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There's a program I found since I found out my MIDI was a fraud that rips MIDIs from .nds ROMs. Here's a link if you want it:

The site looks sketchy but I downloaded it, extracted it, and ran it with no problems (Even ran a virus scan after  :) )

That being said, is there any hope for my sheet? :P
I did create this from a MIDI. I thought I had downloaded the actual MIDI rip from the game, but now I see that it was actually someone else who arranged it. I apologize, I wasn't trying to steal credit :/ What are the rules surrounding these situations? Should I ask the original arranger for permission?
Quote from: Dekkadeci on August 12, 2016, 08:19:40 PMA few things I'd like to see fixed:
  • The song looks significantly less clumsy with a 2-quarter-note-long pickup bar. I also think that a 2-quarter-note-long pickup bar fits with the Youtube video.
  • The start of Bar 8 misses out on the series of G's that the Youtube video has (at 0:12). I recommend copying the beginning of the Piano I's Bar 24 (and possibly doing octave G's there, just like the sum of the right hands of the beginning of Bar 24) to fix this.
  • The melody in Bars 8-9 should go Eb-C-Bb-C-Eb-C-Bb-C-Eb-C-F-G, not your current Eb-C-Bb-C-Eb-C-Bb-C-Eb-C-Eb-F.

Fixed these

Quote from: Dekkadeci on August 12, 2016, 08:19:40 PM
  • The topmost notes I hear in the Youtube video in your Bars 5-6 (starting at the quarter note = 150 mark, ending at the half note) are B and B flat, alternating. (I habitually sing A flat and G there.) Thus, I don't think that topmost notes of E flat and D there are correct.
  • The right hand Piano II accompaniment starting in the middle of Bar 6 should go G-Eb-C-Eb from the beginning to the end of each quarter note, not your current C-Eb-G-Eb.

Tried these, but wasn't a huge fan of how they turned out, still prefer how I had them :/

Updated files above. :)
Still a bit of a Finale noob (I prefer Musescore tbh) - what causes the fading effect before the repeat during playback and on the MIDI? How do I get rid of it?

Thanks again!
Ok, I'll work on it later today, thanks!
Thanks for the feedback guys! Made a few edits based on your suggestions~
Super cool this became official! Haven't been on the forum in a while. Is there anywhere I have to resubmit my sheets, or are they carried over?

EDIT: I guess I need to put my stuff in the Dropbox folder that isn't already there?
O_o I had no idea you were on this forum! Feel free to take ownership of Ghost Fight. I only changed a couple notes. If I'd known you were on here, I would've just asked you to post it instead of transcribing the entire thing myself lol
Oh, and I don't have PDFs for any of those three because Finale Notepad doesn't export in that file type, so if any of you would like to convert those, it would be greatly appreciated!
I have my final three additions to this project completed. They are:

CORE Approach:

Small Shock:

and Ghost Fight:
(worth noting for this one that it was based heavily off of a sheet put together by an arranger named Shadoninja)

Thanks to Yug_Guy for organizing this incredible project! Anyone who wants to make changes to any of my sheets can do so as they wish.
I'm working on Ghost Fight. It's coming along... slowly.
I am ready as well, I guess? In the meantime, can one of you please help format these sheets for me? My 30-day Finale grace period ran out and I'm not able to change a couple things formatting-wise, so this would really help me out!

Final Power:
- Add measure numbers
- Delete "Piano"/"Pno."
- Export as PDF

Good Night:
- Sustain broke from being imported as a MusicXML file
- Add measure numbers
- Delete "Piano"
- Export as PDF

Thanks! :)

-EDIT- Just now realized I didn't put a dynamic marking in Final Power, so if whoever wants to help me can stick a mezzo forte in there that would be great, and thanks again!
Meanwhile Yug_Guy is possibly dead but no one cares.
Nuuu Gaster-sama plz