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What's the first game you've ever played?

Started by triforced1, July 07, 2009, 09:31:57 AM

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My first game? Ever? That was a really long time ago  :P

But I'd have to go with probably Super Mario Bros 3
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my first game was Pokemon Crystal :P

yay, Gameboy Color....  :P
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Super Mario Bros. (Updated Super Mario All-Stars version on the SNES).
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Played legitimately, or attempted to play? SMB was the first game I tried to play, but Zelda: OoT was the first I actually did well in. (I didn't beat it at the time, though.)



The 1st game Ive played was Super Mario Bros 1

My 1st game was Sonic the hedgehog, Streets of rage, Columns, Shinobi, f1 (something), Italy 90' Football cup. It was a 6-in-1 cartidge for Mega Drive/genesis


Mine was either Super Mario 64 or Donkey Kong Country 2.


A little hard to remember but I think it was either some rugrats game or Super Mario Land 2.

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Quote from: Shadoninja on July 07, 2009, 09:26:06 PMPac-man on the nes.
I hope you didn't confuse that with Pac-man on the Atari 2600 when you were young...



I think the first game I played The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Though it might be something like Star Fox 64 or Mario Kart 64. Maybe even Super Mario 64.

Edit: Wait; I think it was Banjo-Kazooie.


First console game was Super Mario 64, but I had played some kids PC titles before that.  (Putt Putt, Freddie Fish, all the good stuff)

I played some of the old Sonic games like Sonic CD, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, etc., but I don't remember if I played those before or after the other games.  Most likely after.

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