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Piano Arrangements / James0264's Arrangements
April 15, 2009, 06:42:31 AM
Link removed. An update will avilable shortly.

Additional Information:
Hi everyone. Forgive me for not participating in the community any sooner, but I hope to change that view now. Just to let you guys know at little more about me: I’m an average pianist who unfortunately has very little experience in arranging and/or composing pieces. I do however just about know how to edit pieces in Sibelius and how to import/export the arrangements from/to MIDI files. And this is exactly what I’ve done: I’ve arranged part of the Maple Treeway music from Mario Kart Wii and have exported the piece into a MIDI file.

I have used the following two sources to arrange the piece:

I know iDOWN has volunteered to arrange this piece, but according to the last post of the iDOWN's Arrangments thread, he is currently on busy with other projects and is therefore not working on the piece that he has marked “Under Construction”. And it is this very reason, besides the face I would like to learn this awesome composition, that I would like to arrange this very piece. I admit I do not have a finished product so I am also requesting, if possible, if anyone can assist me in completing this piece? I have attached my current progress at the start of this post.