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Wait, is there seriously going to be a Wii 2?

Started by Dude, April 29, 2011, 01:05:17 PM

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I know there is going to be a succession to the Wii but I hope that isn't the name.
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There is. That's what I heard anyway.

I KNEW there was a catch when I heard "succession to the Wii", I was actually kinda proud of them for not milking the Wii anymore. Then I heard about this from a friend of mine.


If they make separate games for it I will be pissed.
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Calm down guys.
We don't know much about this thing other than a ton of rumors.
Nintendo has confirmed that they will unveil it at E3 this year and that it will come out in 2012. Basically, I'm really excited for this as we'll finally see Nintendo's response to all this Move and Kinect stuff going around plus it will start the next generation of consoles finally!

I think the codename is Project Cafe(that's not a very good name, but it is just a codename and it's better than Wii2).
If you want to see some of the rumors, you can check Destructoid or just Google around some.
I'm betting on the backwards compatibility and 3DS connection rumors.
The important thing to remember though is that all of these are rumors and may not be true. That goes for both good and bad rumors, so it's probably best to not get worked up over simple speculation and hearsay.
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some facts in the matter

1)nintendo has confirmed in a press release that there will be a successor to the wii revealed at the next e3


2)there's rumours going around that the new console is code named "project cafe". the controller will have a 6 inch screen and the console will be able to stream games to the controller


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Seriously, can´t wait ´till June 7th...


I find out in a week if I am going to E3... so... if I get to go, Ill take lots o pix and the shit like that.


they said on destructoid that they had confirmed that "Wii" would not be in the name.
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The name of the project is called "Project Café".
The controller looks like the bottom have a 3DS. It looks so awesome.

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Is that really the official controller or just a mock-up? If it is real, it does look pretty cool I guess. But I don't know how it's going to be able to have Wii-style motion controls. Maybe it works with Wii controllers too? If that's the case then I hope that it's backwards compatible enough to run Gamecube games and controllers. That would be pretty awesome to have 3 generations of consoles be represented at once.
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It's just a mock up. No one really knows much about the controller, or the console for that matter, other than:
1) It will be backwards compatible with the wii.
2) The controller will have a 6-inch (that's freaking HUGE!) touchscreen embedded into it, along with the normal buttons.
3) The codename is "Project Cafe", although there are rumors that it might be called the Nintendo Stream or the Nintendo Feel (the touch screen is rumored to have the ability to allow the player to feel textures, hence the second name).
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They had to include a normal controller as the third party support on the Wii is dismal.  The touch screen idea doesn't even sound like it could be a fun concept, essentially any implementation that can be thought of is just gimmicky.  And nobody wants to be constantly looking down at their controller while they're playing a game.  Makes it seem unlikely.  Plus unless Nintendo has developed magic touch screens that are super cheap, the touch screen controllers would be painfully expensive.

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I'd like to see what they could improve with the Wii.
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It seems different enough not to be considered a "wii 2". :P