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The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline

Started by pumpy_heart, December 22, 2011, 10:43:23 AM

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...when does Link kill Ganon but not Ganondorf? Your post doesn't make sense.
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Never. Because while you can kill Ganondorf without killing Ganon, you cannot kill Ganon without killing Ganondorf.

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But in split 1 after OoT, Link defeats Ganon, but Ganondorf is still in Twilight Princess
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Right, Link defeats Ganon as an adult. Then he goes back in time, in which Ganondorf is still around, manipulating Kings and all. As a child, Link gets them to seal him away before he can get power hungry and create the Dark Hyrule and stuff (which is what occurs when Link's an adult). Then he escapes that bond later and causes havoc as Ganondorf.
Tried to keep it simple. Makes sense?


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Ahh. I was always under the impression that Ganondorf was killed off for real in WindWaker. Getting the Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane, thrust through his skull from his forehead to somewhere down the spine was a little harsher than a "temporary loss of power" as some claimed it to be. Looks like it was right all along, though only for that one timeline.
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You can kill the body, but you can't kill the consciousness which continues to be reincarnated.

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Or the Triforce of Power, which only fits one soul. Same for Wisdom and Courage.


UPDATE! New development on the official Zelda timeline! This is a must read‼
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