[DELETED] [PC] Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection - "Luna Mundus" by Lapraniteon

Started by Zeta, November 05, 2021, 06:59:41 AM

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Submission Information:

Series: Other
Game: Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection
Console: PC
Title: Luna Mundus
Instrumentation Solo Piano
Arranger: Lapraniteon


Hi welcome to Ninsheet!  Never heard of this particular game but I have played other games by Falcom and Xseed...

Looks like the files added here are converted over from MuseScore; not sure if you have seen but there are some resources on how to make your .mus file more compatible with NSM's standards, as the original submission files are missing some header info that are supposed to be included with your sheets.  See this forum post for how to do this

-Make sure you are also putting yourself on as the arranger!
-The submission is also missing the song titles that go at the top of the pages, as well as page numbers.  Those are usually only on the NSM template files
-Measure numbers are also missing, the above mentioned MuseScore guide shows how to have those when converting to Finale NotePad
-The copyright info should also always be at the bottom.  There are many examples of this on Ninsheet, but generally it follows a publisher, developer © year format with https://www.ninsheetmusic.org/ below that.

-When doing an arrangement, including composer credits is also expected.  Looks like there's not a lot of info on this game online... but I got this info from this video at the 1:13:12 mark.

The following individuals are listed as a part of Sound Team jdk:

Hayato Sonoda
Takahiro Unisuga
Saki Momiyama
Masanori Osaki
Yukihiro Jindo

I'll leave it up to you or others whether to put all those names, or just Sound Team jdk


Score and PDF have been updated accordingly. Hope this is better  ;D


It looks like a couple things happened in the reupload, which is probably not immediately noticeable, but the fonts are smaller than they should be.  Sometimes this happens when converting from MuseScore... it's annoying because Notepad will tell you that the font is the right size but comparing to other sheets you can see a size difference.

Quote from: Kricketune54 on November 08, 2021, 05:39:18 AM-The submission is also missing the song titles that go at the top of the pages, as well as page numbers.  Those are usually only on the NSM template files

So in order to kinda streamline things for ya, I have made this file which fixes the above and the font problem.  Also, see the feedback I gave about the credits/copyright; while I have fixed it in the file I linked, just make sure to fix that in the future (to clarify the copyright info is for the game publisher/developer, not the composer or sound team).  You can download this .mus file, make a new pdf and midi file from it and then reupload those changes.

Also in the file, I made some corrections to some small aesthetic stuff.  For 8va's, those should not clash with notes or dynamics.  Additionally, dynamics are usually preferred to be centered between the staffs, as well as centered underneath the note they apply to.  I know I've kind of thrown a lot at you at this point, but definitely bookmark this powerpoint for how formatting and alignment should look

Beyond that stuff though, here's some more feedback:

-The current pedal marks in this are not really the preferred way to do pedal marks.  I would suggest putting con pedale at teh beginning instead, because that would be a lot of pedal marks to update otherwise.  I think this is also more appropriate because some of the places that currently have pedal marks like m.45-52 don't really make sense to have pedal with those LH eighth notes.
-m.5-8 some whole notes come in to the song, as well as some eighth note bass notes- either add the bass notes kind of like they are at m.45, but I think one other way to add to these measures is something like this:
That way another voice is added, yet pulled down a few octaves so it isn't clashing with the existing eighth runs

-m.20 RH beat 1-2 this could be a dotted quarter instead of a quarter-eighth tied note.  You can subdivide 3/4 into dotted quarter notes, so find those places where this is currently tied and make it a dotted quarter
-I would suggest changing the ending a bit, as it sounds like in the video you linked the song loops at a certain point back to the beginning- delete the 5 measures after m.104.  Then, I would put a D.S repeat sign on m.104, and have it loop back to the first measure of the song.  I personally can't remember if you can do a D.S in Finale Notepad though (I am using full Finale), so if you aren't able to do that, comment that and I'll fix it.



I'm going to archive this for now. Feel free to resubmit with changes if you get back to it, and let us know if you need help!
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