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Good luck to Maestro, Braix and MSF!!
Welcome Xiao and Kricketune :D
QuoteMy apologies, they were already flipped down and I meant they should point up.
Haha, that makes much more sense!
No problem that's now been sorted (and files have been updated on the original submission again).

Thanks again for all the help!   ;D
Hey! Thanks for your feedback  ;D
Got a few things sorted:

QuoteThat is what the original's doing, but this also works nicely because the thickening texture can help convey the crescendo in a way that might get a little lost if you only play one note at a time. Either way is good, up to you! (If you go with the screenshot above, the ties leading into chords that are tied again should all face downwards, and the naturals should not be visible in the second measure.)
Yeah, I'd tried both options and found that this worked a lot nicer in terms of "conveying the crescendo" (and was also less messy).

- Stems in m15 have been fixed!
- Beaming in m25 lowered!
- Spacing has been sorted - see what you mean by how clumped it was in m2 (and similar bars) and the Simple Entry Tool has made a small but significant difference!

Quote- Have you considered lowering the RH of m. 18 until 25 an octave like the voice is in the original, in order to contrast better with the following section? It does overlap with what you have currently written in the left hand, but some notes could be omitted in either part to prevent overlap. Up to you!
I was tempted to arrange it that way to provide some more variety but noticed that several notes did overlap and thought it'll be more playable if it was kept to the same pitch range as on the first page.


Files have been updated once again (v. 1.21 now) on the original submission if you want to check it out!
Thx again!
Cool, thanks so much for all your help and feedback Xiao and Bloop!
Looking forward to seeing my first arrangement up on the main site :D
Hey Bloop!
Thanks for the feedback! Been able to implement the changes as suggested with a few exceptions:

- Kept the articulation in the LH as I feel the staccatos when moving between chords helps with playability [and is also "pretty fun").
- The Cadenza is an interesting case - the suggestion you gave would work but it would affect the beats at the end of that measure if you wanted to keep that consistent ratio. I could sort it by changing the time signature just for that measure but I don't know how much it'll affect things overall. If you or any other updaters have any suggestions, I'm welcome to hear them.

All other suggestions have been added though and I've linked updated files on my submission.
Thanks again!
Hey, thanks so much for the feedback!
I've taken it all on board and have been able to implement the changes you've suggested + re-transcribed the RH on measures 20, 24-25 (shown in the image below - ignore the top right measure).
I've updated my submission with the links to the new sheet so feel free to check it out if needed.
Thanks again!
Hey, here's the original song for reference!