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NSM Community Chamber Ensembles

Started by FierceDeity, November 26, 2013, 07:43:03 PM

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I may make a score order list of instruments and people who play them later, if more people "sign up", so to speak. For now, I'm going to do the reverse of that, since we have far more instruments than players :P

Available Players
  • Olimar12345: Bass Trombone
  • MasterProX: (Electric) Violin
  • JDMEK5: Piano, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar (Steel String), Electric Bass, Cuatro
  • FierceDeity: Euphonium, Tenor Trombone


Violin, Piano, Vocals (Bass), Euphonium
Quote from: K-NiGhT on April 11, 2024, 11:54:48 AMwow, 20 years

*crumbles into dust and blows away in the wind*


Whoops. Totally meant to copy/paste that and modify the original post with it. Not quite sure how I managed to do that.


These are some of the trios I have. K-Night, Fierce, would you two like to try this?
-Jenka 1: [MUS]
-KK Chorale: [MUS]
-Starship Mario: [MUS]
-Level 1-1: [MUS]
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Can we do starship mario first :3 individual parts for that would be appreciated, because I'm assuming you wrote that on 2012, and I can't do that in notepad

Also, do you want me on euphonium or trombone? (the euphonium's large bore, the trombone is small bore, I have schilke 51D mouthpieces for both shank sizes)

...oh, and I may not be able to record until I get back to school late january. I'm about to leave in 2 days, and I'm pretty sure the recording studios are already closed down. I would be able to record at home, but I have to leave my instruments at school over break, and all I have at home is a shitty 3-valve beginner model euph :/


If we get a third player, I'll put up the parts' links (too lazy, on a separate HD). I'd prefer you use whichever you are more comfortable with, but if the first and second parts matched instruments that would be nice too.
Visit my site: VGM Sheet Music by Olimar12345 ~ Quality VGM sheet music available for free!