuckTales 2
"Egypt" | Page


Bejeweled was one of the first few series to popularize the tile-matching puzzle genre. My first introduction to the series was its first sequel, Bejeweled 2. I'll admit that I haven't played another title in the series since that one, mostly because I felt I got the gist of it and I didn't think there'd be much of a difference between titles. Either way, this game alone made an impression on me in my early years, especially with its stellar music and sound design. In honor of the series' 21st aniversary, I arranged the second game's main theme. Enjoy!

Bejeweled 2
"Main Theme" | PDF | MIDI | Source


Thought I'd try my hand at another Game Boy title. This one's extra spooky.

Kid Dracula
"Go! Go! at the Castle" | Files

Quote from: NineLives on March 18, 2022, 02:49:09 PMThought I'd try my hand at another Game Boy title. This one's extra spooky.

Kid Dracula
"Go! Go! at the Castle" | PDF | MIDI | Source

Sick sheet, glad to see you doing this one! But I thought I should mention: Kid Dracula was originally released on the Famicom in 1990, you can read about it here. You won't need to use the original Japanese title, since the game was localized for the recent Castlevania Anniversary Collection. All you have to do is change the console tag and release year, and you'll be set.

Also, this song is an upbeat rendition of "Beginning" from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, but that's a little too trivial, perhaps.
Check out my Youtube channel for remixes and original music!'s Remixes

Also check out my piano arrangements here on my PA thread!'s Arrangements


I had a piece from Silent Hill 2 arranged recently. Not sure what to say about it that'd make it sound exciting, so... enjoy!

Silent Hill 2
"UFO Ending" | Files


While looking around the 3DS store for some virtual console games, I ran across this little puzzle spin-off. I didn't think it'd be as much fun as it was, but I got a bit hooked and the bouncy remixes of some of the most iconic music in the franchise had me tapping my foot quite a bit. I think this one might be my favorite from the game so far:

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge
"Cherrygrove City & Mahogany Town" | Files


I started using Foobar2000 and with that, I had the idea to arrange a SNES song to see if it'd help out. I was gonna do a way different one than this one, but it turns out they used .minisnsf files for that game's soundtrack. Oh well! Here's this instead:

Mario Paint
"Flyswatter ~ Level 1" | PDF | MIDI | Source


Here's a couple of swell tunes from a couple of swell second sequels:

Sonic the Hedgehog 3
"Carnival Night Zone Act 1" | PDF | MIDI | Source
Wario Land 3
"Colossal Hole, Cave of Flames" | Files


Nothing wrong with a couple more SNES tracks, right? These two are both from the swell year of 1993!

"The High Life" | PDF | MIDI | Source
Star Fox
"Sector Y" | Files


I think it's safe to say that Sonic the Hedgehog 3 has my favorite soundtrack in the whole franchise. As such, it also has my favorite Sonic theme of all time. I'm glad that I got the time to arrange it!

Sonic the Hedgehog 3
"Special Stage" | Files


Once again, I find another nice couple of tracks from this spectacular rail shooter. I thought it to be most appropriate to put them together in a short medley. Since they both play in sequence in-game, it made the most sense, and I get to make up a title for it!  ;D

Star Fox
"Closing Medley" | Files


I've been trying to do more tap and stomp stuff and this next one I did just happens to be another Wario-related one!

Wario World
"Outside Horror Manor" | Files


Not sure why, but I had the motivation to arrange all of the tracks from ToeJam & Earl. There's only two more to go after these. The only one I won't do is the "Elevator Beats" one since, well, there's only drums.

ToeJam & Earl
"Funkotronic Beat" | PDF | MIDI | Source
"Rapmaster Rocket Racket" | Page


I got to playing this game online with a friend and I think it holds up pretty well gameplay-wise. In addition, I've been needing a wintery arrangement for the upcoming season, so... I got something more out of it too!

Ice Hockey
"Music from Ice Hockey" | Files