[DELETED] [MUL] Celeste: Farewell - "Joy of Remembrance" by AcceptedSugar

Started by Zeta, February 08, 2021, 03:57:02 PM

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Submission Information:

Series: Other
Game: Celeste: Farewell
Console: Multiplatform
Title: Joy of Remembrance
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arranger: AcceptedSugar


It's still a bit rough, and it's my first time using things like first and second ending so please let me know if I did it right.

In the MIDI and Finale playback, in m37, the rolled chord does some pretty weird stuff. I tried deleting it all and reinputting it, changing the expression definition, putting it in different voices/the same voice, and nothing changed the playback. Any thoughts?

Thanks!  :D


...aaand upon printing it I immediately noticed that the side margins are wrong. I'll fix them in an update once I get feedback  :)


Looks like a great start! Here's some feedback (finally):
- Missing tempo marking (q=120)? Also "Pno." should be removed. If you can't do this in Notepad then I can grab it for you later.
- Missing dynamics.
- I think the note under the first system would be better in smaller text... again, let me know if you can't edit this in Notepad.
- The first three eighth notes of m1 LH sound like they don't have the upper note.
- RH m5 beat 4 still has piano notes under the melody—D and C under the F and Eb, respectively.
- In m5 and m7 RH, there are some piano notes leading to beat 4 that I think you could add as grace notes.
- For m35-42, I would suggest raising the LH up an octave, except for the low octaves on beat 1, which I would write as whole notes tied to whole notes (can be held by pedal). So overall it would look like this:

- Also note the way I notated the RH Layer 2 rhythm there, which is how you want to do it in order to show the onset of beat 4. When you're writing 16th-note rhythms, you always want to show the onset of each beat.
- m42 shouldn't have quarter notes.

The big thing: m19-32 really suffers from not having all three voices. Do you think you could try reworking it to fit them all in? It might take some adjustments, creativity, strategic omissions or changing pitch/octave for particular notes, etc. but I think the piece really needs all three voices there to be complete.
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Archiving this one for inactivity.  You're free to resubmit this whenever you have the chance to work on msf's feedback.