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The NSM Community Orchestra Project II!

Started by MaestroUGC, September 18, 2013, 12:07:29 PM

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Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on January 15, 2015, 07:20:41 PM
"Sorry to keep you waiting!'
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I wonder which one will have the Vivaldi-spring-styled violin solos... I mean, you ARE including those, right? RIGHT? :P


There's going to be quite a few styles getting mixed in this, but I have plans for something like that.
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Wow, there are a lot more songs than I was originally expecting. It's nice to see the addition of NSMB, but I had another thought: Would it be too much to add in one from SM3L?  Or maybe one from NSMBWiiU? Or even SMG2. One of those really new ones that can get to those who are new to the gaming world and (regretfully enough) don't know the classics.
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I didn't realize I skipped SMG2, please contirbute some pieces, I'll pick a max of 3. Feel free to suggest one from SML3. The NSMB series really just remixes themes from the first game, so I think the one on the list is representative enough.
Try to do everything; you're bound to succeed with at least one.


^Eh, the one for Wii U has a new theme, but idk if it's worth including.

As far as SMG2--
"Sky Station Galaxy" (also known as "Sky Island" or "Main Theme")
"Fluffy Bluff Galaxy" (also known as "Cloud Garden")
"Super Mario Galaxy 2" (end credits theme)

I think that the only one that's an absolute must from Galaxy 2 is Sky Station, as the motif appears in at least ten of the other tracks on the soundtrack.
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k then we need bigger charts
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I'm not late at all (like always). If you haven't finished up the lists or need a backup guy, hello!

Piano as my main-instrument, but I play (and got access to) instruments like flutes (ocarinas, recorder, tin flute), marimba (I only got access to a pretty small glockenspiel right now though), kazoo, electric guitar and a jaw harp (sort of, not much to play).
Don't expect too much from anything except for piano, but I'd say I'm good enough on the other instruments

EDIT: Had some issues with the flutes, they kinda blow atm. Too cold in my apartment apparently and I don't have any whiskey to fix 'em up with ^^


A SMG2 theme I love is Melty Monster Galaxy.  It's just so epic.
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Ok, in reviewing what I have intendted vs. what I think would be the most feasible:

For those of you who signed on for multiple instruments, would you be more comfortable limiting them down to one or two, or should I go ahead and write for you a bajillion parts for each?
Try to do everything; you're bound to succeed with at least one.


I had honestly just assumed you would do that automatically. As long as everybody who signed up is playing on something that they signed up to play, I don't see why anyone has reason to complain.


If this is happening within the next seven months, I will not be able to participate...
Quote from: Nakah on October 28, 2013, 11:27:22 AM
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And here's the final set list. This friday I will be assembling the final score to begin arranging all of these. If you still intend to be included, or if I have missed you,

This is the final call for players.

If  I missed you, just restate what instruments you wish to play, I will not accept sign-ups after friday.

I - The Sound of Adventure
SMB - Overworld, Underwater
SMB 2 - Overworld
SMB 3 - Overworld, All world themes
SMW - Athletic
SMW 2 - Hop Hop Donut Lifts, Underground
SM64 - Bob-Omb Battlefield, Hazy Maze Cave
SMS - Delfino Plaza
SMG - Good Egg, Battle Rock, Gusty Garden
SMG 2 - Sky Station, Melty Monster
SML - Birabuto Kingdom
NSMB - Overworld

II - Move, Think, Fight!
SMRPG - Forest Maze, Mushroom Kingdom, Regular Fight
Paper Mario - Mario and Peach's Theme
PM2 - Glitzville, X-Naut Moon Base
SPM - Count Bleck's Theme, Flipside/Flopside
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - The Giant
Mario and Luigi: Drem Team - Try, Try Again

III - A Tale of Two Bros.
Luigi's Mansion - Main Theme
Wario Land 4 - Toy Block Tower
Yoshi's Story - Main Theme
Dr. Mario - Fever, Chill
Donkey Kong - 25m
Mario Party - Luigi's Engine Room, Eternal Star

IV - On Your Mark
SMK - Rainbow Road
MK64 - Rainbow Road, Lose Theme (mostly improv)
MKSC - Bower's Castle
MKDS - Waluigi Pinball
MKWii - Toad's Factory
SM64 - Slide Theme
SMRPG - Midas River

V - Bowser's Castle
SMB - Castle
SMB3 - Castle
SMW - Castle
SMW2 - Castle
SM64 - Koopa's Road
SMW - Bowser Fight
SMG - Final Bowser
SM64 - Final Bowser
Try to do everything; you're bound to succeed with at least one.


Quote from: NocturneOfShadow on January 15, 2015, 07:20:41 PM
"Sorry to keep you waiting!'
~Pit, Kid Icarus Uprising ♥

Me youtube channel!:


I am loving this list. So much variety.

Also I... Have to drop my percussion instruments. I'm going to be in DC next semester which means no access to those instruments until the fall.
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