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Author Topic: Campfire Tale  (Read 619 times)


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Campfire Tale
« on: September 07, 2013, 11:03:27 PM »

From the moment I follow this message with three dashed lines, there will be no discussion whatsoever of the story (even outside of the topic.  In fact, even if you break rules, there will still be no discussion until I permit it!!!).  NSMers will make posts only related to the story.  This thread is not for any discussion.  It's up to the discretion of everyone who posts here to decide the plot of the story.  You may add on whatever you wish, so long as its of literary coherence and novelty (in other words, what you write must be legible and you may not reference other forms of literature, movies, plays, games, etc. as major forms of plot.  Eg. A character being a fan of Doctor Who is permissible, but one may not introduce the Doctor into the story).  Cultural references are permitted (eg. A reference to Obama being President may be made.  If the story ends up taking place in the future, historical events past a modern setting may be contrived to everyone's discretion).

Those are the ground rules.  Don't try to add something to the plot that may not be popular with everyone, but feel free to form your own small plot devices.  You can do what you wish; add new characters, make up a backstory, create a setting, shift the narrative to a different person's perspective (keep it third person though), etc.  Be creative!  Everyone has equal control over this story, so have fun with it!


A young man named Clarence Gale was idling around in the basement of a library, searching for a certain book.

He had actually been searching for a few hours now for it, wondering where he could have put it since he last read it.

Fatigued from his incessant search, he decided to call it a day and return to his bed, perhaps eating dinner somewhere in between.  Walking up the dusty stairway, he eyed his surroundings.  The staircase was a pretentious type of stairway, one with old statues around each flight corner, a railing with elegant designs, walls painted with what seemed to be pictures of a neo-Renaissance type of work.

He arrived on the first floor, sighting the door that stated "DANGER: DO NOT ENTER" written in black Sharpie pen all over the door that was eligible even a few metres away.  It was hard to miss.

Clarence turned the corner to climb the next set of stairs, ignoring the door.  Or perhaps, heeding its warning.

He reached the second floor and opened a door in front of him.  He entered a small room.  It was very mundane compared to the gratuitously magnificent setting outside.  There was a wooden floor covered with a blue carpet and a wall that was half painted blue.  There was a bed in the corner alongside a small drawer with a small, purple book on top.


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Re: Campfire Tale
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2013, 11:23:16 PM »

Clarence spotted the book and proceeded to reach for it; he grabbed it from its place and opened it. The title page was blank. He flipped through more of the book: every single page was blank, aside from a small paragraph on one of the final pages. Nothing of the paragraph seemed out of the ordinary, though: it was what he'd expected from this book. But he recalled the rest of the book not being so... blank...?

He wondered if somebody was pulling a prank on him. Perhaps someone had taken his book and replaced it with another, similar one?

Deciding not to bother himself with more searching at this moment, he collapsed on the bed, intent on getting a good night's sleep. No matter how hard he tried to sleep, though, his burning curiosity- albeit on a different subject- kept him awake: What was that strange door he saw?

Even though he knew the door probably wasn't related to his book, he decided to investigate it. Opening the door of the small room, he quietly but firmly walked down the stairs and to the strange door. His hand grasped the doorknob, and he turned it ever-so-slightly...

The door was locked. Slightly frustrated, Clarence decided that he would just have to deal with his unquenched curiosity. But then, he heard a noise below that sounded like a box of glass objects crashing to the ground, and a small scream. He ran down the stairs, nearly tripping on the way.
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