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Megaman 8 Piano

Started by Matiasgarcia, January 07, 2024, 11:27:02 AM

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I need to transcribe the Megaman 8 songs that made me happy in my childhood, anyone who wants to join in or give me a hand, more than welcome!


Hello, I am (almost) new to this and I also speak basic English. I just realized that in the topic people put for example: Matias Garcia's arrangements. And now I don't know how to modify it hahaha  :-[


For your first post in this thread, click "Modify" or "Quick Edit", and then in the top bar (the forum thread title), change the text to what you want it to be (Matias Garcia's arrangements) and click save


Count me in. I'd love to help with transcribing the Megaman 8 songs that brought joy to your childhood.