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Request / [GBA] Wario Land 4 - "Fiery Caverns"
May 15, 2019, 02:14:44 PM
Alright, bye again. For now.
Help! / Repeat Related Question
March 13, 2019, 07:06:45 AM
Is there a way to have some sort of repeat that repeats all the way back to the beginning of the song but ends the song about halfway through? If so, can I do it in Notepad?
Nintendo / VR FOR SWITCH
March 06, 2019, 07:55:54 PM
All I can say is, it's about time.
twitter anouncment
kotaku article about it
I found this app a while back called "Maestro - Music Composer". When I found it it was really buggy and was missing some important stuff; but now, after a recent update, it works amazingly and is the best music composer for mobile I have found. You can export to a .mid file and .pdf so you can transfer your work from your phone to your computer with a little bit of work. I find it very useful if I am out and about a lot or even out of town. Here is a link to it in the Play Store.
Nintendo / Pokémon Sword and Shield
February 27, 2019, 10:09:04 AM
I'm excited for a real Pokémon game after GO and Let's Go.
A friend of mine sent me this:
Btw I updated my poll.
Gaming / My Indie Game Ideas
February 25, 2019, 07:19:09 PM
As people who know me would know, all I need is the slightest excuse to start sharing the two things I'm passionate about. Those two things are music and video games (or really just anything geeky). So when mentioned that I should share my indie game ideas I was ready. So here I am. I will be adding stuff over time as I have too many ideas to put them all down at once. I'll also add new ideas as they come.
(Note: These are all ideas that have been going through my head for a couple of years, but I would love some feedback on this since none of it is final)

Game Title: Knight of the Full Moon

Main character: Beacon
Beacon is an animated suit of purple armor with yellow eyes that can be seen through his visor [think metaknight as far as the eyes]. He is not necessarily good or bad, the path is chosen by the player. Beacon is the knight of the full moon and is only awoken once every (very long amount of time) when (a rare phenomenon that has to do with the moon) happens. He can only survive during the night time and must avoid the sun at all costs. [I have a pixelated rough draft of him, I'll share it later.]

Plot/gameplay: The player (Beacon) is awoken right after twilight in a hilly area during a full moon. Disoriented and without memories, he wanders around aimlessly. He encounters some humans and vampires about to engage in a fight. Beacon doesn't have to choose a side then and there but he can and me must do it soon or both species will try to kill him, resulting in certain death.
So to simplify his relationship with both sides:
If he joins the humans he will be given access to better armor and weapons, as well as having pets and/or human allies. He will form friendships with many of the humans.
If he joins the vampires he will eventually lead them. They will give him powerful spells and dirty fighting technics.

Music: I have a couple of pieces already that I made on Musescore I'll share them here:
Smaragdine Smoke
Cherry Smoke
Rupert's Theme
Off-Topic / A question about the history of NSM.
February 25, 2019, 08:06:22 AM
I posted this in the PYToTM2 thread but it got buried so I'll post it here:

I'm head of the newspaper at my homeschool group and I tend to write articles about different and unusual services/organizations. I don't know why I never thought about writing an article about NSM. I think I want to do that for our next issue. There are a lot of people there that do piano or just music in general, and tons of people that enjoy video games. I sure there are plenty of people that enjoy both. Is there anyone who could give me a short history about how NSM started and came to be what it is today?
I'm curious to see what was the first video game song people learned to play in the piano?
Or at least the first memorable one.

For me, it was "Fight theme" from Punch Out.
It was the song I chose from this site to play once I started taking piano lessons.

Note that Fight Theme was the first video game song that I learn to play with both hands. I learned to play the treble part of SMB Overworld as well as Megalovania before that.
I'm just curious to see what people are more excited to play when they come out.
I'm almost finished with Guardia Millenial Fair, but I'm having a problem. There's just one little part I just can't put my finger on what the notes are. The second voice in measures 36-38 and 40-42 are the ones giving me trouble. If I could get some help that would be awesome, thanks. Here is the original song.
Music / midi keyboard
February 14, 2019, 04:54:28 PM
I want to get a midi keyboard, I've never had one. I don't want anything fancy like drum pads and stuff, just piano keys are all I really care about. Is there a fairly cheap one I can get that you guys recommend?
Forum Games / Text Based Adventure.
February 11, 2019, 07:43:07 PM
So I have never, ever done this before but I have seen other people do it lots of times and I really wanted to try this out myself.

Read the rules below and do as they say.

Creating a Character
If you would like to play, create a "character profile" and post it below.

Pick a video game character, anybody will work unless it's a godlike character. (basically, you can't start out OP [over powered, not original poster]) Try to pick somebody that most everybody knows. (If you don't know who to pick, pick from smash bros.) Also, you cannot pick someone who is a part of the plot.

Every player starts out with 3 skills that they can advance with skill points (SP) earned from leveling up. They are:
HP, the character's health (starts: 100 | 1 SP = +10 HP)
Damage, how much the player hits for with each attack (starts: 30 Damage | 1 SP = +5 Damage)
Speed, determines who goes first in an enemy encounter (Starts: 5 speed | 1 SP = +.5 speed | Max: 10)

You start with 3 SP and MUST apply them in your original character profile. You can spread them out however you wish.

You can also make up a "One Use Ability" it can be fairly OP but not as OP as something like PK fire in Mother (which kills all current opponents.)
You can also make up a "Multi-use Ability". It can be used once per enemy per battle. It can be a heal, an AOE, a ranged attack or whatever you want.

No two characters can have the same ability(s).
Feel free to suggest character specific stuff if you'd like.
It takes 100 to level up a character.

Since this is my first time doing something like this I'm gonna do something kinda generic...

Princess Peach has been captured by Bowser. He has taken her to his castle but Mario is too busy to save her this time. He offers to pay 1000 coins to whoever can rescue the princess. (that's 10 extra lives)
All the players happen to meet on the road and all have the same goal, to recapture the princess. They all agree to split the reward evenly.

Mechanics (Enemies, Actions, etc.)
Enemies will randomly appear as you travel and in areas that you travel through. Generic enemies such as Goombas and Koopa Troopas will appear as you travel and engage in a short battle.

Battle Actions:
Attack, Hit an enemy and damage it.
Block, reduce enemy attacks by half.
Abilities (multi and single use), case-by-case basis.

Out of battle actions:
Check, check things in the general area.
Use item, use items you find in the different areas.
And many more generic actions such as giving items to other players, taking items from a box/chest etc.

Feel free to ask for an "auto-action". For example "automatically block if an enemy is encountered" or "If I search a chest automatically take the contents", etc.
This way we can progress through the story faster by minimizing the number of posts and allowing actions while offline.
Feel free to suggest any additional mechanics that might make this more fun or easier to play.

General Rules
The game will start once we have " enough" players. Somewhere between 3 and 8 players probably. I'll explain the plot a bit more once we start and the mechanics as we go along.

I will be god over this realm and my word is final. I will cause inactive players to die of dysentery or something else fun like that.

Anything not in quotation marks is either an action or an out of character remark. Try to stay in character as much as possible.

Above all have fun and don't forget to tell me if I messed something up or missed something entirely.

Please bear with me and feel free to offer any suggestions as you probably know better than I do (since I've never done this before.)
Here, I've been meaning to upload this for a while but I feel like I did such a terrible job, and now I don't ever care so here it is:

Snowdin Town
(If I find the video of when I played Boss Battle from LoZ LttP at my piano recital I'll put it here)
So I am working on an arrangement of Guardia Millenial Fair (Chrono Trigger) and I have come across a dilemma. I'm not sure whether to make the song playable or omit one of the voices entirely. From 00:16 to 00:45 there is another voice that is on a totally different octave than the main melody.
I know I can't actually make the song unplayable but I'm not sure how to make it playable without taking away from the song.
Please help.
Miscellaneous Arrangements / Enter Sandman
February 08, 2019, 04:32:46 AM
This is an arrangement of Enter Sandman that I have a video for. This was from my "My Singing Monster" days before I found musescore.

You can find it here.
Piano Arrangements / Bobbythekid21's Arrangments
February 06, 2019, 06:11:42 AM
    Ok, so here is everything I have so far:

    Plans for songs to do in the future:

    • Overworld - Day(Terraria)
      Progress: Done, waiting for help.
    • Vivi's Theme(Final Fantasy IX)
      Progress: I haven't started.
    • Intro Stage (Mega Man X)
      Progress: I haven't stared.
    • I hope to do some Risk of Rain songs later
    • Maybe some asphalt 9 songs? I've kinda started on "Legend."
    • I'll probably start on The Worlds Hardest Game theme song eventually

    That's it for now... But there are more to follow!
Help! / How To Use FTP links?
February 05, 2019, 07:49:30 PM
I'm trying to post an arrangement in "Piano Arrangements" but can't figure out how. I assume I need to use the FTP links but I can figure them out either.
Help! / A Couple of Quick Questions
February 05, 2019, 05:04:09 PM
Ok, so I'm fairly new to the NSM forums/ arranging music in general, and I have a couple of questions:

I want to start helping arrange old and new songs that I don't see here on NSM, so all I have to do is arrange it with proper formatting and stuff and submit it in the "submissions" forum? (it just sounds too simple to be true)

Also, it seems that I have to use a program called Finale to do so, is this correct? I can't seem to find any guidelines for creating sheet music other than the "Formatting Guidelines" post under "Submissions". And if so, is Finale free?

Also, (this is a serious question, it probably seems stupid though) how is this website even legal? (or is it?) I honestly don't know anything about copyright laws but this just doesn't seem right to me. (Feel free to call me stupid on this one)

Thanks a bunch to whoever can answer these questions.
Request / [PS1] Final Fantasy IX - "Vivi's theme"
June 15, 2018, 08:51:22 AM
I've never actually played any FF games but I do love this song...
Request / [PC] Terraria - Multiple songs
June 12, 2018, 06:39:28 AM
I am aware that this has been posted before but it was over a year ago and it needs a new thread and more songs:


Boss 1:

Boss 2:

Boss 3:

Goblin Army:

And any other too. Thanks.