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Rest in pepperoni, Mario Mario, 1981 - 2021
He will be missed by all, except for me! WARIO, NUMBER ONE!

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Site News / Update, Saturday 10th of September 2016
« on: September 10, 2016, 02:44:36 AM »

...your sheets.

[N64] Conker's Bad Fur Day
"Peace at Last" by Sebastian

[NES] Dragon Quest
"Cave" (Replacement) by Sebastian

[SNES] EarthBound
"Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap" (Replacement) by Yug Guy

[GBA] Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak
"Monkey Salsa" by Altissimo

[SNES] Kirby Super Star
"The Battleship Halberd: On Deck" (Replacement) by Latios212

[Wii] Kirby's Epic Yarn
"Stage Clear (Gold Medal)" by Nutella511

[3DS] Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven
"Determination" by Olimar12345
"Secrecy" by Olimar12345

[GBA] Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
"Peach Misfortune" by Onionleaf

[GCN] Pokémon Channel
"Poképad (Pause Menu)" (Replacement) by Korados

[GBC] Pokémon Crystal Version
"Clair (Duet)" by Tobbeh99

[GBA] Pokémon FireRed Version & Pokémon LeafGreen Version
"Pallet Town Theme" by Bespinben

[MOB] Pokémon GO
"Main Theme" by JDMEK5

[GBA] Pokémon Ruby Version & Pokémon Sapphire Version
"Route 101" (Replacement) by Latios212

[3DS] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
"Serene Village" by Bespinben

[Wii] Super Paper Mario
"Francis Battle" by Bloop
"The Open Plane" by Static

[GB] The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
"Inside the Houses" by maxmic480

[PC] Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism
"The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place" by WaluigiTime64

[MUL] Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
"Morphogenetic Sorrow (Piano)" by mastersuperfan

Site News / UPDATE (8/13/2016): Featured Arranger - WaluigiTime64
« on: August 13, 2016, 08:09:47 PM »
Though a new member of our community, WaluigiTime64 has already amassed an enormous amount of personal arrangements over the course of the last 9 months. He's also one heck of an arranger, and an avid fan of Donkey Kong 64. I, BespinBen, would like to acknowledge his contributions to our community and grant this special update on his behalf. Having myself logged a total of 50 man hours alone on this project in the last 7 days (and countless more from WaluigiTime64), I am relieved and proud to present this labor of love to you all. I also include in this update several guest arrangers -- Nacho2420, Bloop, PetrifiedLasgna, Sebastian, and E. Gadd Industries -- in order to round off the overwhelming amount of content WaluigiTime64 has created for his favorite game. Enjoy!

[N64] Donkey Kong 64:
3 - Main Menu - WaluigiTime64
4 - Monkey Smash - WaluigiTime64
5 - Battle Arena - WaluigiTime64
7 - DK's Treehouse - WaluigiTime64
9/10 - Bonus Barrel Introduction/Bonus Barrel - WaluigiTime64 & Sebastian
14 - DK Isle - Nacho2420
15/16 - Pause Menu - WaluigiTime64
17/18/19/20/21 - Tag Barrel (All Variations) - Sebastian
22 - K. Lumsy - Sebastian
24 - DK Isle (Jungle Japes) - WaluigiTime64
26/27 - Jungle Japes (Caves) - Sebastian
28 - Jungle Japes 2 - Arranged by Nacho2420
29 - Funky's Armoury - WaluigiTime64 & Sebastian
31 - Jungle Japes (Storm) - Sebastian
32 - Rambi's Theme - WaluigiTime64
33 - Jungle Japes (Barrel Course) - Sebastian
34 - Jungle Japes (Underground) - WaluigiTime64
36 - Army Dillo Battle - Bloop
37 - DK Isle (Angry Aztec) - WaluigiTime64
38 - Angry Aztec (Caves) - WaluigiTime64
39 - Angry Aztec - WaluigiTime64
40 - Candy's Music Store - WaluigiTime64
41 - Angry Aztec (Underground) - WaluigiTime64
42 - Angry Aztec (Barrel Course) - WaluigiTime64
49 - Banana Fairy Island - Sebastian
50 - Krem Isle - Sebastian
51 - DK Isle (Snide's HQ) - E. Gadd Industries
52 - DK Isle (Frantic Factory) - WaluigiTime64
53 - Frantic Factory - Sebastian
54 - Frantic Factory (Production Room) - Sebastian
56 - Frantic Factory (Research and Development) - Sebastian
57 - Frantic Factory Car Race - WaluigiTime64
58 - Mad Jack Battle - Sonic130
59 - DK Isle (Gloomy Galleon) - WaluigiTime64
60 - Gloomy Galleon (Caves) - WaluigiTime64
61 - Gloomy Galleon - WaluigiTime64
62 - Gloomy Galleon (Barrel Course) - WaluigiTime64
63 - Enguarde's Theme - WaluigiTime64
65 - Gloomy Galleon (Pearl Treasure) - WaluigiTime64
66 - Collect Pearl - E. Gadd Industries
67 - Gloomy Galleon (Mechanical Fish) - WaluigiTime64
69 - Gloomy Galleon (Ship Ruins) - WaluigiTime64
70 - Gloomy Galleon (Lighthouse/Submarine) - WaluigiTime64
71 - Gloomy Galleon Boat Race - WaluigiTime64
72 - Pufftoss Battle - Bloop
73 - DK Isle (Fungi Forest) - WaluigiTime64
75 - Fungi Forest (Indoors) - Sebastian
76 - Fungi Forest (Night) - Nacho2420
77 - Fungi Forest (Indoors 2) - Sebastian
78 - Fungi Forest (Spider) - WaluigiTime64
79 - Fungi Forest (Giant Mushroom) - Sebastian
80 - Fungi Forest (Barrel Course) - Sebastian
81 - Fungi Forest (Bonus Room) - Sebastian
82 - Fungi Forest (Tree Trunk) - WaluigiTime64
85 - Dogadon Rematch - Bloop
86 - DK Isle (Crystal Caves) - WaluigiTime64
87 - Crystal Caves - Sebastian
88 - Crystal Caves (Earthquake) - Sebastian
89 - Crystal Caves (Barrel Course) - Sebastian
90 - Crystal Caves (Igloo) - WaluigiTime64
91 - Crystal Caves (Board Game) - WaluigiTime64
92 - Crystal Caves (Rotating Room) - Sebastian
93 - Crystal Caves (Indoors) - Sebastian
95 - Army Dillo Rematch - Sebastian
96 - DK Isle (Creepy Castle) - WaluigiTime64
97 - Creepy Castle - WaluigiTime64
98 - Creepy Castle (Barrel Course) - WaluigiTime64
99 - Creepy Castle (Tree Trunk) - WaluigiTime64
100 - Creepy Castle (Dungeon 1) - WaluigiTime64
101 - Creepy Castle (Caves) - WaluigiTime64
102 - Creepy Castle (Greenhouse) - WaluigiTime64
103 - Creepy Castle (Rubbish Bin) - WaluigiTime64
104 - Creepy Castle (Museum) - WaluigiTime64
105/106 - Creepy Castle (Library/Dungeon 2) - WaluigiTime64
107 - Creepy Castle (Ballroom) - WaluigiTime64
108 - Creepy Castle (Wind Tower) - WaluigiTime64
109 - Creepy Castle (Dungeon 3) - WaluigiTime64
110 - Creepy Castle (Dungeon 4) - WaluigiTime64
113 - Boss Room Opened! - WaluigiTime64
114 - Before Boss - WaluigiTime64
115 - Boss Introduction - Dimentio
116 - King Kut Out Battle - WaluigiTime64
117 - Boss Key Acquisition! - WaluigiTime64
119 - DK Isle (Hideout Helm) - WaluigiTime64
120 - K. Rool - WaluigiTime64
122 - Hideout Helm - WaluigiTime64
123 - Hideout Helm Bonus Barrel - WaluigiTime64
125 - Hideout Helm 2 - WaluigiTime64
126 - Happy K. Lumsy - WaluigiTime64
128 - K. Rool Battle Introduction - WaluigiTime64
129 - K. Rool Duel - WaluigiTime64& Sebastian
130 - K. Rool Defeated - WaluigiTime64
131b - Ending - WaluigiTime64
132 - Strong Kong - WaluigiTime64
133 - Rocket Barrel Boost - PetrifiedLasagna
134 - Baboon Balloon - WaluigiTime64
135 - Mini Monkey - Nintendude73
136 - Hunky Chunky - WaluigiTime64
138 - Guitar Gazump! (Diddy Kong) - E. Gadd Industries
139 - Trombone Tremor! (Lanky Kong) - E. Gadd Industries
140 - Saxophone Slam! (Tiny Kong) - E. Gadd Industries
141 - Triangle Trample! (Chunky Kong) - E. Gadd Industries
142 - Minecart Mayhem - WaluigiTime64
144 - Mad Maze Maul - WaluigiTime64

Site News / Update, Thursday 7th of July 2016
« on: July 07, 2016, 07:39:43 PM »
Your sheets were delicious. Give me more.

[MUL] Angry Birds
"Main Theme" by Ryan McGaughey

[GCN] Animal Crossing
"5:00 P.M." (Replacement) by Static

[GBA] Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
"Clock Tower Casualty (Duet)" by Tobbeh99

[PC] Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)
"Living Waterway" by Olimar12345
"Meltdown (Beta)" by Olimar12345

[SNES] Chrono Trigger
"Boss Battle 2" by Maelstrom

[SNES] EarthBound
"Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent" by Yug Guy

[MUL] Fallout: New Vegas
"Begin Again" by Pianist Da Sootopolis

[3DS] Fantasy Life
"Peaceful Night at Town" by AwesomeYears

[SNES] Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
"Recruitment" by Maelstrom

[GBA] Golden Sun
"Oriental" by Onionleaf

[NDS] Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
"Apollo Ascent" by Onionleaf

[GBA] Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak
"Spat Tower" by Altissimo
"Tottoko no Uta" by Altissimo

[PS2] Kingdom Hearts II
"Friends in My Heart" by Pianist Da Sootopolis

[NDS] Magical Starsign
"Boss Battle" by LifeMushroom
"Pirate Battle" by LifeMushroom
"Shadra Overworld" by chelastgamer55
"Space Police" by chelastgamer55

[WiiU] Mario Kart 8
"GCN Dry Dry Desert" by Static

[N64] Mario Party
"Let's Play a Mini-Game!" by E. Gadd Industries

[GCN] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
"Doopliss' Theme" by Jegilmer

[NDS] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All
"Court Begins" by mastersuperfan

[NDS] Pokémon Diamond Version & Pokémon Pearl Version
"Oreburgh City (Day) (Duet)" by dajwxp

[GBC] Pokémon Gold Version & Pokémon Silver Version
"Ice Path" (Replacement) by Echo

[3DS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
"V-Wheeeeeel!!!" by Bespinben & Latios212
"Voice in the Dreams" by Bespinben

[GBA] Pokémon Ruby Version & Pokémon Sapphire Version
"Slateport City" (Replacement) by Th3Gavst3r

[3DS] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
"Fire Island Volcano" by Zeila

[PS2] Shadow of the Colossus
"Lakeside" by Ryan McGaughey

[MUL] Shovel Knight
"Strike the Earth! (Plains of Passage)" by Joel Hands-Otte

[GEN] Sonic the Hedgehog 3
"Ice Cap Zone Act 1" by cashwarrior1

[GCN] Star Fox Assault
"Space Battleground" by David Sylvester

[WiiU] Super Mario 3D World
"Course Clear! (Short Version)" by TheMarioPianist

[Wii] Super Mario Galaxy
"Chase the Bunnies!" (Replacement) by Sebastian

[Wii] Super Mario Galaxy 2
"Yoshi Star Galaxy" (Replacement) by Sebastian

[Wii] Super Paper Mario
"Dimentio, Charming Magician" by Bloop
"Merlee's Mansion" by Bloop

[N64] Super Smash Bros.
"All Clear" by AwesomeYears

[PC] Symphonic Rain
"The Other Side of the Sky (Piano)" by McDucky

[MUL] Tetris
"High Score" (Replacement) by Yentl Tijssens

[GBA] The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
"Cloud Tops" (Replacement) by dajwxp

[3DS] The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
"Boss" by Starfury

[Wii] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
"End Credits" by Tobbeh99
"Ilia's Theme" (Replacement) by Latios212

[PC] Touhou 6: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
"U.N. Owen Was Her?" by WaluigiTime64

[GBA] Wario Land 4
"Mystic Lake" by Yug Guy

[Wii] Wario Land: Shake It!
"Just Plains" by E. Gadd Industries

[NES] Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds
"Boltac's Trading Post" by JacopoTore

[Wii] Xenoblade Chronicles
"Mechonis Field" by LiviDMentality

[NDS] Yoshi's Island DS
"Wildlands" by Latios212

Site News / Update, Tuesday 9th of February 2016
« on: February 09, 2016, 01:35:24 AM »
The secret to arranging...
100 scales, 100 chords, and 100 interval exercises... every day!

[PC] Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)
"Last Battle" by Olimar12345

[NDS] Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
"Dungeon Theme" by coupdeimpressionism

[NES] Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir
"Staff Roll" by WandringMinstrel

[GBA] Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak
"Harmony's Theme" by Altissimo

[MUL] Kero Blaster
"Chemistry" by Olimar12345

[GB] Kirby's Dream Land
"King Dedede" by AwesomeYears

[Wii] Kirby's Epic Yarn
"Mushroom Run" by mastersuperfan

[NDS] Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version
"Xtransceiver" by JDMEK5

[GBC] Pokémon Crystal Version
"Battle Tower (Johto)" by Th3Gavst3r

[GBC] Pokémon Gold Version & Pokémon Silver Version
"Battle! (Team Rocket)" by Dudeman

[3DS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
"Come On in to Post Town! (Duet)" by Bespinben

[GBA] Pokémon Ruby Version & Pokémon Sapphire Version
"The End" by Latios212
"Victory Road" (Replacement) by Tobbeh99

[3DS] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
"At Just Such a Moment" by Bespinben

[PC] Runescape
"Yesteryear" by Zeila

[GG] Sonic the Hedgehog 2
"Casino Night Zone" by E. Gadd Industries

[Wii] Super Mario Galaxy
"A Tense Moment" by Sebastian

[N64] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
"Ocarina Melodies" by Sebastian

[PS1] Wild Arms
"Wh-What? (Zed's Theme)" by Tobbeh99

[Wii] Xenoblade Chronicles
"Snowy Mt. Valak / Night" by Maelstrom

Site News / Update, Sunday 17th of January 2016
« on: January 17, 2016, 02:13:34 AM »
─▄████▄▄░     "All your sheet are belong to us"
▄▀█▀▐└─┐░░    ~Zeta, your friendly NSM robot

[NES] EarthBound Beginnings
"All That I Needed Was You" by Olimar12345

[SNES] Final Fantasy VI
"Kefka" by Brawler4Ever

[PC] Five Nights at Freddy's 3
"Don't Go" by Don Valentino

[GBA] Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue
"Hamstarr Manor" by Altissimo

[MUL] Kero Blaster
"Relaxation" by Olimar12345

[Wii] Kirby's Epic Yarn
"Toy Tracks" by mastersuperfan

[WiiU] Mario Kart 8
"3DS Music Park" by CreativeMC

[NES] Mega Man 5
"Crystal Man Stage" by Dudeman

[Wii] New Super Mario Bros. Wii
"Volcanic Underground Theme" by mariolegofan

[NDS] Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version
"Bicycle" (Replacement) by Latios212

[NDS] Pokémon Black Version 2 & Pokémon White Version 2
"Battle! (Gym Leader-Hoenn Version) (Two Pianos)" by JDMEK5

[NDS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
"Here Comes Team Charm!" by mastersuperfan

[3DS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
"Pokémon Paradise" by Bespinben

[3DS] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
"Expedition Society: Music Box" by Latios212
"Open Pass" by Bespinben
"Within the Sadness" by InsigTurtle

[SNES] Secret of Mana
"I Won't Forget" by The Deku Trombonist

[WiiU] Splatoon
"Splattack!" by Olimar12345 & BrainyLucario

[GBA] Super Mario Advance
"Mario Bros. Classic" by Don Valentino

[GCN] Super Mario Sunshine
"Secret Course" (Replacement) by E. Gadd Industries

[GBA] The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
"Minigame" (Replacement) by Zeila

[PS1] Wild Arms
"Abbey" by Tobbeh99

Site News / Update, Thursday 3rd of December 2015
« on: December 03, 2015, 05:07:52 AM »
Today's forecast is... 3 inches... of sheet music!

Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with the latest batch of arrangements provided by our lovely community =D

[NDS] Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
"Guide Them to Their Fate" by K-NiGhT

[GB] Final Fantasy Adventure
"Jema's Realization" by FireArrow

[GB] Gargoyle's Quest: Ghosts 'n Goblins
"Village" by Don Valentino

[GBA] Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak
"Jingle's Song" by Altissimo

[GBC] Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!
"Hamtaro Time" by Altissimo

[Wii] Kirby's Epic Yarn
"Frosty Wheel" by Nebbles

"Brokentooth March" by Yugikun

[GCN] Luigi's Mansion
"Main Theme" (Replacement) by mariolegofan

[NES] Mega Man 6
"Mr. X Stage" by Dudeman

[NES] Mother
"Pollyanna (I Believe in You)" by Olimar12345
"The Paradise Line" by Olimar12345

[GBA] Mother 3
"Unfounded Revenge" (Replacement) by Maelstrom

[ARCADE] New Rally-X
"Music from New Rally-X" by Jegilmer

[NDS] New Super Mario Bros.
"Athletic" (Replacement) by mariolegofan & Latios212
"Underworld" (Replacement) by mariolegofan

[GCN] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
"Hooktail Castle" by Jegilmer

[NDS] Pokémon Black Version 2 & Pokémon White Version 2
"Battle! (Gym Leader-Kanto Version)" by JDMEK5
"Battle! (Gym Leader-Kanto Version) (Two Pianos)" by JDMEK5

[3DS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
"Main Menu" (Replacement) by Bespinben
"Opening" by Bespinben

[3DS] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
"Pancham and Shelmet" by mastersuperfan
"Quiet Night" by Latios212

[GBC] Shantae
"Burning Town" by WandringMinstrel

[WiiU] Splatoon
"Splattack! (2014 E3PV)" by Tobbeh99

[GBA] Super Mario Advance
"Yoshi Egg Challenge" by Don Valentino

[WiiU] Super Mario Maker
"Airship (Super Mario Bros.)" by WandringMinstrel

[GCN] Super Mario Sunshine
"Delfino Plaza" (Replacement) by TheMarioPianist
"Pinna Park" (Replacement) by The Treble Bros.

[PC] Undertale
"Bonetrousle" by JesterMusician
"Dating Tense!" by mastersuperfan
"Determination" by Maelstrom
"Megalovania" by JesterMusician
"Menu (Full)" by Enaryok
"NGAHHH!!" by Yugikun
"Once Upon A Time" by Petpetfood

Site News / UPDATE (11/20/15) - Featured Arranger: WandringMinstrel
« on: November 20, 2015, 02:50:31 PM »
Surprise surprise! The entire soundtrack of Shin Onigashima now at your fingertips and keyboard, provided to you by the talented WandringMinstrel! Perhaps even YOU might win the NSM lottery next time, who knows?

[NES] Shin Onigashima
"Title BGM"
"First Chapter: At Home"
"First Chapter: Road Through The Mountain"
"Second Chapter: At Home"
"Second Chapter: Story of the Dragon"
"Second Chapter: At Home (Night)"
"Third Chapter: Morning"
"Third Chapter: Oni Fortress"
"Third Chapter: Inside The Fortress"
"Fourth Chapter: Neighboring Village"
"Fourth Chapter: Lake"
"Fourth Chapter: Lord Hinoe"
"Fifth Chapter: Castle Ruins"
"Sixth Chapter: Forest"
"Sixth Chapter: Forest of Opportunity"
"Sixth Chapter: Sparrow's House"
"Seventh Chapter: Shinohara"
"Seventh Chapter: Cave"
"Seventh Chapter: Ohana"
"Eighth Chapter: Giant Dragon"
"Ninth Chaper: Final Scene"

Site News / Update, Friday 23rd of October 2015
« on: October 23, 2015, 05:17:27 AM »
A year ago today, at this very exact hour and minute, yours truly returned to land of NSM.
Blast from the past! I'm back.

To commemorate the occasion, the Staff has worked extra hard, night and day, to bring you a 60-sheet arrangement extravaganza! Special thanks to our lovely Automated Submissions Machine™, which as of today is now 1-year old as well. Honorable mention to all our arrangers, particularly InsigTurtle, who's PMD2 Barren Valley arrangement has been sitting in the system since LAST October. Thanks for being patient champ ^_^

[3DS] Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
"Building the Town" by Dude
"Interior Designing" by Dude

[NES] Anticipation
"Title Screen" by joeberryosponge

[NDS] Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
"Telling the Truth 2007" by mastersuperfan

[3DS] Bravely Default
"Instant of Eternity" by Maelstrom

[PC] Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)
"Cemetery" by Olimar12345

[MUL] Dark Souls
"Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (Two Pianos)" by Zunawe

[SNES] E.V.O.: Search for Eden
"Ending Theme" by kevronicoal

[NES] Famicom Disk System BIOS
"Disk System" by WandringMinstrel

[SNES] Final Fantasy VI
"Cyan's Theme" by Yugikun

[GCN] Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
"Eternal Bond" by Tobbeh99 & ThatGamer

[GCN] Kirby Air Ride
"Legendary Air Ride Machine" by JDMEK5

[Wii] Kirby's Epic Yarn
"Weird Woods" by Nebbles

[GBA] Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
"Cackletta's Theme" (Replacement) by FireArrow

[WiiU] Mario Kart 8
"Cloudtop Cruise" by holland_oates89
"Mario Kart 8" by holland_oates89
"Moo Moo Meadows" by Purple1222119
"Mount Wario" by Purple1222119

[PS1] Mega Man 8
"Stage Select" by Matiasgarcia

[PC] Metal Gear (MSX)
"Theme of Tara" by Arc of the Half-Moon

[PC] Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
"Zanzibarland National Anthem" by Arc of the Half-Moon

[Wii] New Super Mario Bros. Wii
"Castle" (Replacement) by skiaak

[N64] Paper Mario
"Shy Guy's Toybox" (Replacement) by JesterMusician

[GCN] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
"Boggly Woods" by Jegilmer
"Petal Meadows" (Replacement) by Bloop
"Pianta Parlor" by Bloop
"Smorgs Battle" by mariolegofan
"Voyage" by mariolegofan

[NDS] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
"Pursuit ~ Cornered" by Yugikun

[NDS] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All
"Cross-Examination ~ Allegro 2002" by mastersuperfan

[NDS] Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
"Game Corner" (Replacement) by mariolegofan & Latios212
"Route 209 (Day)" (Replacement) by TheMarioPianist

[GBC] Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal
"Ending" (Replacement) by Oronoco
"THE END" by Oronoco
"Vermilion City" by Altissimo
"Victory! (Wild Pokémon)" by Latios212
"Viridian Forest" by braixen1264

[NDS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
"Barren Valley" by InsigTurtle
"Limestone Cavern" by InsigTurtle

[GBA] Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
"Battle! (Steven)" (Replacement) by Jompa
"Surf" (Replacement) by Altissimo

[3DS] Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
"Main Menu" by Bespinben
"Main Theme" by Bespinben

[3DS] Pokémon X/Y
"Lumiose City" by braixen1264

[PC] Rogue Legacy
"Castle (Traits Menu)" by McDucky

[PC] Runescape
"Arabian" by Pianist Da Sootopolis

[WiiU] Splatoon
"DJ Octavio Phase 4 (Squid Sisters)" by Yug Guy

[WiiU] Super Mario 3D World
"Shifty Boo Mansion" by The Treble Bros.
"World Clear!" by TheMarioPianist

[NES] Super Mario Bros.
"Castle" (Replacement) by Latios212

[Wii] Super Mario Galaxy
"Waltz of the Boos" (Replacement) by Don Valentino

[SNES] Super Mario World
"Koopa Kids" (Replacement) by Olimar12345

[GCN] Super Smash Bros. Melee
"Multi-Man Melee 2" by JesterMusician

[PC] Team Fortress 2
"Rocketjump Waltz" by Mr. ML&G

[NES] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project
"Scene 1 - The Beach" by Jean Of mArc

[N64] The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
"Cremia's Carriage" by JDMEK5

[NES] The Mysterious Murasame Castle
"Game Start / Castle Town" by WandringMinstrel

[PC] Undertale
"Snowy" by Nebbles

[Wii] Wii Fit
"Normal Weight" by videogaminglegodude

[PS1] Wild Arms
"Courage (Dungeon)" by Tobbeh99
"Into the Wilderness" by Tobbeh99

[Wii] Xenoblade Chronicles
"Agniratha, Mechonis Capital (Night)" by Maelstrom

[NDS] Yoshi Touch & Go
"Title Screen" (Replacement) by Don Valentino

Request / [Wii U] Sonic Lost World - "Sea Bottom Segue"
« on: September 26, 2015, 01:26:59 PM »
I've never been big on Sonic, but my gosh is Lost World's soundtrack gorgeous (at least, a few select pieces where they go full ham with the orchestration). I couldn't help but notice the All-Star Rest Area vibes in this one.... hehe. Best part is when the string descants come in @0:49

(Track Title Source:

Off-Topic / "Life is a Video Game" Moments
« on: September 13, 2015, 04:55:25 AM »
Graphics look great in 15/20 vision  8)

Feedback / Easy Versions Survey
« on: September 12, 2015, 10:47:34 PM »
There have been many assertions that "the vast majority wants this", while others claim the parties are equally divided. This poll WILL NOT determine whether or not such a policy is integrated, but rather to provide the Staff with the information needed to make a well-informed decision on the matter.

Also, please voice any and all ongoing discussion of this topic in the former thread:

NSM Performance Videos / BespinBen's Performance Submissions!
« on: July 16, 2015, 10:23:11 PM »
Super fancy OP to come soon -- ish.

Nintendo / ポッ拳 Pokkén Tournament
« on: July 03, 2015, 07:00:16 PM »
I realized we don't have a thread for this. Let there be one.

In recent news:

Game: Link two variables.

100% of people who drink water die, so water is poison.

Music / Help Bespinben make a portfolio for Music School!
« on: June 22, 2015, 07:52:42 PM »
I'm preparing to apply for the Commercial Music program at Brigham Young University (commercial meaning like business, not TV commercials). For clarification, it was formerly called Sound Recording Technology. The program invites anyone who aspires to be one or more of the following:
Media Composers
Film Composers
Video Game Composers
Studio Musicians and Vocalists
Recording Studio Owners
Recording & Broadcast Engineers
Sound Designers
Musical Artists
Studio Vocalists
Jazz Musicians
Music Producers
Music Arrangers
Record Producers

I need to make a portfolio to audition for this specific major. This is the criteria for it:

Students wishing to major in Commercial Music must submit a Portfolio.  The Portfolio consists of three components:

    A CD (or DVD if applicable) of three (3) recorded examples of your best original works or productions.  Works can be original songs, arrangements and/or various recorded productions or media compositions (jingles, film cues, recordings of your engineering skills if you are more of an audio specialist, and the like).
    A typed document describing the roles, credits, technologies and efforts you used in creating the works.  We need to know what we are listening to and a detailed explanation of what part you had in its creation. Printed scores, charts and supporting documents may be included.
    A résumé-type document that includes any other information such as software skills, audio technical knowledge, any additional musical and technical background and experience that would make you desirable as a Commercial Music candidate.

The Portfolio will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    Composition / Writing
    Technical Knowledge
    Portfolio Presentation

Here's where you guys come in. I trying to decide what are my "three best original works or productions," and what the best way to present them would be (notice the portfolio allows for DVD?). Here's my tentative list so far:

1.) One of my piano transcriptions. Would need to be from a heavily involved orchestral piece. Candidates include either my Gates to Infinity "Opening", or possibly my SuperPMD "Title Theme" once I finish it. The recency of these works is key appeal in this choice. The goal is to show my ability to do "contraction scoring" (meaning, adapting a work for large ensemble to a smaller setting), and obviously my skill in sheet music engraving.
2.) One of my "re-orchestrations". My Sky Tower arrangement comes to mind. I would like this to NOT be accompanied by sheet music (mostly because the score is a piece of crap :p) This is not so much to showcase arranging ability (since little changed changed from the original), but rather to show my ability to take a MIDI-based piece and realize it into something more fleshed out -- essentially, to show my proficiency with audio technology.
3.) My rock-band arrangement of PMD "Run Away". This is to show my (scant) abilities in composition. Nothing else I've done really shows compositional ability besides a few 4 measure endings to my piano transcriptions.

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