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Started by mikey, April 08, 2019, 11:54:56 PM

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Quote from: Funnygurl555 on April 14, 2019, 07:32:52 PMcheck discord.
Sorry, there's a Discord? When I clicked on the link, it was the server I was already in. There doesn't appear to be a CXII channel there.
Quote from: Funnygurl555 on April 14, 2019, 07:32:52 PMEOD
This is not the first time someone used this acronym in this game. What does it mean?
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Quote from: ShyYoshiGuy on April 14, 2019, 07:58:55 PMSorry, there's a Discord? When I clicked on the link, it was the server I was already in. There doesn't appear to be a CXII channel there.
try now :x


Quote from: ShyYoshiGuy on April 14, 2019, 07:58:55 PMThis is not the first time someone used this acronym in this game. What does it mean?

End of Day?
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I reeealllllyyyy wanna lynch funnygurl and im really sad I can't be here for EoD because I think vote changing is going to be important this phase. Shy, I don't mean any personal attack, but you're playing terribly it's not my job to figure out why. IF you're a wolf, I'm not letting you get away with this. If you're human, it's your own damn fault for putting yourself in this situation and expecting people to have 200IQ and make an accurate read through it.

QuoteShyYoshiGuyToday at 8:15 PM
That's a little unfair, don't ya think? Literally everyone else was here except me.

Also this is 100% wolf headspace.

Otherwise, I spent all my time dming people on discord and now I'm tired and don't feel like putting any of my cases forward. Long story short, both funny and n1 have really big wolf tells that I'll try and bring up n2 so the info doesn't have a chance to die with me. Kai shows a lot of excitement for this game yet hasn't done much scum hunting. BDS is getting deeper and deeper into my scum reads.
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Ugh, sorry for disappearing guys. There was a celebration in the family today that I forgot I was supposed to go to. The good news is it was plenty fun! The downside is that the copious food and drink had me KTFO as soon as I got home. I'll get crackin on this game shortly since I have nothing better to do in the wee hours.
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Quote from: FireArrow on April 14, 2019, 11:51:22 PMShy

I reeealllllyyyy wanna lynch funnygurl

man i thought we were vibing


Quote from: BlackDragonSlayer on April 14, 2019, 03:39:59 PMKaiveran: Like I said before, I'm pretty sure Kai and Voozio are opposite alignments.

So are you trying to hit at least one wolf by having both Kaiveran and Voozio dead? Or do you think Voozio was human? If the latter, what makes you think so?

Quote from: ShyYoshiGuy on April 14, 2019, 03:58:32 PMActually, no, what's this weird inactive thing davy's trying to pull? How did I "handle it"? All you told us was how being inactive can be a strategy for wolves. All that happened was that I didn't appear or read any of the messages at the beginning of the game. It seems all you're doing is blaming solely on inactivity without too much of a justification. I mean, leetic didn't say much, but he turned out not to be a wolf. And your suspicion wasn't even on him. You're just putting me on the chopping block (Survivor terminology, lol) because it's easy since there isn't a big case for me either way.

The way you handled it was admitting that you were inactive, making a vote (with some reasoning, so that's good), then making one more post without any real content (thanking Kai for reminding you about the game) and then going inactive again. You are right though that Leetic didn't do much more (he voted, explained his reason for his vote and then voted again), but I didn't post any suspicions last day phase because I was not active, and I did not take any of the dead players in account in my suspicion list.

Now your posts this phase haven't made your case better. Aside from the one quoted above, none of your posts had any real content, so now it appears that you are just being active for the sake of being active.

Quote from: Nana1Popo2 on April 14, 2019, 05:09:01 PMI mean... we can probably safely assume he was human, but who knows, something dastardly could be going on with the wolf team...

Ok, now you're doing the same thing as Funnygurl. Addressing the possibility that a wolf'd player may be a wolf in a setup like this is something that you shouldn't do as a human.

Quote from: Funnygurl555 on April 14, 2019, 07:32:52 PMi'm not a fan of people thinking i'm wolfy for saying "most likely is" instead of "is". just think it through logically: what head space am i in if i'm considering the possibility? i'm also not the only one who phrased it this way. check discord.

i really didn't like firearrow's reads post, so that's where i'm at right now. also with the syg suspicions, where were y'all last EOD?

I checked the discord, but I'm not sure what messages you are referring too. Could you quote them?
Also, last EOD I was inactive, as you know. Still, I would have voted for Voozio, because I think he was the more suspicious of the two of them.
Quote from: NocturneOfShadow
[davy]'s in a way different time zone so basically he pops in at like 2 AM and posts 500 words and wins the game


The internet is a distraction hole...but I climbed out. I feel like the real meat of the game starts on page 3, so that's where I'll start.

  • FireArrow is clearly putting the most work in here, followed by BDS.
  • In retrospect, N1P2's behavior does look a little suspicious from the jump. He starts with a fairly empty post, and everything he does seems prompted by others (#34 by FireArrow's call to get things going, #39 his hop on the SYG wagon that leetic called out).
  • FA seems to pick up on the above at #42 (and my blatant sheep vote, natch.)
  • Overall it's a pointed, investigative vibe from FA that's hard for most wolves to fake early game, especially in one that was moving as slow as this one had been.
  • Voozio's #44 is kinda odd, I guess I could interpret it as a soft defense of N1P2 from leetic, but given the low amount of actual content from him, saying its either here or there seems like a spurious link to build (kinda wish he had gotten a word in now). Which brings us right to the next page...
  • FA raises a good point at #46, but the sheer statistical weight of how D1s usually result in mislynches pulls me back to uncertainty.
  • Funnygurl is clearly just getting into the game here, I'd give minor town points for opening with a vote; I seem to remember Wolf!Funny being a bit slow to start, but that meta may be old.
  • The rest of the phase is kinda just a messy EoD scramble. Even the behavior of leaders or late voters is WIFOM-ish or otherwise ehhh (SYG makes a credible point at #55 but it might just be spinning a pure survival play; Funnygurl doesn't really have bearings here; leetic's attempted switch is clearly one of compromise rather than preference, blah de blah)
  • I really like funnygurl's #63. It's kinda a defense but also an attempt to get more information from FA.
  • BDS from #66 is pretty cool and collected, leaning human a bit more for how he expresses the uncertainty in his analysis without hedging or excess.
  • Funny NK analyzes after Daystart, I make a technically broken promise.
  • #74 from N1P2 is a little bit problematic for me, because although it does express some reads and reasoning (and I'm not against a lurker hunt per se at this stage) it's really buried in a lot of fluff. And while fluffiness is an awesome thing in many respects, it's not suited for TWG posts! Meow, caution is a natural reaction to this sort of situation though...
I'm pretty hungry now, so I'm gonna break to make some chili. I've skimmed the last two pages and it seems like it'd be more productive to engage directly with people anyway, rather than continue wallposting.

SUPER ROUGH RANKING (bottom is wolfy)


Oh, by the way davy, welcome to the game! <3
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ehh on second thought, I'm feelin' snoozy again after all that. Catch y'all late morning/midday
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I am awake and ready to shake!

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Let me get something out of the way that's been bugging me:

Quote from: Funnygurl555 on April 14, 2019, 12:10:42 AMidk man some freak of nature shit coulda happened where a wolf ate themselves
Quote from: Nana1Popo2 on April 14, 2019, 04:39:55 PMWe technically dont know [leetic is human] because cardflips are off..
I don't get this "Wolves OTK'd" conspiracy theory at all. To the point of willing to give bonus scumpoints to these people. Why would they do that in this sub-setup? Literally why? 

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Just lynch me already. You're already convinced I'm wolf. I had an unfair start, but I should have mentioned it sooner. Everything I say makes it worse, and we're just dragging it on longer and longer.
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Quote from: davy on April 14, 2019, 11:03:50 AM@Kai what is a middle of the wagon tell?
A player hopping on to the middle of a lynch wagon, especially without much justification or logical continuity from their previous play, is a common cross-tradition wolf tell. The reasoning being that the first votes require you to put yourself out there with a read (real or fake), and the votes nearing an insta-lynch also attract increased attention. Hence, the "middle" being a good spot to stay off the radar/avoid having to commit to a fabricated read.

I do really like your opening, btw.

I gotta say...the longer and more intense this conflict between FA and Funny becomes, the more I'm thinking it might be TvT. Their enmity has slowly built over the course of the game, but nothing in their play has convinced me that it's TvS rather than people of different playstyles grating on each other; the progression of their reads and stances has been really natural and both have made moves that seem logically aimed at solving the game. My interactions with them OoT do nothing to change my read. I guess I could slightly lean Funnygurl wolf, but I'd rather the discussion veer somewhere else for at least a little while before EOD. Wolves love big loud 1v1s because it keeps the attention off (most of) them.

I'll be out for an hourish starting 3:30 but other than that I'll be around, mostly OoT as I feel that might be a better way to sort things.
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