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Author Topic: [GEN] Sonic & Knuckles - "Flying Battery Act 1 (Two Pianos)" by Crafty_Potatoes  (Read 95 times)


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Submission Information:

Series: Sonic
Game: Sonic & Knuckles
Console: Sega Genesis
Title: Flying Battery Act 1
Instrumentation Two Pianos
Arranger: Crafty_Potatoes


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Put YouTube tags around a link to the video, like so (but without the spaces in the brackets):
[ youtube ][ /youtube ]
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Anyone who wants to make it better is allowed to.  ;D
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Sorry for the wait! This looks like a very solid transcription, nice work!

I do think this could be a bit better optimized for two pianos though. The first piano plays a single line and is largely empty most of the time while the second piano has quite busy left hand and right hand parts. It may be better to swap some parts to ease the load on piano 2 and give piano 1 some more stuff to do. If you want suggestions, don't hesitate to ask.

Also, everything is shifted over by a quarter note. There should be a pickup measure containing the first four 16th notes.

Anyone who wants to make it better is allowed to.  ;D
I may pick this up if I find some extra time in the next few weeks, but no promises yet! (If you or anyone else wants to try implementing the above feedback, please go right ahead).
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