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Started by Hawkward, July 11, 2018, 06:38:25 AM

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Updated OP just there :) I'll find a format eventually, but what I have will do for now lmao.

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed what you watched, I think the anime had a lot to live up to, it needed to find a certain pace, certain changes needed to be made, I can understand you not having watched more yet - for example, in the anime, there's a female character you see in the first episode "Yarei" who is actually originally a male in the light novels, a change made to try make them more relevant as a rival I guess....


New upload....

Pokémon DPPT - Pokémon League (Day)
Arrangement by: QWERTYkid911 (adapted slightly)

This could technically go in the NSM Performances thread but I didn't want to spam the board with topics just in case... Also i wasn't too sure if I should link their arrangement page on the main site or look for their relevant thread here on NSM so I chose to do the former on this occasion, if I do anything wrong/stupid with my formatting, please do correct me!  :)


Something a little different this time.....

Touhou Project 10.5 - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - Broken Moon

(I'm sorry it's not a video link, I hope this is okay here, it not a proper improv, I'm just messing around on an inspiration high)


Yesterday I was in town, looking at pianos and thinking about future plans, and I aim to get a Yamaha Clavinova CLP-675 hopefully next year.

But... I was desperate for something different sounding, and I couldn't use my piano for MIDI... which is where a friend brought up ASIO4ALL, which has reduced latency to about 10-15ms. So immediately I downloaded a demo version of a Piano VST to try out, and the above link is just a rushed improvisation of Broken Moon from Touhou Project :)

I'm not sure if this sound is better than my current piano, it costs about €90, so if it goes well, I might invest in it?


I really enjoyed listening to your most recent performances, thanks for sharing! Glad to hear that you are enjoying playing the piano after a long hiatus. Just remember that video game and anime arrangements are intended to be fun to perform. ;) I play plenty of them myself but have hardly ever recorded my performances, so I admire your bravery in maintaining a YouTube channel.