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Author Topic: Alternating Bass Line  (Read 152 times)

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Alternating Bass Line
« on: June 02, 2019, 02:44:49 AM »

Hello, everyone. I hate to create an entirely new topic for a singular sheet, but this kind of problem isn't going to be fixed in my PA.

Some here might remember my earlier days when I submitted this sheet, which made it to the site. But there was a problem with the song that I made note of in this help topic, because it has the same melody over three different basslines, the third of which repeats indefinitely. Here are different rips of the song (notice how the first video, the non-extended version, is strangely cut off at the end):

In the first help topic, Olimar offered to help me with the sheet, and did so by editing it with his own files with a customized MIDI, which ended up looking (and sounding) like this: [GB] Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge - "Wily Stage 1"

Now, as much as I appreciated his help, he created the re-write using knowledge I didn't have at the time, and I still don't completely understand it. The MIDI is ridiculously long, but it's almost completely accurate to the original song. All I know is that I want to update the on-site version with a brand new draft (looks like this now)

This song is completely unconventional to the soundtrack of classic Mega Man, and even to the rest of this game's OST; I'm not even sure writing it out as the true original will be easy for performers to play. Should the new version on site be a cleaned up, re-worked version of Olimar's soundtrack-accurate draft, or my own, with one bass line? Either way, I'd like to update the files sometime.
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