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Home-Made Compositions / Re: Dekkadeci's Compositions
« on: July 19, 2022, 08:11:23 PM »
Back to my more typical high-strung Classical-Romantic style - here's my latest piece, Sonata-Allegro in C Sharp Minor ("Three Keys to Perdition")!

Home-Made Compositions / Re: Dekkadeci's Compositions
« on: July 14, 2022, 05:02:24 AM »
The first jazz solo piano piece I've composed in a's Call to All Dancers!

Count me in as a participant!

Home-Made Compositions / Re: Dekkadeci's Compositions
« on: July 01, 2022, 07:39:21 PM »
Here's my newest piece: Scherzo Intruso! Beware: this contains some particularly intrusive and out-of-place notes....

Hey neat, my second ever F-Zero piano transcription!

My transcription of "Illusion" from F-Zero: GP Legend

F-Zero: GP Legend
I still ended up simplifying the right-hand part of Bars 54-61 and pretty much any measure with 32nd notes in Beats 4-4.5 only, omitting some high notes, moving some accompaniment notes around octave-wise to make them easier to play, and adding some other notes that correspond to drum beats.

Note that the only differences music-wise between Bars 10-17 and Bars 54-61 in the original are the presence of a high part and the (slightly different) drumming in the later passage - thus Bars 1-17 being for the left hand only. (Bars 1-19 always somehow have no really low notes in the original, anyway.)

Arrangement Contests / Re: Arrangement Contest No. 10 - Brainstorming
« on: June 23, 2022, 05:43:55 PM »
Honestly, I'd support stripping the "Latin" from "Arrange a track in a Latin or Latin Jazz musical style" and just ask for a jazz arrangement! There are tons of jazz sub-genres, ranging from slower and relaxing to lightning-fast and hard-swinging to even more avant-garde ones.

On a related note, we could ask for a two-genre mashup, rather like "Pokey Means Business" and the fairly sharp contrast between its more Baroque/typical 8-bit introduction and its heavy metal looped portion...and both sections' use of some of the same musical material.

Home-Made Compositions / Re: Dekkadeci's Compositions
« on: June 22, 2022, 01:31:27 AM »
Decided to compose a more typically classical music-style sonata-allegro this time, including the classical era's occasional tendency to start the recapitulation of its sonata-allegros in the subdominant key instead of the home key - here's my latest piece, Sonata-Allegro in G Major ("Subdominant")!

In general, you can use arpeggios at otherwise impossible held intervals. Arpeggios are assumed to go up by default. If you're not using pedal, though, you might be safer off using grace notes for the lower notes of the impossible "held" intervals and keep regular notes for the higher notes.

9 says that "Holy Land" is by Luna Umegaki only. Should shorten those composers' credits by quite a lot.

This is my first transcription of a song with lyrics!

My transcription of "Fight the Knight" from Sonic and the Black Knight

Sonic and the Black Knight
I simplified all the glissandos in the original to 16th-note runs because I found those glissandos pretty hard to play and pretty unconvincing at the piano. I also skipped some accompaniment notes (generally ones more noticeable in the all-instrumental "strings" version of this boss theme than in this version with lyrics) and added some notes corresponding to drum beats. Accompaniment notes may have had their octave positions adjusted.

I'd appreciate help for this one, too.

My transcription of "MECHA BEE DESTROYER BLASTLORD" from Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling
This transcription - or at least the current version of it - has one of the toughest left-hand parts I've ever put in a transcription in Bars 8-22. I'm barely able to play it myself at full speed, and inaccurately at that. Wondering what the best compromise for that section really is, since I still want to keep the lower melody that comes from Bars 1-8, and putting it one octave lower didn't sound that attractive when I tested that...

Beats 3-3.5 of the bassline of Bar 58 were simplified (there are 4 repeated 16th notes in a row there in the original). The quietest (and often highest) accompaniment lines have also been omitted in places (notable examples - the G minor and C sharp minor sections). Some notes have been added that correspond to drum beats, the bassline may be sketchy in places, some accompaniment notes have been moved around octave-wise...

Home-Made Compositions / Re: Dekkadeci's Compositions
« on: May 31, 2022, 01:42:45 AM »
Managed to rearrange a better version of a piece I composed in Grade 10: United We Stand March! One step closer to an improved version of that piece for concert band....

Home-Made Compositions / Re: Dekkadeci's Compositions
« on: May 12, 2022, 01:10:32 AM »
I've composed my first (admittedly instrumental) pop song today - Low-Soaring Flight! ...Yeah, it's for a contest (to use the B-F#-G#m-E chord progression).

Beneath the Duchy's Banner (Bravely Default) should be up sometime later this week.
I know this quote is from 2014, but did you ever finish your arrangement of "Beneath the Duchy's Banner"? I was just starting to consider transcribing this piece, but after seeing that you were nearly done your arrangement, I figured I'd rather listen to yours instead.
I did not. About halfway through the piece, younger me realized that the song was not in 4/4 and didn't feel like changing everything from triplets. If you want it, go ahead.
It's been far too long.

My transcription of "Under the Banner of the Duchy" from Bravely Default:

Bravely Default
I'm using the name of this theme according to the Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Original Soundtrack, which notably does not match names that may be better-known to fans, such as "Below the Duchy's Banner", "Under the Duchy's Banner", and "Beneath the Duchy's Banner". Which name set should we use?

I outright modified the right hand of the second half of Bar 28 from the original to keep both the sustained high F in the melody and the organ-note pulse in the right hand. In other places, chord voicings and octave positions of musical lines may not match the original (especially in the F sharp minor section), the left hand of Bars 39-40 and Bars 47-50 were quite hard to hear and may be especially inaccurate, some high notes have been omitted, and some notes have been added that correspond to drum beats.

This is probably the easiest-to-play piano transcription of video game music I've done all calendar year, hah. Rough drafts of this were reasonably doable on the piano at close to full speed.

I hope this is the best place to put this.

The Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Original Soundtrack has somewhat drastically different titles for songs than the ones the fans probably know best, such as these titles corresponding to on-site sheets (in the order of our on-site sheets):
  • Fledgling
  • Under a Hollow Moon
  • Dark Cavern
  • Everlasting Instant
  • Romantic Vagrant
  • Uroboros, the Serpent that Devours the Horizon
  • Eternia, Land of Immortality
  • The Joy of Victory
  • The Evil Wings
Which titles do we go with? I'm publishing my transcription of a different Bravely Default theme today that I've found with four different titles online....

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